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Dream About Giving Up The Ghost meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a ghost and a murder of crows?

I always have pretty vivid dreams, last night is just one of them. I was at my unit, living with friends whom I dont actually live, and a miniture sausepan on my sink lifted up and started to vibrate. Nobody but I noticed and I said to the rest,that the place was haunted.Then my chest of draws came out by themselves and I was feeling scared by it, I felt there was a message the ghost was trying to giv me cos earlier on in the dream I was doing a puzzle of some sort or just randomly writing down things on a newspaper and the ghost made that newspaper fly to me like he wanted me to find what it was he was trying to tell me on something I had written already. I couldn't find what it was. I get a knock on the door, and I knew it was the ghost, he had become visible I could see his shadow out the curtains, I didn't want to answer. I answered anyway and there was a man, boy really around my age (19-25) laughing. It was the ghost. I saw someone else behind him and I had a look and it was him again.He was in double! I shut the door afraid. I felt that he wasn't malicious but he was menacing. Just a menace. Laughing wildly like a happy boy. I've met him once before in another dream a few months ago but I didn't see his face, we were in a dark cave by the ocean and he gave me the same feeling. But I feel he is there as a warning. But I dont know. Then in the dream last nite, I went outside and I seem to be the only one aware of all the different stuff going on, it seemed the world was coming to an end or morphing, something radical was happening anyway. And a Murder of crows came flying down, but around them a black smoke or cloud was surrounding them. Anyone got any ideas? Sorry I cant explain to well.

in your dream, and in real life, you are being haunted by a demon.
You can pray for protection over yourself.

This will be the best decision you've ever made.

Go somewhere quite, and just ask Him to enter your life, and to be filled with his holy Spirit. Tell Him that you want to change your life, and ask for forgiveness.

It's good to start going to church and meet other people who know Jesus.
reading a bible is the best way to get to know Him. You can read the bible online if you want to.
Remember that you are not worthless, you are loved by someone so amazing. This will be the best decision you will ever make i promise you.
God bless.

If you want to know more feel free to contact me.

Example: Weird vivid ghost dream? Does it mean anything?

Okay well i just had this dream. At the beginning i was actually convinced it was real. But now that it's over i don't feel scared like i usually do after ghost dreams.

Well it starts of with me and my mom on the coach being lazy and than i get up to get ready. I walk to my halway light and try to turn it on cause i kept missing it. But than i got lifted on the ground and brung into my moms dark room. I saw a shodaw thing around me and i scream but than i just lied down on her (the shadow set me down)

After i was at my bust stop telling my frieind about it and i rettold the whole story. Qnd than i got a message from my "best friend" who i have been like drifting apart from about how shes mad and stuff but i'm not really paying attention to that.
Well than after wards for some reason i'm in my moms room again and this black figure does A hand stand and like walk and falls into my friend but than disapears. Then comes back and dooes a clap that like magicians do when they finished an act
Then i'm in my moms room again and i kinda see this figure in the mirror. You could tell he was from the the early 1900s or late 1800s .

He was in nice clothes with a black vest(with a long white shirt under it. With a black bow tie and black pants . He also had a old mustache and a black hat.
Well after this . It's a picture of somebody. My age i guess sitting on my bed with like a cross and this other thing. And than i look over amd see the man. He than falls black into the ground like hes leaveing. But than quickly comes back up and gives a hat tilt.

During this last part there playing music like during the early 1900s and it's going along with what happened. And after the end i slowely opened my eyes and realized it wasn't real. And surpriseingly i'm not scared. I just want to know what it means.. Please help thankyou!

Example: What does it mean to dream about ghost?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about ghost?

Ok I've remembered some dreams and others I forgot instantly, but this one just idk felt different. So I woke up like in my bed in my dream and my cousin was yelling so I got up and ran to the doorway and I looked down the hall and I saw someone standing above my cousin and the dude ran down the hallway and tried to come in my room but he couldn't for some reason like something was keeping him out and he talked to me and and he said "let me come in" and I was like no you can't so I guess he couldn't come in unless i said he could, then I asked "why are you here?" and he said "he didn't know" , then I asked "did you die here?" and he said no, the I said well this isn't prologue( or wherever they say people go after they die) so leave and then he just looked and at me and smiled and I woke up. So I guess I'm asking was that just weird dream or could it have meaning?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a ghost cat?!?

Just now I had a nap and I dreamt I was in my grandfathers living room (he's still alive) and I was helping my mum fold clothes, then my cat came in so I called her over and she sat down but then she jumped up and ran to the corner of the room looking really agitated and started attacking what I thought was a shadow of what my mum was doing but then it ran up the wall and my cat started to hiss horrifically and I looked up and noticed a black shadow of a cat running around. Just a black silhouette no physical cat and it kept running around then it ran out the room and my cat looked disgruntled so I picked up a tshirt to whack this ghost cat with but as I did that it shot into the room knocking me onto the sofa I could hear my cat hissing but I was unable to open my eyes properly but I started flailing the tshirt about to hit this cat while trying to pry at least one eye open and I saw it run to the other living room so I followed it and asked my mum if she'd seen it but she said no and I woke up

I know it's long and a bit silly but it's really shaken me :/ it was a horrible feeling in the dream like nothing but despair and fear and threat

Example: What does it mean to dream about giving an exorcism to a child?

i work in child care, i dont have children of my own. i do believe in ghosts to a point,. im my dream i was in a building in london (i had once visited) i felt like this spirit wanted to hurt me and i am holding this child saying" in the name of jesus christ i demand you to leave this little girls body" and i felt like i repeated that phrase all night long! and it never left the child and i woke up.
normally dreams dont effect me but this one did. help me out!

Example: What does this weird dream about ghosts mean?

I was on the floor and a ghost kept hitting me on the back of the head with a spoon...It felt almost like real pain in the dream. The ghost followed me throughout the dream when I went to this paranormal town. We took a bus tour first then got off and went into a gift shop. Me and my friends looked at some weird-looking dolls and then I gave a heart-shaped pendant to a guy so he could fix it. I telepathically told him it was broken and he nodded.

Example: Please tell me what my dream means, it was about ghosts!?

i had this dream last night: me and my friend were by this house at night it was by a cemetery (it looked like the one we have on the out side of town, it was used in the 1800's to about the early 1900's) we were in the house and went out of it to see the cemetery, in the cemerty there were people dressed in bonits and ladies in long dresses. They were just walking around and looking strate ahead. then on the very out side of the cemetery (inside the fence/gate) were these black figuars walking around. me and my friend were looking at them and i said out loud "what is happening here?" and a older man that i'v never seen walked up behind me and said "this is what you wished for Kristen." and there were demonds/walking around in the house (the house was a dubble wide trailer that i'v never seen. and i never wished for any thing like the guy said. and also i have NEVER been in that cemetery. p.s. im 12
please no bad comments

Example: What does dreaming about attracting ghosts mean?

I was in a Buddhist monastery, looked like a place for pilgrimage. many people are around and an older lady calls me to go for a kora, and I'm like alright but this ghost is onto me who looks normal and wants to be frds or whtevr..and more along the way. And people around go who're you talking to! And other stuff in the dream. Part before I ws having an lesbian moment wth a girl i don't know. But it was very short and soon after we're in a glass building talking wth a few other people. Right outside was the Buddhist monastery ish. This whole place looked like it was in a remote area. What does my dream mean? Please interpret!

Example: Is this a ghost and what does this dream mean?

My little brother called me today and after he said hello, he started to cry while trying to ask me how i was. I told him that everything is ok and he can tell me what ever is going on. He said he was scared because he dreampt he had died. He said he dreampt he was in like school or something when he got visited by his girl friend they hung out a bit and when she went to get a drink of water some guy was making gestures like he was slapping her *** so my little brother went over and beat him down. my little brother is 5,10 240 pounds so hes not a small guy. He said they then walk into a train station that was empty and for some odd reason there was a bed. he and his girlfriend laid down as two guys walked up to them one of which he recognized and the other that he didn't. A white guy with blue eyes. The guy that he recognized asked my brother. Hey is that your girlfriend? my brother said yeah. The guy then look at his friend and said. I can't do this anymore and walked away. The white guy look at his friend walk away then looked at my brother and said he might be a b#tch and can't do this but I'm still going to turn you into Swiss cheese. as he pulled a gun out and started shooting at my brother. My brother put one had up in front of the guy and with the other pushed his girlfriend out of the bed. As he saw his hand been shot of in pieces he look at his girl with a look that said I can't believe this finally happened. He then wakes up from this dream to a phone call. As he picks it up he notices its a restricted number. he answers hello and this is what he hears. (restricted #)"hey erick what are you doing? you should be asleep" (little bro)" whos this" (restricted #)"Erick you should be sleeping (lil bro)"who the **** is this?!" (restricted #)"its three o clock in the morning got to sleep. aren't you scared" (lil bro)"no" (restricted #) "you shold be because im coming for you." Click' My little brother said that the person wouldn't give him his name so he hung up. he said that it was three in the morning and that when the voice spoke he felt cold frozen and like his spine locked up. He said it sounded like a 4yr old kid.

one more thing there is only one other person in our family that got a phone call like that. all they say is "yeah they tried to scare me like that too"

not implying that it was a person.

Can some one please explain everything and what is going on. Pls keep that smart *** remarks to a minimum

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