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Dream About Girls meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does 'dream girl' mean?

What's the actual meaning of 'dream girl' ? My bestfriend called me a dream girl and I'm not sure what he means.

Dream Girl means someone who is very beautiful and most men would love to go out with. It means that you are very special and what every man dreams of.

Example: Meaning of dream / girl?

I had a dream, that first I was on a plane and that the kid next to me broke the window to feed some birds, and then they had to land the plane, and when I was getting off, the pilot started to talk to me and ask y did I do it. Then while we where taking and I was blaming the kid who I couldn't find..

The girl who I had liked about 1 year ago walked passed us talking ( she moved so that y quit liking her), and she started to stare at me but.. nothing happened...

Then I went to the playboy building, and I saw her again, but she didn't see me. she was a little bit farther than me, and I chased her lol

We ended up in a balcony with her and her boyfriend..

they didn't do anything, but as soon as they see me, her boyfriend says what is he doing here?

Then he leaves, when she doesn't answer

Then me and her just start to talk and then I woke up


Example: What does this dream mean? dream about a girl?

I'm 15 and 2 few weeks ago this random girl appeared on my phone contacts I asked my friend and he told me who she was. In the past few days ive had 2 dreams about her, the first I was walking down a street and she was out jogging wearing leggings and I thought she looked amazing then after she past me I was sitting with her at mcdonalds then I woke up. The second dream was about 2 nights ago and we were at my bedroom and I asked her if she wanted to get with me and she said yeah and then I was about to have sex with her and she said no I'm not ready then I woke up. Since the dreams ive fell for this girl so bad. Could this mean anything? Thanks for any answers

Example: That do lil girls mean in your dream?

ok so last night i had i dream that i was like at a family bbq or a party or something but my fam was there and i saw this little girl she was SO beautiful and she was running towards me crying and steching her hand out so i picked her up and i said something like oh come here my little girl or something and my mom saw me and i was like crap she saw my daughter as in my mom found out a had had a kid then i thing the little girl lost my earing and i couldnt find it, the thing is im 14 and i really dont think of kids for at least 10 more yrs, but it was creappy cuz i felt sush a love for her when i woke up i almost started crying cuz she wasnt there
im creaped out, what does this mean?

Example: DREAm GIRL!?!?!?

GUYS? What is your deffinition of a dream girl? This means personality and looks...!
Please answere!

Example: What does dream girl mean ?

what does it mean when someone is called a dream girl ?

Example: Redhed baby girl-dream meaning?

I was walking down the city streets and there was a friend standing with her daughter in a cetemony, it looked as if she was baptised or something... Little girl was like 3,4 years old, she was wearing a white dress and she had a white flower in her hair. Her hair was remarkably beautiful, red and with locks and she seemed very carefree. What could all this mean?in real life my friend has a son, 9 months old

Example: Does it mean anything to dream about another girl?

I had a dream last night about having sexual relations with another girl. I don't really know if in the dream I had real feelings for her, but I don't think so. It was one time in the dream and I didn't know who the other girl was in the dream. I am not a lesbian, and do not think I am bisexual, for I have never had any real feelings for another girl before.
Does my dream mean anything?

Example: What does it mean to dream you are a girl?

Yeah... I've had these dreams a couple times now, what could they mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a possesed girl?

I had a dream last night about me a two people with me trying to save ourselfs from a possesed girl. She looked exactly like the one from the movie the ring and at first we got a verse from the bible to make become unconscience we then put in the trunk of a car to bring im not sure where eventually while driving somewhere in the grass plain she fell out of the trunk became conscieus came ataacking me by biting my fingers i was scared by biting ill become possesed but i was in the back seat and we couldnt find the verse of the bible to make become unconsieus again its like the verse just dissapeared after worlds i saw here becoming more and more possesed then i just woke up. Devil haunting my dreams or does it mean something more?

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