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Dream About Girl Scout meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? V?

I had a dream I was at my favorite place, and got a kiss from the girl I liked (she didn't feel the same) and that I got a letter from my coach that I have been scouted to play for my favorite team. I am really passionate about the last thing because that is my goal in life.

you want both things (the girl and sports) but you most likely can't have both, so your subconscious is making an excuse (the girl not likely you) as a way to focus on your true passion.

Example: I keep seeing a boy in my dreams. What does it mean?

Just today, we were camping with a boy scout troop (I'm a girl, forced to go because I can't stay home alone with my dogs.) There's this once kid in the troop. Let's call him 'D'. Now, D and are are pretty good friends, even though I just met him on Friday. Now, today when we got home and unloaded our gear, I was dog tired. I fell asleep watching T.V. and had this strange dream. (Note: I had this dream last night.) It starts out with me and D at this game, where someone can make a plush life-size toy for you for only 10 bucks. Now, I get a life-size pony made, and so does D. Now, the guys running the game turn out to be bad guys trying to hunt both of us down. So, for some reason me and D climb INTO the Plush ponies and run off, leaving the guys still chasing us. Eventually, me and D get separated and I run into two people. A girl and guy, both teenagers. I know both of them. We'll call the girl 'S' and the guy 'Z'. Z and S take me to this building, which is loaded with technical stuff, including computers and Xboxes. I leave later on, after telling Z that I would rather play the Xbox and he says 'I like this girl.' To S. I go into this building, which kinda represents a Saloon or a Bar. I find D, but the guys chasing us also find us. We both run off, and the guys chasing us in the car crash into a ditch. Yet again, D and I are separated. I leave the accident scene, and run around for a while, looking for D. I run into Z again, and we go to the Saloon where we find D talking to some men on a stage. D has a black eye, and a bit scratch on his face. I walk out of the building with him, and I end up admitting to him that I like him and he says the same, than I wake up.

Now, this isn't the first time I've dreamt of D, or had this dream in particular. I had the same dream on Thursday night, dreamed about D on Friday (Day I met him) and had the same dream today than I did on Thursday. Every time D is in my dream, it has some romantic feel to it, and ends up with me and him in love or something. What do these dreams mean, and why am I having them? Why is D always in them, even though I didn't even know him on Thursday?

Example: Dreams...what does it mean?

well, basically this dream I remember in full detail, it was very very strange and I somehow tricked myself in it, like one of those movies where you are like WHAT?!?! at the end...

It started with me being in a class-room, all of a sudden there was a weird sound kind of like lazer beams and the walls and windows turned purple and yellow really fast for about a second and i was just like man the hell was that? all of a sudden im at work (pizzahut) and this person comes up to me and has a frozen baby, saying she just gave birth to it. Another lady now comes and has a second frozen baby, saying she just gave birth too and that both of them won some kind of world wide pregnancy award or something and thats what the sound & lights were. so they put the babys and sweet potatoe fries into a freezer and left. after that these two hydras (were long neck dinosaurs though) were coming out of a river and they had the two frost babys on their back and the landscape was filled with a beach full of evergreen trees and my friend tyler was throwing rocks and fries at them and he needed food so i scouted the trees and found blocks of butter, jello and lollipops (i remember this like it literally happened) and i gave it to him, then we were infront of a school walking around and we were going to go into a pool when someone asked me if i was going to his party, i said i could that I had work and proceeded by telling him that I am going to the pool; he said good luck the guard will never let. Turns out the guard was one of the frost baby bearers and let us, when we got there I was randomly in this holy shrine-like room with statues and weird pillars and all of a sudden a big long head and neck rolls in, I tell Tyler to be quiet so it doesnt attack us, it couldnt see clearly but it was sniffing around and tyler started making weird noises so i flicked a rock away and it hit the far wall and it turned and went for it.. turns out the neck with the head was just a badger? after this a weird man in a purple suite comes in and says good luck. followed by a little girl who says her mom wont give her any art supplies, so i pulled out some paint brushes and equipped her. After that she just decimated into the wind and dissapeared, so we went outside the room and saw a schoolbus outside. we got in and it started driving full speed towards the river. I asked tyler what would you do if it went right into the river? he said " i wouldnt like that lake anymore!" and as it was about to go right into the river and I started to panic a bit and all of a sudden the bus did a drift on the sand, but really fast, fast enough that it shot me out the back and I could see myself flying far across and i just saw the land under me moving.. (like 1kilometer up in the air) ... all of a sudden i wake up (in the dream) and people are surrounding me, I woke up as one of the frost babies..when I looked over, Tyler woke up.. as the second frost baby. kinda a mindfuck just woke up and was like what the **** just happened?! I told my friend tyler in real life and he was like the hell?! post it on yahoo answers see what you get! so I am.. I know it's probably nothing but theres some type of theory to such dreams, why did I remember it so well? how could you possibly mindfuck yourself? not sure. might've just had a higher release of dimethyltriptamine during my sleep.

if you actually read all this congrats :P

Example: What does a movie scout do? and what does "All the world was at her door" mean?

This is from the song teenage queen.
here's the part where these question come from:

He would marry her next spring, saved his money bought a ring,
Then one day a movie scout came to town to take her out,
(Came to town to take her out)
Hollywood could offer more so she left the boy next door, who worked at the candy store
(Dream on, dream on, teenage queen, see you on the movie screen)

Very soon she was a star, pretty house and shiny car,
Swimming pool and a fence around, but she missed her old hometown
(But she missed her old hometown)
All the world was at her door, all except the boy next door,
Who worked at the candy store.
(Dream on dream on teenage queen saddest girl we've ever seen)

Example: What does my dream mean...?

Recently, I've had some dreams about violence and gore and stabbings in the head.
Here's the first dream I had:

This random group of people and me broke into this abandoned house. A guy told us our groups. I was grouped with a Swedish man, a Chinese man, and two little Chinese kids who are in the Boy Scouts. The abandoned house is something you'd expect to see the ghostbusters to venture in. Everything is in ruins though; floorboards are pried up and cobwebs every where. Anyways, we walked down a short narrow corridor, fit for a single file line. The Chinese man was in the front and he suddenly runs ahead to the end and into this room with an open door and we heard a short scream. The two children ran ahead and I yelled at them to stop, and I ran after them. When we all reached there, the Chinese man was hanging in the door, a single long nail impaling his forehead to the door. His skin was ripped off and is trailing in the floor. His flesh looked like a leper's skin, all bubbly and hardened like boils. I went up close and he opened his eyes. That's it.

The other dreams are similar: me witnessing this French general throwing people to the ground and stabbing them in the head with a sword repeatedly, stacking the bodies ontop of one another.
Then there's the other dream where two Muslim girls in head wraps were crying over a Muslim girl with a sword stabbed in her neck and out through her eyes. They were on the bus, and I'm just watching them.

May anyone analyze my dreams and tell me the meaning of them?

P.S. No, I don't watch the news much.

P.S.S. I'm still having stabbing-in-the-head dreams every night.

Example: Should I quit girl scouts?

I've been in girl scouts for 4 years. I'm going into ninth grade. Well The first two years of girl scout were really fun and my mom was just the assistant leader and I had a ton of friends. The last two years my mom has been the leader and all the girls in my troop ignore me and make me feel left out for everything we do. It's just not really fun anymore and since I'm the leaders daughter she always bosses me around at every meeting. She also signs me up for everythig I don't want to do! All my mom talks about is girl scouts. She thinks I love it when I really don't and theres a bunch of other things that I'm interested in that I would love to do and I talked about some of them with my mom but she always says girl scouts is in the way of it or that my passions wont get me far in life so I shoudnt waste my time. I mean I love her and all, but she never likes the things I want to do. She also hates both of my best friends because she thinks there mean and stupid. So I really do want to quit girl scouts but my mom would flip out an also what about the rest of the girls in my troop? There is hardly any other older girl troop in my area. I feel like I'm trapped into doing something I used to love but now every girl scout thing I do is lame, annoying, and my feelings always get hurt too. So is there any way I could and should I quit girl scouts? Thanks sorry it's long.

Example: What does this kissing dream mean?

in my dream I was in a garden that was my garden in te dream, in real life ive never seen it before. For some reason inwas twirling around with the guy I like in real life (it seemed normal in the dream lol) and all of a sudden he leaned in an kissed me on the mouth and then he smiled and did it again and then he walked away.
I went and texted my friend telling her. Then I went back to the garden and he came back and the same thing happened again (not exactly the same scene, but he kissed me twice).
Then later on in the dream I was in a hall that I used to go to girl scouts in when I was a kid, it was one of my real life memories. I was playing a running aroun game, only I wasn't little like I am in the memory, and the boy I like was there. He chased after me in the game and then caught me and put his arms around me and then we went back to the garden and sat on a bench and he started french kissing me really slowly, then stopped, then did it again.

Then for some reason an actor that I really fancy in real life (lol) was there and in the dream he was my ex boyfriend and he kept asking if I still has feelings for him, and we French kissed like I did with the boy I like, but then I got angry and he left and I went back to the guy I like.

Confusing I know.

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I went to the library and Mily Cyrus was there. I got so excited and got her autograph. I tried guarding the autograph the rest of the dream and didnt got to Girl Scouts. In the end I picked my autograph back from where I hid it.

The dream was mainly about this autograph from Mily Cyrus, why was this?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having dreams about my friends futures- their weddings. The first dream i had was about one of my friends weddings, she's a quiet girl and in my dream she was getting married to a guy that's in our year that she hasn't met before. She was in her 20's and so was he, and they had a nice, calm simple wedding. She looked happy and me and my best friend were bridesmaids.
The next dream I had was about my best friend. She's funny, smart, out going and talks a lot. She's a lot of fun but can also be a tomboy. She plays a lot of sports including football and she was recently scouted by an athletics team for the long jump. At her wedding i was a bridesmaid and her husband was someone i didn't know. He was tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes. He had tanned skin and suited my friend perfectly because she has dark brown hair and is tanned. They looked great together. She had a huge church on a hill side and it was in the middle of winter. It was snowing outside and she wore a long dark blue dress. Her wedding was crazy and a lot of fun, just like her. she even built a snowman that looked through the window of her wedding and she ate ice cream. I have these dreams every week on the same day. I told my best friend about her wedding but before that she told me she had a dream that night about that same guy. But hers was about the first meeting. Can someone help me please? What's happening?

Example: What does this dream mean? do you think it will come true?

ok so i had this dream that i was at lunch with my usual lunch table. we were all laughing and having fun like we normally do. (if this helps at all, we are what people say popular. i just call it having fun with eveyone, being cool, and being nice.)
all of a sudden my friend's mom was at the cafeteria and she called us over to the nerd's table. me and my friend that was with me used to be in that group about 1 and a half years ago but then we crossed over to the other side. the nerd we were friends with just kept yelling so when we left everyone else opened a door and gave us a warm welcome. BAM! we were cool. lol but our friend's mom was talking about something we had to do in GIRL SCOUTS :P i hate girl scouts its so lame. im quitting after this school year :D anywayy, when the nerds and my friend's mom were done talking, i left to go back to my table. i dont know where my friend went. but when i went back, everyone was gone. and i was just sitting there by myself. and the dream ended.

what does it mean?
please help! thanks! :)

BTW, the people i hang out with ARE nice to nerds. i am. i never "dumped" them. we both agreed we were growing apart. ex: my nerd friend, we'll call her judy, asked me what i wanted to do. i said "hmm, idk, what do you think?" she started crying and yelling, saying how i was so stupid for not knowing what to do and that how could we have fun unless i thought of something to do? and things like that, EVERYDAY. and then, she started ignoring me w/ a friend of mine. she totally ignored me all the time. so one day at lunch, i said i was gonna go sit w/ some other friends. turns out, they were really nice, all of them, and have always been. i've always been tight w/ them but not bffs. so excuse me for sitting w/ ppl that didnt make me feel like dirt. it was just a bonus they were popular. thats all. judy and i talked and she said she knew we were growing apart & that we should take r seperate ways. we are still friends, and im nice 2 every1, its just judy and i are not bff's or anything.

thanks :)

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