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Dream About Gift meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning.?

I am 5 months pregnant & we haven't found out the sex of the baby twice it has had it's leg closed very tightly. I am going thru rough times right now w/ my family. I am married, & we do have a little girl. I dreamed Me & some old friends were @ a table & I remember seeing a Blue Belt with a Big Bling that was the Number 3 on it. Could anyone help me on what that means?

I felt it meant take care of my husband, daughter, & myself, & that the blue represented a boy? , but I'm confused b/c I dream alot about baby girls?

To dream of a belt indicates a restricted course of energy of life and topics of ethics. You could be experiencing issues between your instincts and your ideology. A belt can also represent control and retribution. It also means holding up. Securing. Linking. Approach of a love affair.

Blue symbolized honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. You may be wanting to escape from the pressures of life. You have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe that you will experience only good in your future.
Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue can also reflect a mood of anguish and despair.

1) In a dream, the number three is a sign of stamina, might, ingenuity and introspection. The number represents a threesome -- the olden days, the current moment, and times to come; or dad, mom and baby.

2) Three is considered the number of the Holy Trinity and therefore sacred. It is vibrant and alive with hope and possibility. To dream of a three is not in itself significant but must be considered as a whole with the dream, whether or not is religious, etc., and then you will be able to tie it in to get a true reading.

To see jewelry in your dream, represents how you see yourself, your worth and personal value. It also signifies acute awareness of what you want in life and what you hold dear. These jewelries highlight the significance of psychological and spiritual riches. A particular piece of jewelry you own, may symbolize a certain facet of your relationship.
To dream that you receive jewelries as gifts, denotes a need to be thankful – to acknowledge and embrace good qualities within yourself.
To see broken jewelry in your dream, implies grave displeasure in your failure to accomplish your set goals.
it also means Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.

Example: What does this dream mean? A gift of new clothes.?

I had a dream that I recieved a big shiny wooden box filled with new clothes, and some other items I cant remember. Dont remember where I was but i remember the dream being very peaceful and happy... what do you think this means?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a gift from a loved one?

Well I was standing outside my old house where I lived as a child, I was thinking about this guy who I'm really in love with currently. I was worried he wasn't thinking about me, got a new girlfriend etc. Then out of nowhere he pulled to the kerb in a prestige car sort of like a limousine, I felt relieved when I saw his face, he opened the window and gave me a gift bag. When I opened the gift it was a pair of jeans navy blue.

Please help me I don't understand. Also I would like to add he is a childhood friend who I only recently fell in-love with. Basically I'm going through a separation leaving and abusive situation and this friend has been my shoulder to cry on we've even "crossed that line" too. Maybe this is why I'm having dreams like this. Thankyou in advance :-)

Example: What do birthday gifts mean in a dream...!?!?

I had a dream my guy friend got me a birthday gift..im not sure if I liked it or not.But he was the only person to give me a gift..

Example: Holiday dreams meaning?

I had a few dreams about Christmas. I was with family, opening gifts, and the house was beautifully decorated. I also had dreams about my birthday. What do they mean?

Example: What does getting a snake as a gift in a dream mean?

I was dreaming about some sort of barbeque and my friends mother walked up with a very thin, long and green snake. She was holding a jar as well as the snake and she then proceeded to show me how to 'milk" the snake's venom. After doing so she handed me both items and said that they were mine now. I took them, but i was in constant fear of getting bit by the snake, but i never did. The snake would not leave me either, i tried setting it down, taking it off my arm where it was coiled with my other hand, everything, and the snake would not come off until i rubbed it on the ground, when it started to leave i realized i still wanted it and went after it, and when i grabbed it, it coiled around my arm and there was several painful little pinpoints, but the snake's head was near my fingers and nowhere near the pain. I then looked up and saw my ex girlfriend and her mother and the snake pointed me away from them. Whaty does this mean?

Example: Please tell me the meaning of this dreams? the girl i love gave me a shawl gift . it was colered brown.?

the shawl was covered by a piece of plastic . it was in her hands.

the second dream is : i had some kind of precious money in my hands, golden or silver old money but so valuable. please tell me what does it mean?

the third dream is so speciall. i saw a holy religious book, so big. it was hang up in one of the branches of a tree. and i tried to catch it but it was so high, so i took a small stone and threw it just to drop it down. it droped and i took it in my hands . it was lighted, and flashes. then i put it in my home.

what does it mean please. and tell me about the shawl . in fact i love that girl who gave me a brown scarf or shawl.

thnk you

Example: What does exchanging gifts in a dream mean?

I just got back home from an exchange program and the night before last I had a dream that I was back over there and I was sitting on the front porch (the floor) and my host mom and I exchanged presents (both were necklaces). I know certain things in dreams have meanings and I wanted to know what the exchange represents. =)

Example: What does this dream mean? India and a gift?

I was in a room being told by a woman about a hidden mountain and the ancient history of India. I was told about a mistranslation in the Chinese version and many other things. She was dressed in what looked like traditional Indian attire with a red gem on her forehead.

The womans husband came in and said he was leaving. When he left the woman came very close and I could see she was extremely beautiful. She said she loved me and wanted to be with me

I told her she was beautiful but I could never dishonor her.

Her husband came in and said "I have a gift for you."

Example: What does it means to dream with a gift?

I receive a gift like in the box of flowers the big one and it was a beautiful red dress like for marriage but it was red what does it means?

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