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Dream About Geese meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my goose and rabbit dream mean?

I had a dream last night I would like to be interpreted: I was at a store with my dad and husband i think, and we were looking for a goose to buy for dinner. They were alive and swimming in a large water tank. and in the same water tank, on the other side, were white rabbits also swimming. So we were picking out a goose to buy. I picked one out, was trying to hold it the right way without it biting me, but it bit me anyway. It was all over my arms, but it didnt really hurt, so I let it. But then I saw my dad had one already, a bigger one, so I let mine go, plus i realized my arms started to really hurt from the bites. It was like a burning feeling, really painful. So someone at the store got me an ice cube which I proceeded to rub all over my arms until the pain subsided. Then we took the goose and started walking home. But as we were walking, I was with my husband, and my father was further ahead, we saw the goose get away from my dad. It just flew away into the sky. And it was gone.

What do you think it means?

I think this dream represent nourishment, on whatsoever level...

You have been holding on to something tightly hoping it will provide nourishment but you have to let it go.. perhaps a dream of the future or plans for your family.

You have to let it go because carrying it causes you pain.. our arms represent our capacity to embrace life and reach for our goals ( according to Louise L Hay) ...animal bites represent our own anger turned inwards. (link below to a site with a sample list, buy Heal Your Body for a list of both body associations plus affirmations)

Someone has to cool your arms...arms are also a continuation of our heart chakra.. you have been burning to let this anger go...and trying to stay cool...

I wonder if you have been holding onto a dream or have principles or plans or attitudes that are not your own, but that you have inherited from your parents, or their generation?

The bunnies made me think of childhood for some reason, but they are swimming.. which is unnatural for them..maybe this thing you have let go of, simply wasn't natural for you?

I suppose both rabbits and geese are 'game' animals and could represent both hunting for your food and earning your living... but white rabbits are not wild animals, they are pets generally... kept and looked after, dependant. Perhaps the rabbits are some pet project, or something you've held in your heart since childhood.? The geese may naturally swim, but this is a store not a wild environment.. so you have a few things out of place here...

Eventually the goose is let go of by your father..presumably to return to nature.. maybe its true that this process is about you being free to pursue what comes naturally for you...

The dream maybe represent aspects hunter and provider.. and the notion of an out-dated attitude being let go of , since it is you father who is ahead and has the bigger goose... perhaps a comparison of 'what it is to provide for the family' is being represented here...

It may be an adjustment of independence, from the 'care' of your father to being reliant on your husband...this can happen at any age... not just the obvious time of marriage or whatever. I wondered if your father being ahead, is part of a recognition that he is ahead in years also, and will someday fly away from you like the goose did...

Quite a diverse range of things here, sorry! I did have an instinct when I first read the dream but couldn't quite put it into words... (having just investigated German New Medicine lately) basically it was about conflict resolution on a primitive level to do with fear of hunger... the cause of which could be from any stage of your life, and coming from anything, like job insecurity , money worries or anything. It seems like you have reached resolution to this conflict and are letting it go... (But , the resolution can trigger for healing crisis... so if you feel a bit run down , just look after yourself and accept its a continuation of your recovery from the emotional conflict!)

Hope you can make sense of this, just a few thoughts that may trigger the insight you are looking for.
Best wishes!

Example: What does this dream mean?

My friend had a dream two nights ago.
He was in a pool where people where swimming like geese in a V shap making stokes up and down in that V shape.
Then he Got out and went to another pool where there was a lady inside and she was bleeding (blood) but the blood didn't mix much with the water, it was like how oil doesn't mix.
Then once again he got out and went into the 3rd pool that had a man with cuts.

Please interpret this dream it means a lot to me.

Example: What does the dream mean?

My friend had a dream two nights ago.
He was in a pool where people where swimming like geese in a V shap making stokes up and down in that V shape.
Then he Got out and went to another pool where there was a lady inside and she was bleeding (blood) but the blood didn't mix much with the water, it was like how oil doesn't mix.
Then once again he got out and went into the 3rd pool that had a man with cuts.

Please interpret this dream it means a lot to me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a huge dinning room with a lot of people, in every table there was a dish of exotic food but mostly animals such live shaped chickens, geese, ducks, partridge, pheasants, pigs and piglets, boars, goats, lambs and calves. They all looked so delicious and watered my mouth so quick but they looked almost like they were alive somehow, while the people were gorging on them, a pigeon/dove came to the window and made a rhyme;

Rook di goo, there's blood in the food,
The dish is too sweet, the beasts are but half asleep

Then I woke up.

Example: Dreaming of beautiful deformed cats?

Last night i had a dream that i was walking in a rich, beautiful neighborhood with some new friends.(i only knew in the dream.) we were admiring everyone's front yard. Their big brilght green bushes. Bright colorful flowers that were so radiant to the eye. then i saw the first cat. it had colors around the face as if it had makeup on. i commented to my new friends about how beautiful the cat was. but they were freaked out by it. the next yard had even bigger, more beautiful yard as the first, but there was a cluster of cats that looked like flowers around their collars and all moved simultaneously together. and trotted around the drive way together. i was in awe of their beauty until i noticed that they each had 6 set of eyes. i screamed and ran up some stairs with a friend behind me but when i got up to the top of the stairs. i noticed a dead (I hoped) spider that looked like a tiny snow crab lying on the last step. i turned around screaming which in turned scared the hell of out my friend. i then woke myself up. even typing this i get the goose bumps. anyone knows what this means? Help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night I had a weird dream out of the random. My mom went to prision exactly a year ago in two days. I talk to her on the phone about every few days. Before in the passed she used to drink but she went through rehab and graduated about 3 years ago. My dream was me with her in the car and her drinking Listerine. The only reason i knew she was drunk was because i knew Listerine has alcohol in it. Before i started getting out of the car to go home, i tried to take the bottle with me so she wouldnt drink it anymore. When she said no leave it, thats when her words started slurring together. After that i went home to tell my dad that she had been drinking, but i couldnt get in his bedroom because it was locked. After that, i went to my brothers bedroom to tell him, but he wasnt there. When i went back into the living room, i told my mom i was going to tell my dad. She freaked out and ran for the stairs. After she took off, so did i and we fought on the stairs. After we made a bunch of noise, my dad came out, i dont remember what happened. And my brother came home and tried to stop it all. I woke up after that. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Example: Should I let go of my dream and move on?

Just wondering if you where me would you stay or go? In 2006 in Texas I had a spiritual awakening..I had been fasting from media, food, water, and sleep...and starting speaking in tongues on the 7th day and had a vision of a house with Nome's and fairies and and a labyrinth and merlin the wizard had came to visit me with a white owl and told me that if I connected the past with the present that I would build a spiritual retreat that my family would teach at. Merlin told me about Terah dying in Haran and how my family was connected to Abraham in the bible. Our last name is Teran. The visions went on for hours. I went to my husband and he at the time thought I had gone mad. This was the first time I had ever fasted and I did it on my own so I thought this is what happened to everyone. I tried to go to the library and research this after it happened and found no answers. I let it go and 3 years had passed and one night at 2 am I was awakened by a voice that told me to look up our last name Teran on google and go to page 6 on there I found a website called talk to Teran. I got goose bumps from head to toe. The owners of the website had a spiritual retreat for sale called Circle of Teran in Ashland Oregon. They had just built it a few years before. On the property the have a labyrinth like the one I had in my vision and had a room called Merlin's sanctuary with white owls, and a fairy room, all the visions I had where actually a place in Ashland Oregon. NOt only was the property named our last name Teran but where it is located Ashland is my 10 year old daughters name. Well her name is Ashland which means dream. I was going to name her Ashland but at the time of her birth I changed it cause I thought it was corny to have A daughter named Ashland and another daughter named Ireland. So i did more research on the property that night and found out the property was previously owed by the Ireland's and the Circle of Teran ranch was formerly Ireland ranch. I immediately got my husband and showed him all the connections and at that moment he knew everything I had told him 3 years prior was true. He said we are supposed to move there.. So we packed up our 6 kids, the parrot, the dog, the cat, the frogs, the turtles, the ferret, and the snake and set out for Ashland Oregon in September 2009. We knew it would take some time to get the money together for the property. At the same time that we felt led to this property my husband was placed in front of several big life changing deals. There were two separate partners with several different deals (Let's call them Partner A and Partner B). If just one of these deals were to go through we would have enough to accomplish purchasing the property. So, we moved to Oregon on the faith and hope that this was our path. When we get to Oregon partner A continues promising us a payout out week after week but it never comes. Although, we made the move up to Oregon and now are in a position with no steady income, we have reached a critical point. We have ran out of money till the other partner B's deals pay. So we are wondering what to do now? We are currently staying in a extended stay hotel and we have to check out in 2 days do to running out of funds. Partner B deals are supposed to pay in 2 weeks. BUt what is a family of 8 with all these animals supposed to do until then? Do I give up on all this and go back to Texas? I dont even know how we would get back to Texas..We are so close to the finish line but I am so scared of the idea of living in the car.. I dont know who to turn to.. Any idea's?

Example: What does my dream mean? Very vivid & bizarre?

I never have vivid dreams unless something is wrong or im feeling very emotional & lately I have. We have a small farm here in the country with goats, chickens, ducks & geese & a turkey. In my dream I seen a black fox at the end of our driveway so I went over to scare it away but then I seen our goats got away and went into our neighbors yard so I went to go get them but they wouldn't come to me, finally I got them but this very vivid lady with blonde hair was jogging towards me & then she tarted yelling at me threatening me that im going to lose my animals for them being loose & then she hit me on my arm so I told her to get off my property but she kept on threatening me so I told her she attacked me on my property and she needs to leave so she walked down the road a little bit & our black dog (looked way bigger in my dream) ran up to her & started barking at her, I got our dog away & she left. After idk why but I was a little down the road and i seen a recorder so I picked it up & accidentally pressed play, it played a song sang by a girl, I don't remember the words but I turned it off and then seen keyboards next to our other neighbors garbage (we don't have a neighbor on the other side) so I picked them up too and walked back home. When I went to the goats cage (large dog kennel thing) the goats weren't in there but there were a bunch of grown young men in there 20's probably about 20 men locked up in the cage but for some reason I thought they were adult baby's in my dream even though one was talking (don't remember what he said). Oh & its almost winter here & snowing sometimes but the whole scenario was in summer, after that I woke up thank goodness..

Anyone know what this means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was sitting outside, watching a bunch of birds gathering in a tree. The tree was right in front of the second floor window of my house. As I walked inside, I saw a small finch or other small bird squeeze through the door I went through and try to hop and flap his way upstairs because he couldn't fly into the tree from outside. I watched him struggle and I decided to pick him up and take him over to the window in front of the tree and set him in the tree with all the others. I saw all of the birds happily chirping and chatting. There were all types of birds; not just one specy. There were blackbirds, robins, finches...even geese and chickens. It was like a meeting of the bird species!

Example: Dream of bird attacking my head and dead canadian goose carcasses?

I had a dream of a small blackbird attacking the top of my head so violently. I would shake my head and shake it and try to grab it off but it wouldn't let go and stop. And then all around me were dead canadian goose carcasses. the meat was still on them. but they were beheaded and skinned. This whole dream took place outside of my old apt. complex w/my ex roomie. What does this mean? It was so disturbing.

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