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Dream About Gates Of Hell meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?!?!?!?!?!?

I have the same nightmare very often - Reacurring dreams. I just can't help but wonder what it means. Can you help?

I am in this creepy old mansion, and im all alone, im scared to death! And i can't scream, because I have no voice. And all i can do is walk through this house. Then these faceless creatures (they are ugly creatures that are tall, skinny, dark, and their faces are these blobs of darkness) pop out of nowhere with knives and torture devices. And they shake the weapons in my face and the creatures get close to me but never hurt me, they chase me through the house, up the stairs... and when i reach the top floor the house is broken in half because of an earthquake, and the ground is spit. So, its as if the gates of hell open up and try to swallow me. I look down into the abyss of flames then i look behind me to see the creatures and they tell me to jump. Then i look back into the fire and i just fall...with my back turned i fall into an unknown future.

Undeveloped parts of your personality are visiting you in your dreams. You're resistant to change, and refuse to grow. The nightmares will continue until you embrace adult responsibilities and attitudes.

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i died in a car crash badly from an 18 wheeler head on and then i felt mybody getting sucked out and up to the gates of heaven. but then when i got there they had this book called the "book of life" and they saidmy name wasnt in the book. so then a very big angel grabbed me by the arm and took me away. i asked "where are u taking me"? but hedidnt answer. so then he threw me in a little dark brick room and then i waited while i was really scared.then i heard loud footsteps coming down the hall and two big scary angels came and grabbed by feet and arms and threw me into this big firey hole. i landed right in the steps of satan. he was on his throne and really scar. he was chaining me up and right when he was about to hit me i woke up. scariest dream ive ever had. so what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was having my brother over as he had just got out of this place kinda like jail but less confined and you had to work out(no it's not fat camp haha)
but he was comming over and i was at a dorm room place and he came over but turned around and walked back and to a door i went in and it was snow and there were two white cars one was my dad one was trying to be my dad the were both handing out like bussiness stuff(my dad has a business).
the fake started to drivey away and all of a sudden i was on the street next to my elementary school. i was with my friend sierra and mikayla, mikayla was joking about there like being someone in the dark and we were all scared cause we were hiding from the fake of my dad so we ran up around the corner it's still next to my school) and i put my phone down? and my friend skylar appered and was with us. we started to run towards the school play ground when a white truck van thing pulled up with those like big speakers ya now they are on top of those vans that are like listing in to sumthing.?
so i ran towards my house and it's like only 3 blocks away, my friend sierrra said lets stop he will help us i was like hell no i kept running and we are about to turn on to my street and there is a firetruck but it's like open some how kinda ha, and i call for help he looks but doesn't stop. it's not creepy tho, we laughed.. and turned down to my street we ran home and i saw my cat in my garage i ran in and me sierra my friend meghan and my friend jammy were there i had them all run in, and i closed the gate to the garage (kinda hard to explain what it looks like), i went to my back door and knocked on the door, my dad answered and we walked in i remmber i forgot my phone and sierra said she'd help me find it first thing is the morning then i woke up?
what does this mean sorry it's sooo long my dreams always are

thansk xoxoxxo

Example: What does this dream mean am I going to hell?

Well I was in a ten foot story high temple and I was ringing a gong to let everybody know that Judgement Day was here, and we had to kill the reaper or he would take us all to Hell. And there were torches on the brick walls. Seperating the room was a pit that seemed to be an endless hole that led to Hell. On the sides were demons gripping the walls. They didnt even look human they looked like black creatures. And then Remington a bully from my school who tortures me everyday ran in and jumped over the pit, he was carrying a spear. The ground rumbled and shook with roars and rage. I lost my balance but caught it again and Remington fell to the ground but got back up and ran at me. He tried to hit me with his spear but I dodged it with the gong ringer then he punched me in my face. We were trying to end each other, and I touched the side of my jaw and said, "So you wish to kill me, when you could go and kill him and send him back to Hell, this I can not allow!". I dropped my gong and picked up two spears and then we began trying to hit each other but dodged with our weapons. I kicked him in to the brick wall then the ground shook and we both lost our balance again. The door opened and outstepped a 7 foot skeleton in a black hooded cloak with red glowing eyes. I backed up but still held my spears, he spotted me first and ran at me. I jumped to a space that had a huge pole and there was the Pit next to me, I dropped my spears in to the pit and kneeled as I looked at the reaper and said, "I am your servant I am your servant!". He looked at me and I pointed to Remington and said, "But he was sent to kill you!". He ran after Remington and I smiled evily and walked off. Remington's friends ran in and jumped over the pit. Remington's sister Princessa also came in and so did my older sister. Princessa said, "Remington, you can kill him!". Remington's friends yelled and one of them found a golden spear since the reaper's weakness was gold. He tossed the spear at the reaper but I caught it. Remington grabbed a torch off the brick wall and threw it at the reaper and started a huge fire. I then said, "Yes this is our golden gate way to the father of the gates!". I threw the spear at the reaper but Remington jumped and caught it. When the reaper ran at him, he stabbed it in the heart still holding on to it. I kneeled down near the pit and yelled, "Nooooooo!" in defeat. He let go of the spear and the reaper's eyes turned from red to dark as he died and lost it's balance and fell in to the Pit. Remington's friends ran off but our sisters didn't and then the ground shook and me and Remington fell in to the Pit. Remington grabbed a hold of a rock and reached for the ledge with both arms. I also grabbed a rock on the side and reached for the ledge managing to grip it tightly. The demons were pulling on our legs forcing us to let go. I called out for my sister to help me but she said, "No!". And ran off. I burst in to tears as I called out my sister's name again. I looked at how Princessa grabbed Remington and lifted him back up and they both ran out but finally I lost all my courage I had of living and I let go of the ledge letting the demons have me. The pit rumbled and closed. But then I saw the outside of the pyramid as Remington and Princessa and my sister got on the ledge and grabbed the ladder to climb and on the outside of the pyramid was no ground and just a tornadoe and there was dark clouds rumbling with lightning then a ladder appeared and they climbed it to get to Heaven. What does this dream mean? Am I going to hell? Ten points... I am only thirteen years old by the way.

Example: In dream theater "In the presence of enemies" song what did they mean of "Standing at the INFERNO gates?"?

why INFERNO and not HELL? what are the difference of this two words in english? Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for my very insufficient english, but i'm italian!

Example: What does my dream mean ?

Okay well. First we where in puerto vallarta mexico.(btw we went there over christmas break after this dream happened) & it began to flood, once we new we where gonna die i just held m breath so then i was underwater. but for some reason i could like breathe ? I new i was dead but in dreams you never die ! so then we same threw this cave and ended up in this dark dark lake. & there where so many ppl there. it was the lake where you were decided if you go to heaven or hell. the ppl who went to hell where pulled in by the water of the lake and where put in these tiny bottles, like a message in a bottle, & they where tiny. then once they where instead they would float away & there would be like a tornado with the ppl inside of the bottle.. weird right ?that's how they went to hell. & the other side it was so bright ! their was a huge castle made of gold & pearls. with a gate full of vines, then i sow my grandma *she isn't dead in real life* and she was there holding hands with some other angel *im thinking its my grandpa he died 2 years ago on december 25* but i couldn't see his face i new it was him though cause she only had one lover her whole life, she was saying that god was waiting for us. but my dad was scared to go cause he thought he was going to hell cause he has done bad things in his life,But then we walked down the path to go to the castle then i heard a soft voice saying welcome, i thought it was god & jesus, but then i woke up. i like got startled & i was sweating when i woke up.i told my mom about it & she told one of her friends who i very deep into the bible & god and stuff and she told my mom that i had visited heaven in my dream, that i knew what its gonna be like, she said not many ppl experience it.its so weird right ?! *i always have a bad dream every night, no joke, i always wake up sweating, crying, or a bad headache. I sometimes get so scared of going to bed cause im afraid of having bad dreams. Why is that ? is it a phobia ?

Example: What do dreams about the devil, burning and the gates of hell mean?

I have tried researching, but i have gotten nowhere. As for the burning part, I dreamed of my mother burning and i watched the gates of hell open up in front of me. If anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated :)

Example: Pls tell the meaning of this - this morning, i dreamed when i was about to enter a gate unfortunately some bod?

4rm iz

Example: Does my dream has any specific meaning?

In my life, i have kind of believed in Christainity though i am not a christain but sometimes i do read bible and listen about God preachings..then one night i had a dream in the dream i saw an esceletor which was in the sky going upwards and in the end of the esceletor was a very bright light in the form of a white cloud...then i saw in the moving esceletor there were two seperate lines..in one lne was the people wearing white clothes while in the other side was the people wearing black clothes...I found myself in the line of the people wearing black cloth..I noticed i was in the front of that line and when i reached the top i could pass through the bright light and fell down the esceletor down the sky while the people in the white clothes could pass through the bright light and were entering through...
what does it mean? Do it have a specific meaning? could u please help me out..sort of wandering..many thanks in advance :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream, in this dream I was on another planet exactly like earth. I woke up in a temple of light, this temple had black clouds surrounding it all day and all night; it scarcely ever had sunshine like 0.1% of the time or moonshine 0.006%. There wasn't any rain or lightning, but when I opened the veil or gates to get out of the temple it was dark black clouds with tornadoes and lightning/rain and there was sometimes a sandstorm as well, I then went back in, I slept and awoke early at night, I went outside again, this time the clouds were purple from lightning and the tornadoes were dark black and there was a night sandstorm. This palace also offered good food but the sky was all dark. Is this hell? When there was sunshine it was a grey overcast shine most of the time, meaning grey clouds surrounded the temple. When I imagined going further, there were tsunamis and floods outside of reach.

* The temple was also gold shining.

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