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Dream About Garter meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about babies?

So im 15 and last night i had the weirdest dream. i was still living with my parents but i had like 4 or 5 babies. like newborns and i think they were all girls. they didn't really cry or fuss i was just caring for them.

This summer we were on holiday in Suriname, at a riverside resort from where we would take a boat to different places in the jungle. One night my husband had the weirdest dream about Miss Piggy (yes, from the Muppets) in a sexy outfit, tied to a chair.

We had a good laugh about it in the morning, whatever could it mean? Was my husband a closet pervert?

Then we got into the boat for our next day trip, and suddenly I spotted it: one of the waterproof vats used to keep things dry had an extremely faded picture of Miss Piggy in garter and fishnet stockings. You had to really look to even notice it. And the vat was tied to one of the seats in the boat. Sexy Miss Piggy tied to a chair, so to speak.

Weird dreams don't MEAN anything, they are just your brain sorting out all the (conscious and unconscious) impressions of the previous day.

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

I had a dream where I was aboard an alien ship and after I escaped my jail cell I killed a few aliens but then saw a beautiful girl tied up and gagged to a pole in just her bra panties garter belt stockings and heels. After rescuing her I go around with her and find even more girls tied up the same way and some girls tied up together on the same bed. All of them were super gorgeous and had beautiful bodies and all were Latina. Lol what does this mean?

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

Ok first of all a little background - I'm engaged to a wonderful man who I love to bits, I've never cheated on him and wouldn't even consider it, I do have body image problems (typical women heh lol) and I have a very odd living situation at the moment - I'm living with the in-laws!

Ok my dream was this - I dreamt that I had sex with a guy that's a friend of both me and my partner, he's a nice guy but not my "type", and it was really sensual, loving, and I felt really relaxed and happy about it. It's hard to explain the feeling of bliss I felt in the dream while in the arms of this guy. We had sex in the bathroom of where I'm currently living and then had a shower, we came out of the shower and went into the living room where my partner's sister was sitting and she took no notice of that fact that we were both obviously soaking wet, and she must of known what happened and offered me a glass of wine, as though it was normal. Then we went into the garden and the were loads of small garter snakes trying to climb over my shoes and one was attached to my hair.

Does anyone know/can anyone explain what this dream means? I very rarely have dreams so vivid and I usually don't remember my dreams but this one has stuck with me all day!


Example: What does it mean if I catch the garter at a wedding?

I caught the garter and now what? What does It mean

Example: Last night l had a dream l was in the old west and l carried a 6 shooter between my garter belt?

Can someone tell me what this dream meant or was trying to tell me

Example: Can you interpret the meaning of this dream?

I met this guy during my friends wedding actually he is the brother of the bride, then we're already exchanging sms and went out for a movie, i already like him and I heard he got a crush on me too but now we don't exchange sms frequently like before...
So I find it weird cause i dreamed about him twice already..

the first dream is this scenario...

on his sisters wedding me and him wearing the same outfit in the dream, I was seating on the chair and we're in the part where in he will remove the garter from me... that's the only thing I can recall.

The 2nd one
I was sleeping in a room with him cuddling I can hear his heartbeat then my mom came so we went out and introduce him to my mom as my BF, then all of the sudden there is this pool outside and my mom told me we can celebrate his bday here, then all of the sudden there are already lots of people coming and jumping into the pool...

so what can you think about the meaning? i find my dreams weird! hahaha

Example: What does this dream mean? Help!?

I know it is a dream and that I shouldn't be concerned about, but I just wanted to know what it means? Could someone please help me interpret this dream? Thanks so much!
My boyfriend was living in a apartment/condo with a roommate but it seemed to be a studio and a crappy one too. The roommate was an Asian female! The beds were from one end to another. I came over to do my work there and she was there. She looked pretty I think? Short petite n straight long black hair that's all I could remember and my boyfriend was there on his side. He acted different though, very mature and maybe shy around that girl, but they would joke around and he would laugh softly. She went straight to the shower and he had to get something in his drawer it looked like a black lace garter belt and hide it away on his roommate side in some drawer. I saw it went straight there and said "what is this?!" My My boyfriend just says "shhh my wedding band is there I'm hiding it." I was confused because my boyfriend in real life has never been married? But in my own dream he was previously married? And then I sat and did work on his side and his roommate came out of the shower. Somehow it was dark and we all were watching a tv show. His roommate wasn't mean to me but I could see in my dream that I noticed my boyfriend acting different and not himself around his roommate. I could see myself being jealous, but I left the apt/condo and went home.

Example: I dreamed of snake trying to bite me but i killed it?

i dreamed of snake about a feet long, its a garter snake on the grass when suddenly jumped on my side and start bitting me, but im alert so i had pulled it in the head and smashed the neck until it die. what does it mean please help me! thanksss

Example: Recurring snake dreams-?

I've been dreaming of snakes for months now. The scenario is usually different but they are always small garter snakes & most of the time there will be a pit of some sort. OR just many of them all together. Last night they were all frozen- like in hibernation or something. I can't tell if they were in a ditch or a swimming pool. Either way I walked down into the area & realized that there were these snakes everywhere. I'm pretty sure they woke up then. I really can't remember. At some point a very large snake actually went into my.. um.. vagina (horrible- i know.) I remember freaking out & then PULLING & PULLING trying to get it out. Every time I have these dreams I look up the meaning but there has to be something more to it.

Example: I dreamed i was getting married help!?

Y grandmother told my mom when you dream of getting married it means death. Me and my spouse have been together for six years and I've been wanting to marry him for a while. I dreamed that we were at the chapel saying our I dos in front of a priest my sister was the only maid of honor up there there were no grooms or anything, my mom and grandmother were doing something and I remember yelling at my grandmother to shut up! But my grandmother is dead. So we got married and were walking outside to the car excited about going to the reception and my boyfriend asked if he was suppose to take the garter off now or at the reception everyone seemed happy. But the night before I had my dream me and my boyfriend had a big fight and I took my ring off and decided I didn't want to marry him anymore. After the wedding dream I dreamt that I met this new guy and he was so in love with me and I loved him the same. What is going on!

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