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Dream About Garlic meanings

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Example: Confusing dream what does it mean? (needs someone good w/ animal symbols) ?

This dream was really weird but I wrote everything down in my dream journal once I awoke so I remember a lot of little details.

In the beginning of my dream I was bathing in the ocean. It was night but a very bright night with lots of moonlight and glittering silver stars. There was a huge full moon overhead. I could hear the sound of pretty chines in the air. Flamingos were flying over the ocean and the ocean was filled with frogs. I was watching a duck and drake swimming together in ocean when I spotted a mermaid and I was pleasantly surprised because I had never seen one before. We swam together before I was startled by the sound of cymbals crashing and I saw my fiancé, Arvind. He swam out and we made love in the ocean. I noticed his eyes were darker and he smelled of allspice. Then we went onto land. I felt very affectionate towards him so I caught a gander that was in the ocean and gave it to him as a present. He was so pleased he gave me three presents: bouquets of gardenia, forsythia, forget me nots, daffodils, acacia, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, nightshade, lotus, and lilies of the valley, four cards (ace, king, queen and jack of hearts) and a cone-shaped aquamarine and ruby amulet.
Then I started talking about how I had to do my Christmas shopping because it was Christmas day. We walked into town bare foot in the dew and went to an antique store that looked really quaint and old-fashioned. There were pigeons on the windowsill outside. I was looking at antiques and finally purchased some oil. Arvind then said that because I bought oil we had to marry and we rode on a donkey to some wedding banquet.
The banquet was held in a beautiful cemetery. There was a long table with a feast prepared. Two canaries were in a cage on the table as a centerpiece. Incense was lit, a harp and organ were playing. Nightingales were in trees. There was an outdoor fireplace burning. Arvind was dressed as a knight. I was dressed in an ivory, lace wedding dress, the amulet and was barefoot still. We were eating celery, avocado, cake, apricot, dates, chestnuts, olives, ripe cherries, ginger, honey, jam, lamb, pumpkin, maple sugar, oysters, pickles, strawberries, and ice cream sodas. We were eating off good china and drank wine and a sweet, syrupy drink from Crystal goblets. Our wedding guests were elk and fairies. A barmaid approached me and said about Arvind, “he’s the one”. Then one of the waiters served a dead deer and I was disgusted and insisted he removed the dead deer.
A unicorn came on the scene and roared like a lion and then turned into a palm tree. A lunar eclipse took place and it became very dark. In the tree was my abusive ex-husband dressed as a ship captain in black nylon. He was sitting in the pal tree with three snakes, an adder, a python and a rattlesnake around his neck and a crow was on his shoulder. Caterpillars and lizards were at feet of the tree. He offered me a bouquet of opium poppies and primroses as a wedding gift and I rejected it. He came down off the tree and an alligator, fox, leopard and snarling dog came to his side. He went into a jealous rage telling me I should have been his wife and I was crazy not to and he took me to an asylum. Arvind chased us down and turned into a polar bear and Nikolas turned into a black bear and began to fight. I put on a white velvet cloak with a garland of garlic around my neck and Arvind gave me a blade and I found Nikolas-bear and killed him. After he died all his animal companions died and it became light again. A rainbow appeared and doves were flying overhead. Then we cooked the Nikolas-bear corpse and went back to our wedding banquet and ate that too.
Then I awoke

This is a very intense and detailed dream. There are so many animals in it that I really don't want to go through EACH of them symbolically. I will mention ones that help the overall theme. There is a really good book you may want to get called "Animal-Speak" by Ted Andrews. Then you can look up each one.

I don't know if you are going to like my interpretation, but here goes:

Here, you are awash in the whole idea that your current relationship is a dream come true. Everything good springs from it: he is treating you well now as symbolized by the gifts he gives you, and the gifts you give him. However, opening symbols in the dream refer to your subconscious and the fact that you may be deluding yourself a bit. The moon is the symbol of deceit; there may be some self denial here about how good it really is: you are awash in the moonlight and everything is silver stars (they are not golden, though, and will tarnish easily!).

Night is also a reference to this denial. Bathing yourself in the ocean is cleansing; you use this new relationship to cleanse the past. Frogs are also a symbol of cleansing. Pigeons, however, are crappy little birds, and as the relationship progresses, you are going to get into the everyday crap with Arvind.

Deer are a symbol of gentleness: the dead deer is a warning that while there is calm right now in your current relationship, you must be on guard.

Your old, abusive ex hubby shows up as captain of the ship - does he still have a hold on you in some ways? Why is he driving the ship? He is in black, no doubt, because to you he is a villain. This is why he brings with him predatory animals, like the alligator, fox, leopard, and snarling dog.

Was he an addict? He offers you opium poppies - how interesting. Primrose to me represented false promises or false making up. You dress is white velvet, because to you, you are the pure one. He could not have shown up like this in the dream if you were completely over his hold on you. You don't love him, but he still has a hold on you.

I would say the theme of this dream is the "flamingos flying over the ocean": you are fantacizing your new relationship to get over the old, abusive one, but watch out, because pigeons come into play and that lets me know, you must not fantacize anything. The unicorn should let you know this, too. It roars like a lion. Fantasy, if left unchecked, will leave you open to being blindsided by the reality. Best to keep grounded and look at Arvind as man, not a savior.

Example: What does dreaming of garlic mean?

i bought two sacks of garlic and thought they were beans and chickpeas inside the sacks . i started to panic because of my girlfriends reaction because there were beans and chickpeas and my girlfriend doesnt like them .i looked in the sacks again and they were garlic i was happy and woke up

Example: I had this dream last night, i was talking with Jesus and i noticed he had garlic breath, what can this mean?

plus, jesus looks like a bee gee in my dream

share your thoughts

Example: What does it mean if you dream...?

I dreamed that I was cutting garlics and I was mixing it with yogurt in a white bowl. I was trying to clean my neighbor's car with this garlic and yogurt. the car was so dirty and i started to clean it with a towel. the car was parked in garage. it was night. so any idea

Example: I had a lucid dream about Jesus, his breath was like garlic & onion, what does that mean?

i couldn't stand it, what's the meaning of this? i was like wondering

share your thoughts

Example: What does my dream mean? please answer!?

Well, I was at my old house with my grandpa, cousin, uncle and my grandma left to Europe. My uncle and cousin told me that my uncle died (my uncle told me that he died) yeah, I don't know why they said he died, even though hes still there. I started crying and screaming at them because they were so calm. Me and my uncle are really close, I can still kinda feel how bad I felt in my dream. Well I was screaming and screaming then they told me to be quiet. And my uncle who was "dead" took me downstairs and got out a bottle of vodka...and he put garlic in it? He said I have to drink it but he said I cant drink the whole thing, so he poured it on me and I tasted it and it tasted really good, but I was thinking of brushing my teeth...that's all I remember..

Example: What could this dream with Lady GaGa mean?

First of all, I am a 14 year old buy if that makes a difference. I had two dreams last night, both weird. The first one, theres was vampires, and I had to kill them with my grandma by shooting garlic..And I hardly see my grandma anymore irl cuz she sicks. Then I woke up, fell asleep and I dreamed I went to my elementary school, and met my old friends and teachers. Then, back home, lady gaga was there, and we started touching each other and stuff..lol it was random. Then my mom comes and breaks it up (she hates lady gaga irl).

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that i was like bald and stuff then i was in a ambulance and somehow the ambulance stopped in front of this house, and yeah the ambulance people went in and this girl was all crazy looking with blood a over her well she ran to this place and i got out of the ambulance and ran too well i just saw the girl destroy like eat the other people and i ran like down this street and somehow got this bike and my dad was behind me lol well we were crusing around downtown l.a and we were looking for onions until we got asked some lady in the street were we could find some and she pointed the way so we went there and couldn't find the onion until we asked another lady and she pointed us to the onions and yeah i got them and i think i was gonna make a neckless with them to protect me from her. and then i woke up.

i mean i know that onions don't protect you from vampires only garlic does but i'm saying what does this dream mean

Example: What does this Dream mean?

I have had this dream more than once and it is bugging me!
I start out in the hallway of my home, alone. I open the door to a room in my house that is empty, just a spare room. There is someone in the room,male, I can't see their face, but I have this feeling that I know who they are. They are trying to shove a dresser against the only window in the room. I ask them what they are doing and the start repeating "I should have covered the window, what and idiot" over and over. I immediately know that they have been turned into a vampire! I slam the door and sit on the floor holding the door shut. Suddenly I am surrounded by faceless people that I know. I keep saying "I have to lock the door." I reached up to lock the door, but the lock broke off. The only way to lock the door is to stick a screw driver in the lock and suddenly the space in front of me is a computer screen and I have to maneuver the screw driver around until the courser on the computer screen is up in the upper right corner to ex out of the screen. If I can ex out of the screen the door will be locked. The entire time I am scared out of my mind! So scared in fact I keep yelling at myself to wake up! I am unable to ex out of the screen and lock the door. i keep yelling at myself to wake up! Finally I start to come out of it and wake up. When I am fully awake I am still afraid! I have never felt fear like that in my life! I was so terrified that I couldn't sleep and I avoid that room at night, that dream was not scary in itself, but the feeling of fear was so strong I will never forget it! What could it mean? I have had it twice and both times it was exactly the same!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well, first of all..
2 weeks ago I went to a Summer Camp and one of the guys in charge of my group was called Andy. He was probably in his 30s - 40s. He was my favourite leader and he was awesome!

Anyway, my dream was...
I was in this dining hall/cafe room and my dad, my mum, Andy and another person I can't remember were sitting at one table and me and my sister were sitting at another.
My mum said something to the table she was sitting at - I think it was something like 'do you want more garlic bread' or something and she went out the room.
The moment my mum got out the room Andy burst out laughing - it seemed like he laughing as if my mum was stupid as if he found my mum amusing and an idiot.
My dad looked very stunned. I was very angry and I got up and pushed Andy's head down on the table and punched him in the face. He looked at me as if it didn't hurt him but deep down in his eyes it looked like he was in pain.

What does it mean? Why would I punch him if I like him?.?

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