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Dream About Garland meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Confusing dream what does it mean? (needs someone good w/ animal symbols) ?

This dream was really weird but I wrote everything down in my dream journal once I awoke so I remember a lot of little details.

In the beginning of my dream I was bathing in the ocean. It was night but a very bright night with lots of moonlight and glittering silver stars. There was a huge full moon overhead. I could hear the sound of pretty chines in the air. Flamingos were flying over the ocean and the ocean was filled with frogs. I was watching a duck and drake swimming together in ocean when I spotted a mermaid and I was pleasantly surprised because I had never seen one before. We swam together before I was startled by the sound of cymbals crashing and I saw my fiancé, Arvind. He swam out and we made love in the ocean. I noticed his eyes were darker and he smelled of allspice. Then we went onto land. I felt very affectionate towards him so I caught a gander that was in the ocean and gave it to him as a present. He was so pleased he gave me three presents: bouquets of gardenia, forsythia, forget me nots, daffodils, acacia, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, nightshade, lotus, and lilies of the valley, four cards (ace, king, queen and jack of hearts) and a cone-shaped aquamarine and ruby amulet.
Then I started talking about how I had to do my Christmas shopping because it was Christmas day. We walked into town bare foot in the dew and went to an antique store that looked really quaint and old-fashioned. There were pigeons on the windowsill outside. I was looking at antiques and finally purchased some oil. Arvind then said that because I bought oil we had to marry and we rode on a donkey to some wedding banquet.
The banquet was held in a beautiful cemetery. There was a long table with a feast prepared. Two canaries were in a cage on the table as a centerpiece. Incense was lit, a harp and organ were playing. Nightingales were in trees. There was an outdoor fireplace burning. Arvind was dressed as a knight. I was dressed in an ivory, lace wedding dress, the amulet and was barefoot still. We were eating celery, avocado, cake, apricot, dates, chestnuts, olives, ripe cherries, ginger, honey, jam, lamb, pumpkin, maple sugar, oysters, pickles, strawberries, and ice cream sodas. We were eating off good china and drank wine and a sweet, syrupy drink from Crystal goblets. Our wedding guests were elk and fairies. A barmaid approached me and said about Arvind, “he’s the one”. Then one of the waiters served a dead deer and I was disgusted and insisted he removed the dead deer.
A unicorn came on the scene and roared like a lion and then turned into a palm tree. A lunar eclipse took place and it became very dark. In the tree was my abusive ex-husband dressed as a ship captain in black nylon. He was sitting in the pal tree with three snakes, an adder, a python and a rattlesnake around his neck and a crow was on his shoulder. Caterpillars and lizards were at feet of the tree. He offered me a bouquet of opium poppies and primroses as a wedding gift and I rejected it. He came down off the tree and an alligator, fox, leopard and snarling dog came to his side. He went into a jealous rage telling me I should have been his wife and I was crazy not to and he took me to an asylum. Arvind chased us down and turned into a polar bear and Nikolas turned into a black bear and began to fight. I put on a white velvet cloak with a garland of garlic around my neck and Arvind gave me a blade and I found Nikolas-bear and killed him. After he died all his animal companions died and it became light again. A rainbow appeared and doves were flying overhead. Then we cooked the Nikolas-bear corpse and went back to our wedding banquet and ate that too.
Then I awoke

This is a very intense and detailed dream. There are so many animals in it that I really don't want to go through EACH of them symbolically. I will mention ones that help the overall theme. There is a really good book you may want to get called "Animal-Speak" by Ted Andrews. Then you can look up each one.

I don't know if you are going to like my interpretation, but here goes:

Here, you are awash in the whole idea that your current relationship is a dream come true. Everything good springs from it: he is treating you well now as symbolized by the gifts he gives you, and the gifts you give him. However, opening symbols in the dream refer to your subconscious and the fact that you may be deluding yourself a bit. The moon is the symbol of deceit; there may be some self denial here about how good it really is: you are awash in the moonlight and everything is silver stars (they are not golden, though, and will tarnish easily!).

Night is also a reference to this denial. Bathing yourself in the ocean is cleansing; you use this new relationship to cleanse the past. Frogs are also a symbol of cleansing. Pigeons, however, are crappy little birds, and as the relationship progresses, you are going to get into the everyday crap with Arvind.

Deer are a symbol of gentleness: the dead deer is a warning that while there is calm right now in your current relationship, you must be on guard.

Your old, abusive ex hubby shows up as captain of the ship - does he still have a hold on you in some ways? Why is he driving the ship? He is in black, no doubt, because to you he is a villain. This is why he brings with him predatory animals, like the alligator, fox, leopard, and snarling dog.

Was he an addict? He offers you opium poppies - how interesting. Primrose to me represented false promises or false making up. You dress is white velvet, because to you, you are the pure one. He could not have shown up like this in the dream if you were completely over his hold on you. You don't love him, but he still has a hold on you.

I would say the theme of this dream is the "flamingos flying over the ocean": you are fantacizing your new relationship to get over the old, abusive one, but watch out, because pigeons come into play and that lets me know, you must not fantacize anything. The unicorn should let you know this, too. It roars like a lion. Fantasy, if left unchecked, will leave you open to being blindsided by the reality. Best to keep grounded and look at Arvind as man, not a savior.

Example: What is the meaning of the poem "A Sweltering Day in Australia" by Mark Twain?

This is a poem written by Mark Twain. I cannot figure out if it has some strange deeper meaning. I am also not sure if most of the words in the poem are made up, or if they are real. I am writing an essay for my AP English class about literary devices, but I cannot find anywhere if this poem is supposed to actually have a meaning or not.

Example: What's the meaning of this poem by Sarojini Naidu?

HAVE YOU found me, at last, O my Dream? Seven eons ago
You died and I buried you deep under forests of snow.
Why have you come hither? Who bade you awake from your sleep
And track me beyond the cerulean foam of the deep?

Would you tear from my lintels these sacred green garlands of leaves?
Would you scare the white, nested, wild pigeons of joy from my eaves?
Would you touch and defile with dead fingers the robes of my priest?
Would you weave your dim moan with the chantings of love at my feast?

Go back to your grave, O my Dream, under forests of snow,
Where a heart-riven child hid you once, seven eons ago.
Who bade you arise from your darkness? I bid you depart!
Profane not the shrines I have raised in the clefts of my heart.

Example: What does Christian Dior's quote: “My dream is to save women from nature” mean?

Designer Christian Dior once said : “My dream is to save women from nature” , what does he mean by that?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I recently had a dream which I found disturbing. All I can remember is a small part of it. I was out somewhere in nature, it almost looked like I was at campgrounds. I was walking barefoot or in sandals and noticed a piece of leaf sticking out of my right foot. I thought maybe I had a piece of leaf stuck to my foot or a piece of plant pricked my skin and stuck. When I pulled the piece out of my foot, I noticed that there were a lot more pieces inside my foot. I started pulling out small pieces of Christmas tree garland, about 4inches by 5 inches at a time. Once it was all out, I noticed my foot has a huge cut on it that started at my toe and went to my heel. It was hurting or bleeding and kind of looked like a seam. The last thing I remember was considering sewing the seam shut like I was mending clothes or super gluing it shut.
Any ideas on how to interpret?

Example: What does this dream mean? Being Celebrated in a forest?

I had the weirdest dream last night and trying to figure it out.

I had a dream that I was in a forrest with a bunch of other girls (nothing sexal for the perve's that will read soemthing sexual into it). Anyway, we were surrounded by moss, pine trees, and everyone was happy, dancing around and putting flower garland on each other...it was almost like the ultimate flower power dream but no drugs LOL...any idea's

Example: Need help with the meaning of this dream please?

This is a lengthy one and I want to thank in advance all those who help to decipher this.

Something about a green bell pepper.
It is Christmas time and I have a long strand of garland across my shoulders as I look for a place to hang it. I also had many different beautiful trees I was decorating in my home.
It is still Christmas time. I am in my new car. It is a silvery blue color and expensive, like a BMW or something. I am in a small parking lot and make my way to pull out of the lot when these men in different cars and standing in the lot start hitting my car and making it difficult for me to pull out. I have to put my car in reverse and do some maneuvering and finally I am able to pull out. I am not hurt and don’t know if there was much damage done to the back of the car.
I go to the store and tell their boss what they did and he tells me to come back. I go back to the store and walk down a corridor with a nice long runner on the floor. I am seated in a large wingback chair. All the men who were in the parking lot were there along with the boss and my deceased dad. There was a woman in charge and she handed me all these white envelopes that all had some writing in ink on them. I couldn’t make out what was written. I opened all the envelopes and they all had a card inside them with money from all the men who had been in the lot. They gave me money to put towards the repair of my car. I think it was going to cost $600.00 to fix. At one point I opened one card and my older brother appeared to the left of me. He told me that that money was not mine? I think he said something like it was my mother’s money and I think he didn’t want me to have it because he wanted and didn’t like me and wanted to cut me out of my share. I said fine and put the money on a table that was to the right of chair. I don’t know if the woman in charge took it or not. I looked at my dad and he looked tired and pale and I felt so bad.
It is still Christmas time and I am with my old friend from long ago. She has a beautiful green plant with all different shaped leaves on it. She is cutting stalks off the plant to give to me so I can then grow my own. She asks me which one I want first and tell her I want the stalk with the star shape. She then asks what others I want and I tell her to give me one of each and she cuts them for me.
Something about 11:30.
Something about my sister alone in a home and she asks me if I am going to go back later to visit with her.
I was the driving in my gold Mercedes and I parked it on the side of a street. I got out and went to the right and walked down the cobblestone street to a store. When I was in the store I asked the people if my car would be ok where I had parked it. They asked me where it was and then told me that I better go move it because many people get tickets when parked there. I said the place looked ok but left the store and went anyway to move it. When I finally got to my car it was fine and there was no ticket.
I was then outside. It was a sunny, blustery day. I was walking with a much older gentleman. He had white hair and a beige/ tan suit on. He also had a long coat to match the suit on. He put his arm around my waist and I did the same to him and noticed how thing but sturdy he was. We walked at a brisk rate and smiled and laughed as we spoke to each other.

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt about Halloween?

A month ago, I had this dream about my parents and I decorating this 60's style motor home that I don't own in real life, with Jack-o-lantern garlands and stickers.

It was night time. Then after I helped my parents decorate it, I got in it with my parents. Then I watched a Corey Haim and Corey Feldman movie marathon by myself, which included The Goonies and the one where Feldman is the teenage wolf boy.

My parents were laughing and talking about Halloween by themselves in another corner of the motor home.

I wasn't dressed in a costume, but I was in a sweat shirt and sweat pants. I also ate buttered popcorn and had a carved pumpkin with a scary face that glowed from the candle. It was on the TV table. I was laughing at it and at Feldman and Haim.

I've never watched those movies in my real life either! I also saw and heard people decorate their cars the same way my parents and I did, while they whispered loudly about how excited they were that it was Halloween.

Towards the end of the dream, I even told my parents how excited I was to carve pumpkins into scary shapes and how I loved Halloween too. They did the same. It's funny how I don't cherish Halloween and all it has to offer in real life like I did in that dream.

Example: Please tell me the meaning of my dream,I am so scared.?

Firstly, I m in my home, I see my mother, sister & my father. My mother & sister are talking about something. my mother & sister are talking about something I don’t know 7 my father is watching T.V,my mother & sister are in bedroom, I m also with them but they are not seeing me at that time I know I am dead but what is the reason behind this no one know even I also. I am seeing an orb like thing sitting on my head & I know that my mother, sister & father was not able to see me but they are able to watch that orb (sitting on my head), but they are ignoring it.
Next day my father was going out for his some business matter & I m also with him(but he is not able to see me).at night he was returning home at that time he had no vehicle with him(I am also with him).suddenly I feel that someone is watching us & I turn back to see ,I saw that there is one old man, I know that he is one spirit & I want to save my father from him ,so I started to read HANUMAN CHALISA (I believe that hanuman ji destroys bad spirit).By reading this he got vanished in the air.
When me & my father reached near our house, that road near our house is famous for the bad spirits of two brothers who roam there at evening 7’o clock (only in my dream, not in real).When we reach there, but at that time my father is not with me, my father has changes to a boy(but I don’t know him, neither I have seen his face).When he & I going from that road the two brothers spirits appeared & they are stopping us ,I felt very angry & I slapped one of the spirit ,he became unconscious & fell on the road. And the boy who is with me don’t know anything, even he is not able to see any of us. I started fighting with another spirit.
I told that boy to run away from here, but he is not able to hear me. I started to move out from that road & also telling that boy to come with me, but suddenly the first spirit rise up & he cut the head of that boy(which is with me) with something(I don’t know),
I am standing out of that road, crying & screaming, I only saw his body without head falling on the road. I ran towards my house because those two brothers are following me & trying to catch me. When I reached my house –backyard, I open the door & went inside .I want that those two bro don’t come inside so again I speaking hanuman chalisa, but those boys also started speaking hanuman chalisa this means that there is no effect of hanuman chalisa on both of them. I closed that door & went inside the bedroom, there my mother & sister are sitting, and they are making the garland of flowers.
I don’t told them about this, but I want to tell them about those spirits (as they are not able to hear & see me) so I went out of the house & move towards the road, And I saw that I ‘m walking & I saw a boy, he is looking very stylish, I know he is a spirit but I don’t talk to him & I am crying a lot.
Thanks to my mother she had woke me up & I leave that dream there only.

But , I want to tell you that, that boy who was dead, I don’t see his face but I know who he was, but I am not able to figure him out, who he is?”
What is the meaning of this dream, please tell me. I have seen this dream on the day of MahaShivratri (on this day the Hindu people pray to god Shiva) & the next day my cousin grandfather died.
This dream makes me so scared. I recall my dream again & again, & search my grandfather, but he is not in my dream.
I want to tell you that anything bad happened with my friends or family .is known to me first, it comes in my dream or I see it with my open eyes as a signal. I really want to help them but, I can’t.
Please help me…….
I am so scared
Thank You..

Example: What is the meaning of shiva lingam & vishu immersed in a well in my dream?

I had a dream yesterday where I saw a huge & wide well outside my bathroom window. The well had very clear and lot of water till it's brim. I found Shiva lingam & a statue of sriranga with Lakshmi immersed in it.
Lord Sriranga had garland around his neck and a silver plate of flowers in front of him. None of the flowers were floating in the water. It all laid undisturbed on him.
My husband comes inside the bathroom where I was taking shower and stood still due the sight of gods immersed in water. I am showing him the well and looking at him. My husband suddenly shows me the draining pipe from the bathroom running into the well.
I feel very upset and hurt and kneel down crying how much of filthy water has gone into the well after my shower which has got mixed with the pure water where my favourite gods are living! Suddenly my alarm rang and I woke up.

Please, someone tell me the meaning of this dream.

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