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Dream About Gargoyle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did my dream mean?

This dream involved this girl I've had a crush on for years. I have many dreams about her. Can you guys figure out what it means? Thanks for any help.
I was talking to her at the lake, when suddenly a blonde-ish boy came up to us. He held a cracker in his hand, and said “Fancy some pizza?” And then ran away. But then the scene changed, and there was this curving road. The outide of it was a high, uneven wall. The inside of the curve was natural rock, stretching very high above us. Around the curve was a thick concrete bridge. There were dark, crinkly leaves beneath our feet, and hundreds of semi trucks were coming underneath the bridge. But the road was so narrow, there was no room to walk.
I grabbed her hand, and we tried to make it to the bridge. A huge semi thundered toward us, and I tried to shield her. But I turned to stone when I touched her, and yet could feel the corner of the truck scrape against my spinal cord and drag me off of her.She stood up, and leapt into the air, her feet kicking at invisible water. And there I was, semis driving over the bits and pieces of my broken rock-form. Then I woke up.
Weird, huh? I can’t figure it out. The thing that is strange is that it involves magic. I turned into a gargoyle. What the heck does that mean? And then she was flying? It’s so confusing. My other dreams with her were strange, but they never included magic. Maybe some had weird circumstances, but nothing paranormal like this.

Birth To Twins

Hello. I had a dream last night that scared my a little. I dreamt that I was pregnant with twins. Then later in the dream, I gave birth to them. One a girl and the other a boy. I'm a virgin now, but I'm planning to lose my virginity with my boyfriend in February. We talk about it a lot, like everyday. What does my dream mean? Please Help

Thanks so much.
January 4, 2002

Example: What does it mean to dream being chased in a Walmart Parking lot by a gay Gargoyle?

In my dream i was buying socks at walmart and when I walked back to my car a very extremely gay Gargoyle in pink Drag Cloth chased me around and everytime I would try to run he would inhale really strong and the strength of him inhaling would pull me closer to him.

then the Gargoyle catches me and takes me to the woods to what looked like a space shuttle. He launches me in the shuttle and when I reach space the windows opened and then I began to fall back to earth. I woke up thank God right as i was about to hit the ground.

Is this a normal dream and in Gods name why am I dreaming stuff like this. I am straight too and have no interest in men other than friendship

Example: What does it mean to dream about a gargoyle?

I had a dream me and my class mates were all in a group like we was on a field trip and out of the group these men pointed out this guy and was saying how intelligent he was and that's when i seen a image of a gargoyle and it was just stilling there on a building. What does this mean? Oh yeah and ever since i met this guy that believed in roots and voodoo and he just seemed different but its like he wanted to know so much about me and I told him somethings about me and my relationship that I was in with this guy. He was telling me to leave him alone because he was only using me and he was nothing but darkness. He said him and his aunt were psychics and that she was telling him about the guy I was with and that I should leave him alone and some of the things they said about him were true but It seemed weired because he wanted to find out so much about him even his age and where he stayed and it just seemed weired to me. So i start to believe him and stop having faith in god and start believe in that voodoo stuff but i never wanted to use it on anybody because i knew it was wrong.Ever since I stop talking to the guy it seemed like Ive been going through problem after problem and it seemed like my boyfriend just been treating me like crap and the more he do the more I summit to him and feel weak for him. Can somebody please help me understand whats going on with me.

Example: What does it mean to dream I am a Gargoyle?

I had a dream that I was a gargoyle. (Shapeshifter maybe) I was me, but when my sister and mother saw me, they saw a gargoyle, which I could not see myself, but I imagined- as they hid their faces when I would make and "evil face" I flew up to a roof, up the side of a wall. Flew to a place where I saw horses walking out of a stable (fenced land), but six stayed where I was. It was a random dream, where I flew from the horses to a place where people were hiding from me, with my mom and sister, to different locations of guys I liked were at (mall, outside a home- two were brothers). I could turn back into myself, and "flirt" I guess with three different guys. I woke up scared.

(a little about me, I live with the father of my two children, stay at home mom, and attend online college. I do not have a social life, no friends or guy friends, and live 3000 miles away from my parents and siblings)

Example: Weird Dream or could it mean something?

Last night I had an odd dream never had it before. It wasn't a dream that made any sense to me just 3 tubes of blood like long containers of it and under each was 6 6 6 and above them was my fiance's name and my daughter's (she's not born yet). I was freaking out trying to figure out what was going on and right in front of me there was a gargoyle looking creature. It had long black wings and silver long hair and was pointing at me grinning and his eyes were glowing red. All he said was you know. I looked down on my stomach and there was written in blood the numbers 1-6-10. I have no idea what any of this means I do know that 666 is for the devil. But i do not know what 1-6-10 means. I've seen this gargoyle looking creature in passed dreams before. Theses dreams started when I was about 10 years old if anyone can make any sense please tell me

Example: What does my dream mean? (please)?

Okay. It is pretty weird. Well to me at least:
My mum and I were in our backyard, but it was a lot bigger than usual,. There was a wedding and my mum and I walked up to the lady that previously owned our house. She was wearing rainbow tie-die clothes. We asked her about the gargoyle that was in the corner of our yard and why it didn't have ears. She said it was warding of the bad spirits and it lost its ears when fighting the shadows. Then she went away and my mum and I stated burying the gargoyle.

What does it mean? Please help?

Example: Prophet muhammad in dream meaning?

I usually cant remember my dreams since they are not very vivid. but I saw this person in black dress and he was praying. I saw him from a distance so i couldn't tell much about his features though i could tell he was bearded. the image is still in my memory. a little while later I woke up with the though like 'wasnt that the prophet?' since, i have been having vivid dreams about hearing azan, going to mosque and praying. can you tell me the meaning?

Example: What does killing a kitten in a dream mean?

Well for the second time in a row I've been having this incredibly disturbing dream that I was in my house and there were two kittens. A white one and a beige one. The dream was very detailed and it was impossible to tell the difference from reality and dream world. I felt like someone else was controlling me and I picked up the white kitten (probably 2-3 months old) and started aggressively strangling it and for some reason it took a long time to die and i had to squeeze harder. I threw it in the trash barrel outside like nothing happened whilst walking past my family. I picked up the beige one and was also strangling it but it took longer to die it didn't bite, didn't fight back or nothing. I literately watched the life go out of its eyes.

After that I woke up and teared up a little . Doesn't make sense because iv had a cat sense I was 5 years old, love animals to death and would never even hurt a fly. Very nice and lovable person. Feel guilty yet i know its a just a dream but i know that ALL dreams mean something. It just struck my mind that what the **** does this dream mean.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm walking around a small town. The town is blocked up with an electric gate to protect us from whatever is outside. I get lost and go down into an underground room. There are gargoyles at two post on either side of a stair way going down into a canal. There is a guy with his back to me speaking Latin to a shrouded figure he then gets up and stabs he person he was talking to. I yelp a little and he spots me (By the way I keep dreaming of the same guy whom I don't know. We end up in a relationship in each dream that he shows up). He sees me and I run but the door disappeared we're running around room in a giant circle until he appears in front of me and I trip and pass out. I wake up again and there is a girl standing over me talking with the same guy. I ask them to let me go and she begins to cut out my heart with a scalpel. He stops her and lets me go and tells me to not come back again. I try to tell people about what's under there and no one believes me except one of my friends who agrees to go check it out with me. We go back and he's standing right next to me he says something and bites me on the neck and turns me into a vampire. Afterwards I wake up and my heart is cut out and i don't know what happens but he's showing me around the underground. There are other vampires and eventually me and the guy have a relationship. We go in a room and in the back of the room there is a natural light cavern and we have a date. It leads us to the woods outside the fence and there are two guys with truck trouble and then all of a sudden we hear about a murder and we think the other vampires did it. We end up going to the funeral of some girl named Emily and then I woke up.

Example: I had a rather odd erotic dream? What does it mean?

Note that I am an older teen and my hormones are all over. But this is rather puzzling to me. In the dream my boyfriend and I were kissing and engaging in other forms of foreplay. We were strangely enough in a mid-evil palace(Gargoyles, stone walls, mote and all). We were interrupted, unfazed we left to find another spot. Strange places like a library, we were interrupted another three times and continued on, finding a place and starting again. When we were finally about to actually have sex I woke up. Any ideas? What does it mean? Neither one of us have ever had sex if it matters.

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