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Dream About Garding meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Two nights in a row I have been dreaming scary dreams of ghost does that mean something?

my latest dream : I was sitting in a semitary doing some paper work ,as I was running out of time to get somwhere else I rushed and left my papers. Later that night a female friend and myself return to the semitary to retrieve the papers and was confronted by ghost that was garding the semitary. We got scared and hurried back to the car while the ghosts was raging pissed, but didnt realy chasing us. However upon entering the car just outside the semitary, we gave 4 attractive well dressed people that appear to be comming from a party a ride. It was 1 male and 3 female.
while driving the guy happen to touch me and I noticed his hand was freezing cold, without a dought I realized that they where ghosts. While struggling to keep my composure they started touching all over us. Trying to through them off the fact that I know the're ghosts I gegan saying it is so hot in here, my friend caught on and started saying the same thing. They caught on. Shortly after I woke up scared as hell.

WOW, pretty scary stuff. This is my interpretation;

Scary dreams are just manifestations of our fears. You ( and just about everybody) are afraid of ghosts. The fact that you were trying to avoid 'letting on' that you knew the two people were ghosts was a way for your mind to prolong the experience, while at the same time having them 'find out' was too scary to deal with, so you woke up.

Example: What''s this books name?

I read a book at the begining of 2012. The author is publishing the second book in this serious of three books. On the cover is a pretty girl in a blue dress.
This book was about a young girl who loved a boy who was in the class below her. He decides that he doesn't want to marry her. So she puts her name in a drawing to be in a contest to win the princes heart. She ends up getting picked and her folks are so happy. But the night before she leaves the boy who is below her in class decides to tell her that he didn't mean what he said and he does love her.
She ends up going to the castle that is always under attack from other tribes. She ends up asking the prince if she can stay for a while to get money for her folks. But while she is in the castle she finds out that that boy she loved from back home is in the military and he is garding the castle. The prince is also falling in love with her and she might be falling for him too.
Please help me it is driving me crazy not being able to know the name of the book so I can not reread it and i cant read the following books. So please help

Example: What do you think...?

This is my lyrical poem for a project.
Does it sound okay?


You’re the beating in my heart now.
And I ache when you’re not around.
So stay near, stay here, stay with me
No matter what, you will never quite see
What you mean to me.
Yet, you have me consumed by bliss.
So, Don’t let me ruin this.
To good to be true, so it seems.
The things you say should only come from dreams.
I would never guess why you want to make me smile
Despite everything, you make it worth my while.
Just your hand in mine,
Oh, I’ve never felt this divine.

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