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Dream About Gardener meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

Well, I had this dream last night, it was sort of a nightmare to me, but it wasn't SCARY. Ok, wellI had a dream I woke up and went to get the dogs out of the barn, all the large doors were open and my horses had escaped. I saw them on the other side of the road but there was an extra horse and one of my geldings had a foal. I let go of the dogs and ran out of the barn. There were some gardeners with a HUGE pile of dirt (odd b/c I've never had gardeners). I asked them if they'd seen some huskies run out (I've never owned a husky and I wasn't talking about the dogs) and I must have been asking about my horses. They said yes and I actually woke up.
Please help me figure this out!

or you are afraid to lose something that is dear to you (dont hafe to be your dogs or horse) or its just a meaningless dream

Example: What is the meaning of Tagore's "The Gardener" (8,16,28)?

What are the meanings of each of those 3 poems by R.Tagore?


When the lamp went out by my bed I woke up with the early birds.
I sat at my open window with a fresh wreath on my loose hair.
The young traveller came along the road in the rosy mist of the
A pearl chain was on his neck, and the sun's rays fell on his
crown. He stopped before my door and asked me with an eager
cry, "Where is she?"
For very shame I could not say, "She is I, young traveller, she
is I."

It was dusk and the lamp was not lit.
I was listlessly braiding my hair.
The young traveller came on his chariot in the glow of the
setting sun.
His horses were foaming at the mouth, and there was dust on his
He alighted at my door and asked in a tired voice, "Where is
For very shame I could not say, "She is I, weary traveller, she
is I."

It is an April night. The lamp is burning in my room.
The breeze of the south comes gently. The noisy parrot sleeps in
its cage.
My bodice is of the colour of the peacock's throat, and my mantle
is green as young grass.
I sit upon the floor at the window watching the deserted street.
Through the dark night I keep humming, "She is I, despairing
traveller, she is I."


Hands cling to hands and eyes linger on eyes: thus begins the
record of our hearts.
It is the moonlit night of March; the sweet smell of henna
is in the air; my flute lies on the earth neglected and your
garland of flowers in unfinished.
This love between you and me is simple as a song.

Your veil of the saffron colour makes my eyes drunk.
The jasmine wreath that you wove me thrills to my heart like
It is a game of giving and withholding, revealing and screening
again; some smiles and some little shyness, and some sweet
useless struggles.
This love between you and me is simple as a song.

No mystery beyond the present; no striving for the impossible; no
shadow behind the charm; no groping in the depth of the dark.
This love between you and me is simple as a song.

We do not stray out of all words into the ever silent; we do not
raise our hands to the void for things beyond hope.
It is enough what we give and we get.
We have not crushed the joy to the utmost to wring from it the
wine of pain.
This love between you and me is simple as a song.


Your questioning eyes are sad. They seek to know my meaning as
the moon would fathom the sea.
I have bared my life before your eyes from end to end, with
nothing hidden or held back. That is why you know me not.
If it were only a gem I could break it into a hundred pieces and
string them into a chain to put on your neck.
If it were only a flower, round and small and sweet, I could
pluck it from its stem to set it in your hair.
But it is a heart, my beloved. Where are its shores and its
You know not the limits of this kingdom, still you are its queen.
If it were only a moment of pleasure it would flower in an easy
smile, and you could see it and read it in a moment.
If it were merely a pain it would melt in limpid tears,
reflecting its inmost secret without a word.
But it is love, my beloved.
Its pleasure and pain are boundless, and endless its wants and
It is as near to you as your life, but you can never wholly know

Example: Indian woman spirit dream, what does it mean?...?

I had a dream of an indian spirit women who came up to me and put some pretty and colorfully necklaces around my neck and then turned and before she turned and disappeared said to me "dont be afraid" then disappeared.. Now i am told that dreams mean something and i feel that this one really does.. I am 1/16 cherokee if that means anything... One of my friends told me that he is not sure but he thinks that it means something about royality in another life or something like that.. Could it be true? What could this dream mean?

Example: What does “dreaming of houses uncluttered by reality” mean?

For this text:

>dreaming of houses uncluttered by reality, by half a lifetime of memories, perhaps.----

What does this mean? Does it mean:

The one who was leafing through Country Living Magazine was dreaming of houses uncluttered which the one has no such houses so uncluttered in the one's reality and perhaps the one has no such houses so uncluttered in the one's half a lifetime of memories.

Or can i understand the sentence in this way:

In the one's reality and perhaps in the one's half a lifetime of memories , the one's house is cluttered up with many things, and this provokes the person to dream of houses uncluttered which are in the Country Living Magazine actually.

What does “dreaming of houses uncluttered by reality” mean?

The context is :

>Boy-blue and girl-pink. Through the kitchen double-doors I watch you eating supper – carrot and coriander soup – and leafing through Country Living Magazine, dreaming of houses uncluttered by reality, by half a lifetime of memories, perhaps. But my, how well you look. White hair endows you with the demeanour of a friendly witch.

Excerpted from David Mitchell's novel "The Gardener" partly:

>Satin white, Persian purple, oil-paint yellow. When I planted these birches they were broomstick-height, and now look at them. They tap our bedroom window on stormy nights. Hyacinths on (what I fondly call) my rockery. Boy-blue and girl-pink. Through the kitchen double-doors I watch you eating supper – carrot and coriander soup – and leafing through Country Living Magazine, dreaming of houses uncluttered by reality, by half a lifetime of memories, perhaps. But my, how well you look. White hair endows you with the demeanour of a friendly witch. Our geriatric radio – a wedding-present from my brother – is twittering away to itself.

Example: What does it mean to dream that you are preparing for a wedding celebration?

In my dream there was no bride and no groom but I was preparing for a wedding by picking out four types of flowers and in the end of the dream I asked a gardener to pick out flowers for me from the four cartons of flowers I had chosen.

Example: What do snakes in dreams mean?

two nights in a raw i had dreams about snakes...the first one was that mean and my family went swimming in a big pool. and it rain the night before so it was flooded. but we went any way. there was a bunch of snakes in the pool and we all got bit. besides my grandma. they were even in the hot tub cuz thats where i was bitten in my dream...i think they were copper head snakes. or maybe rattles im not sure.

the second dream my best friend was messing with a snake and it bite her in the head, it was a king cobra. also my cat and dog got bit. my bothers cat too. and odd enough i couldnt get a hold of a hospital in my dream and i sucked the venom out of there wounds trying to save my animals. but my bestfriend died instantly. it was horrible. i woke up so i dont know if i saved the animals lives.

about a week ago my brother scared the **** out of me with a gardener snake. i am really scared of snakes. but that was like a week ago why am i having the dreams now..?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok i have dreamed this about 4 times between the ages of 9 and 13.in the beginning i am a kinder-gardener and i am at my school during recess and robots/aliens(idk what they are i just know they werent human) start attacking the school.the kept on following me trying to kill me.then in the middle of the fight i end up in a dance club and i am 11 and the ground starts to shake.me and my whole family and the people in the club starts running out.outside we see rocket/bulletsts flying.well the rockets kept following up and trying to blow us up but we try to escape.we see the city panicing and we almost get hit we lay on the grown and they keep on missing us.then i end up on the free way with my sister and a blue man comes out of nowhere and stops our car with his bare hands.we try to get by and we try to run him over but we cant.so we run across the freeway and we end up in a swap meet.we go into a store and we try to hide.we see a stream/river going across the front of the store.then the man pops out of the water and try to kill us.we try to run but sharks come out of the water and help the man kill us and then right when we are going to die i always wake up.

Example: Snakes and a tiger in my dream, I've always wondered what it meant.?

I haven't had this dream in a long time, but when my two oldest (they are 13 and 12 now) were little I would have this dream a lot. For some strange reason we are in a house and it looks like a house in India. The living room opens up to a patio and yard which is enclosed in a metal fence. I exit the garden after picking some flowers and return to the living room, my two daughters who are toddlers in the dream, are surrounded by snakes. Hundreds of snakes, big snakes like pythons and anacondas, as well as little snakes gardener snakes, vipers, etc. I run into the living room trying to get to them, but the snakes refuse to let me past. I kick them, pick them up and throw them, and yet I still can't get to my girls. Then a cobra comes out of the pile and bites me. I draw my hand back and look at the puncture wound, there are two pearl sized blood drops oozing out. I suck it for a minute, then I shake my hand. I'm still trying to figure out a way to save my girls. I even call out to my husband, but he's no where around. That's when I hear a growl. I look (I can't remember if I look over my shoulder or in front of me) there is a huge bangle tiger in the living room along with the snakes. I scream then turn to run. The tiger chases after me. There isn't any place for me to go except the yard. I run, panting, crying, tears running down my face, I look over my right shoulder and see the tiger right behind me. I hit the metal fence, but this time it's turned into a chain-link fence, and I start to climb it. I don't want to, I don't want to leave my girls, but I have to get away from this tiger. I start to climb the fence, and right when I think the tiger is going to attack me I wake up. I should also mention that the snakes never hurt my girls. They are only a issue and danger to me. I remember even having the fear that a constrictor snake would kill one of them, but they don't. The snakes to me in the dream, seem like they are protecting my girls, but I'm desperate to save them.

Example: What does this dream mean? Christians answer please...?

I became incredibly wealthy and powerful and I was with a bunch of skinny people who did not know about my double life which I lived in a private apartment where I spent most of my time. My apartment life took up 70% of my time and 90% of my thoughts and energy but no one in the group was aware of how astronomically different my life was from theirs and thought I was one of them with the same limitations and humanistic social concerns.

I saw my former love interest who in real life does not want to have any kind of communication with me and we were very tight sharing every minute and everything in common and meeting at every functional level. He studied ecosystem restoration and I always thought it was a highly scientific intellectual discipline but I discovered it was just dirty manual labor.

He wanted me to do gardening with him and I couldn't figure out why he needed me to do the same thing as him but it was impossible for us to be together without him marking a gardener out of me and I knew he would influence me to live an outdoors life closer to nature until I was identical to him. At this point I started to hate being in a relationship with him. I felt like he was reducing my value and adding a burden to me.

There was an upside wooden crate that was shaped like a cube with 5 wooden faces fully covered and on the central upper face there was a wooden square boarder that encircled the square face about 1.5 inches thick and there was no break between the peices of wood holding the wood together at the perpindicular angles. The crate had a lusterous shiny quality and a very smooth surface that make you think the wood was fake.

Can you tell me something I have not thought of?

Some ideas:
a) The border on the wooden crate represents actions or dispositions that are borderline sin... or at the edge of a circumstance or thing or value. It could also act as a frame for the peice of wood...
b) The 5 faces on the wooden crate symbolize the 5 fold ministry
c) The wood on the crate symbolizes work... fake wood means fake work
d) 70% symbolizes start
e) 90% symbolizes aftermath of past decisions
f) The apartment symbolizes my psychological intimacy with the word of God, that is God speaks to me at all times whenever I read the bible... and reveals all of His mysteries and secrets with me
g) The skinny people symbolize prudence or self-discipline
h) The crate is upside down... because it cannot contain spiritual food such as vegetables or oranges in it... since the kingdom of heaven or of God is backwards.

Example: What does my dream mean?

My entire grade and I were up in the clouds. My Pastor's wife, Tammy, was there and she was the "coordinator", and would tell us if we were going to heaven or hell, and what our job would be there. (Weird, right?) Pretty much all of my friends were told, and I don't think anyone went to hell even if they were Atheist, and she was telling my friend Lisa about how she would be the gardener of heaven, so she hoped she liked flowers. Then Tammy told me I was going to go to hell, and I didn't want my dream to get scary so I woke myself up. After that I kept falling back to sleep, and the dream was all disconnected, and I was in Kohls? Then God said he wanted me in Heaven, and I went throught the clouds and he was there, then that's all I remember. It was so weird, I almost never remember my dreams, but the past two nights I remember both of them. Plus they're really vivid and strange. So I don't know :(

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