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Dream About Garden Of Eden meanings

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Example: Do you think dreams have meaning?

Do dreams have a hidden meaning/symbolize something or can they just be images that your brain creates randomly and have no meaning at all. How do these dream dictionaries come up with the meanings of dreams? For instance, did I dream about a snake, which is associated w/ the feminine, healing and spirituality, b/c that is what is going on in my life, or b/c I saw one on t.v.?

I am not an oneirologist, but I suspect the answer lies somewhere between the two exclusives. Nobody really can say for sure exactly how the mind (human consciousness) arises from the brain (the biological object), or even where the dividing line between the two is, but we *do* know that memory works in an associative fashion, and also that one of the purposes of the mind is to analyze stimuli, categorize perceived objects and events, and (in adults) provide a narrative structure to events as they sequentially occur.

Based on this, we could surmise that dreams are an attempt by the brain-mind to create a rational narrative out of semi-random associations. This notion is bolstered by two key facts: (1) external stimuli that occur during REM sleep can become incorporated into a dream, and (2) emotionally charged events are more likely to be represented in our dreams. (Many people have recurring dreams about high school and exams, for instance, because high school exams carry great emotional weight for most people, increasing their level of association in memory.)

In the specific example you mentioned, the dream about the snake, it could very well have been a symbol in your dream representing femininity, healing, and spirituality *if* the association of snakes with those things is strongly meaningful *for you.* That wouldn't be the same for another person.

I think we need to be careful about generalizing the meanings of dream symbols and writing "dream dictionaries" - there are some symbolic references that could be said to be common to people everywhere, and others that are common to a culture, but a lot of them vary from person to person. Blanket statements about how a snake "is associated with femininity," etc., tend to happen when people who have studies many cultures incorrectly generalize: snakes may be associated with the feminine in many cultures, but that doesn't mean they're associated that way in all cultures.

In the USA, for instance, which is heavily influenced by Christianity, the snake is commonly associated with the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden and with sin and temptation (and, through commonly held interpretation, with the devil, although the Genesis text itself doesn't make that link).

On the other hand, a young child with little direct experience with snakes might easily see one on TV or in the zoo for the first time and have all sorts of dreams about it. As a very young child, I saw "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" for the first time and had nightmares for a couple days about lions and alligators. :)

What I'm saying, in the end, is that dream dictionaries should be taken with a grain of salt. Association is a device of the brain and mind, and is shared from person to person only to the degree that our various cultures and common experiences make us alike.

Just my 2¢. Have a great day!

Example: What does it mean: serpent dream?

I had this dream years ago, but I still remember it vividly. I appeared to be some sort of man-snakelike creature; similar to a hindu naga. I was living in a massive underground chamber with a large opening sort of a 'well' in the center. I don't remember alot of the dream, but for some reason I had to be killed or crucifyed. My father would be the one to do it. I remember him nailing spikes into my hands before I woke up. Now I am reminded of the fictional harry potter when he dreams of him being a serpent. This seemed a very strange dream and I am sure I have had more serpentine or reptilian dreams like this; which I have not remembered. What exactly could this dream mean?

Example: I had a strange dream what does it mean?

I dreamt that Eve was created by God and put into the garden of Eden. Then Adam was created and he wanted to know the wisdom of God so took from the tree of knowledge. Adam forced Eve to partake because he didn't want to be looked at by God alone as evil. She ate of the apple and said "I never wanted this knowledge, I don't want to know" (she started seeing all of the horrid things that happen to women and children as a result of men, this was the knowledge of the earth that God warned them about) and the garden vanished before their eyes becoming a vast desert. They then began to see war and all of the pain of the life in the flesh, that was their punishment.
Eve then stated "there was no snake in the garden, it was Adam that was the snake, he has the evil that created this situation, Men use their bodies to harm other humans. This is using a temple of God as a weapon and is evil"
I am not christian so this makes little sense to me. I can understand the Eve being born first, I just read some of the gnostics books. Mary's book proves women should not only have been in charge of the church but should be in charge in other ways as well, and men kept these facts hidden out of pride and fear and desire of power. So women were enslaved instead of listening to what Jesus had to say for real.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So i had a dream of this guy i talk to a lot.We both found out we liked each other. But i had this dream before.i dreamt that we were by the ocean in the winter and we were walking together when he picked a fruit off the tree.the fruit was a pomegranate and we werent allowed to eat it.He kept trying to convince me to eat it because i was hungy.I said no because we were not allowed after that the dream faded.He saud something and then it was gone.this is similar to adam and eve, so what does it mean?it was reversed.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

Ok first of all a little background - I'm engaged to a wonderful man who I love to bits, I've never cheated on him and wouldn't even consider it, I do have body image problems (typical women heh lol) and I have a very odd living situation at the moment - I'm living with the in-laws!

Ok my dream was this - I dreamt that I had sex with a guy that's a friend of both me and my partner, he's a nice guy but not my "type", and it was really sensual, loving, and I felt really relaxed and happy about it. It's hard to explain the feeling of bliss I felt in the dream while in the arms of this guy. We had sex in the bathroom of where I'm currently living and then had a shower, we came out of the shower and went into the living room where my partner's sister was sitting and she took no notice of that fact that we were both obviously soaking wet, and she must of known what happened and offered me a glass of wine, as though it was normal. Then we went into the garden and the were loads of small garter snakes trying to climb over my shoes and one was attached to my hair.

Does anyone know/can anyone explain what this dream means? I very rarely have dreams so vivid and I usually don't remember my dreams but this one has stuck with me all day!


Example: Snakes in a dream, what can it mean?

Two nights in a row I have dreamt about snakes. I actually have a real bad phobia for them too... your help is appreciated, have a wonderful day! oops if i did not post this question in the right place!

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

In my dream here was a tree with all different types of fruit growing out of it. I was very surprised to see it and someone I was with climbed the tree and started to pick the fruit. Pineapple, pomagranet, apples, oranges were on the tree. We all started to eat it. The pomagranet was huge, but a little slimey inside. No one seemed to care and everyone ate. Then a tall man came and hugged me. Im my head I knew it was God and it felt so safe and so good to be in His arms. I said I've been waiting so long for this hug...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I asked my ex-boyfriend's little sister (my ex hurt me very much) to bring me an apple. She was standing there looking into a mirror, and I asked to bring me an apple, and she didnt' want to, but she did.
And then his mother asked me whether I wanted to have jasmin tea, but I didn't because I knew it was poisoned...
What does this all mean?

Example: What can snakes mean in a dream?

I often have dreams about snakes. Can this mean anything?

Example: Can you tell what this dream means?

Well I have been having this dream for about 5 - 8 months it comes every month but only once. Here it is - I'm always on top of a roof cover in patches of weeds. My sister is always with me as well. We are always looking for something. As I turn around to tell her something she bends down and picks up this snake by it's tail at the same time I yell '' Becareful snakes whip around fast ! '' and right when I'm done saying that it whips around and bites her in her side. Then she looks at me and gives me this look like ,'oh crap I'm done'. It's always a rattle snake or a snake. What could this be ? Should I be afraid ? Please help.

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