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Dream About Garden Hose meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean- hard to breathe...?

I frequently have dreams where my throat feels asif it is closed and i cannot breathe cause i can't get any air in. Last night i dreamt that my boyfriend wanted me to give him head but i couldnt because my throat started to close up and i couldnt breathe! what does this mean?

I would imagine it's just signs of stress hunny. Don't read too much into it. To prevent nightmares I do foot baths, bubble baths, quiet reading, write in my journal, or apply moisturizer and massage myself before bed. You could also play quiet music while you sleep to try and keep yourself calm. Try even keeping a dream journal next to your bed. When you awaken from a nightmare or any dream, write down every little last detail as soon as u wake up to get it off your chest. I found that one really helps to help get you to relax and get back to sleep. Honestly don't worry about it. I'm sure it's just stress.
I used to have dreams of myself trying to eat strange items like gardening hoses or washing machines and choking on them. It's not a huge deal.

Hope I helped. Happy sleeping :)

Example: What does it mean to dream of cleaning and searching?

Hello, fellow dreamers. I recently dreamed of cleaning the concrete dog pen in my dad's backyard with a garden hose. It was full of mud and short grass. It was a difficult chore. I had to pull up the grass by hand. The scene shifted to a college campus where I was looking for a class. When I entered the building, I was lost and annoyed. There was too much traffic because it was also a voting precinct. The scene shifted again when I found myself in my apartment looking for socks. I was annoyed when I opened the dresser drawer and discovered it was nearly empty but with a few mismatches. My sister was behind me and I growled, "My socks aren't here." Then I awoke. btw In waking life, I was mildly annoyed with her the night before because I tried to call her and she didn't answer. She later told me that she turned off her phone. Was this relevant to the dream? What's your interpretation? Thanks much.

Example: What does my dream mean?

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about the apocalyps (2012) that a lava tsunami was on its way. Last night, I dreamt of an early apocalyps (December 11th 2012, I think) and there were small openings on the ground with lava bubbling right outside my house through my neighborhood. In my dream we (my family) were able to stop it with water from our hose and my family was happy that the apocalyps was over, but I had a feeling something else was going to happen. I felt sad and scared in my dream.
When I dream like this, I wake up reliefed it was only a dream. And sometimes feel like crying.
I'm 15 (almost 16) and don't know why I've recently had two dreams of the 2012 apocalyps with hot burning lava.

Example: What can this dream mean?

I was walking out at night with my aunt and cousins..we went to another relative and i rememberd being offered oranges, idk if i ate but my cousins ate..it smelled rly good..anyways we left out to the garden and the garden hose was broken and ifixed it..all this water was gushing out..I remebered how it felt, a peaceful chilly summer night seeing the garden even though its dark etc..
Also I dreamt I went on a field trip or something then i was in a library..walking in the library..i saw some of my classmates and we were studying on the computer and on the desk,I particularly remember seeing a book titled "psychology."
does this mean anything

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had this strange dream. First things first, I was in a new house. It was in the same town I already live in, but in the dream I had just moved from the next town. I had this strange feeling, and I really wanted to leave this town. Now, apparently, I had bought a watch. I didn't sream about buying a watch, but in my 'dream knowledge,' I knew that I had just bought it. Mom said blood had come out of it. Somehow I ended up at some kind of pryamid, and there was an Egyptian kid who was in power for some reason. There was only one way to the top of the pyramid, and it was some dangerous roller coaster thing where it would make jumps to different parts of the track as it moved up. I somehow survived that, and made it to the top of the pyramid. There was someone who had something on his arm, talking about when it died, the soul never left it, so I knew that was where the blood came from. Also with him was some girl, the one who I 'knew' had sold me the watch. So I ended up outside. The pyramid was bright yellow, and it reflected the sun, so I could barely see. There was a girl there, who I knew was not one of the 'bad guys.' She told me the way out is through the roller coaster couch thing. So I went back up and the prince (the little kid) was there, along with some dirty, bearded man that they all called 'doctor.' We sat on the couch, they made jokes about how scared I was, and we went down. It fell off, showing a spectacular image of the prince falling to his death. A menu appeared allowing me to retry. So I did, and we were at the top again. Suddenly, the doctor stood up and sprinted away. "Doctor, where ya going?" I called out. Then I looked behind me and saw three people there. One of them grabbed me, but I wiggled free and took off running. Suddenly, a big one popped out from a corner in the hall, handed me a metal bucket of water or something, and grabbed me. I tried to get away, but he was too strong. When I tried to throw the water on his face, it was stuck in the bucket. Finally, he sent me to the ground, and one of the tree from behind the roller coaster couch came up and crouched on the floor next to me. Somehow I knew he had changed sides, and was gonna help me escape. He said quietly- "are we gonna run, senor?" So we stood up and took off down the hall. Suddenly I ended up in the back room of the house I live in now, and I was trying to unlock the door. This is the creepy part- when I was unlocking the door, it made the exact sound. A tape player couldn't have reproduced that sound so accurately, and it felt real, even the spots where the deadbolt catches on stuff, I could feel them. So me and this person got into the back yard, and we went around the front of the house. I suddenly had a garden hose, and I was spraying it in the yard. I peered around to the front porch to see if anyone was outside. After that, me and the person walked ou to my car, and I woke up.

What does it mean?

Example: Can anyone who knows anything about psychology interpret my fire dream?

Im a 21 year old kid from Wyoming but in this dream I was in Gallup, NM with my family, a place I visited once with my family when I was about 11 years old. In the dream we were at the house we formerly stayed in 2002. Outside I was with my girlfriend, our family friend (the man who owned the house) and his two daughters, suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a fire light up in the middle of the night in their garden, a small fire, but unprovoked with it being in the middle of the winter night, a very cool night at that. So me worried, I ran over with a handful of snow and threw it on the fire which seemed to work. Going back to talk to my girlfriend for a few minutes I see another fire at the other end of the yard catch up but right next to the BBQ which had a propane tank attached. Running over I repeated the sane process as before with the snow. This time the fire kept catching even with snow melting and the ground being wet. But as I looked to the other end of the yard in panic, I see the original fire has caught back up but is alot bigger this time. So I'm running back in forth (there is no hose) in a frenzy, I seem to not be doing any damage to the flames even tho I know I should have put it out by that time. No one helped me, the girls and the man were aware of the fire but were still casually talking and not helping in the slightest.
I'm aware this coulda been what I ate last night, but it was so vivid and odd, please help if you know anything. I looked on dream websites and none of them seem to address this particular type of dream.
Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

My once close friend Jeremy, who I had met while in the military, called and asked me to come over to help him out. He asked me to come to a house in a really bad part of town. When I get there I see that it is a really run down house. It's dark out, but there is still plenty of light for me to see much of the detail, the house is old and run down like a lot of other houses on this street. My friend meets me at the door and walks me through the old house into the back yard. In the backyard I see this huge rose garden that had been half destroyed. Some of the roses look as if they were burnt, they are black and ashy. Jeremy hands me a shovel and ask me to help him to bury the old lady that had once lived in the house. Jeremy explains how the old lady tripped over a water hose and died from a head injury. He tells me that she has nobody, and that burring her is the right thing to do. I tell him that I will help but that I need a pair of gloves. I look down at Jeremy's feet and see two pair of leather gloves, but I turn and go back into the house anyway. I walk from room to room looking around. I notice money in a jar on the dresser, I notice money on the shelf in a bathroom. I go into the closet and pretend to look for a pair of gloves, as I think to myself that I am going to come back later that night and take all of the money, I hear Jeremy come in behind me, I start to tell him my plan to take the money. He just stares at me as I start to pull stacks and stacks of money out of the closet... I retrace my steps back through the house taking all of the money... I wake up...

Example: Dream of neighbors using my water from hose...ROP?

I had a dream that some people moved in our shed in the backyard, started a garden, and then came up and started use our hose to water their garden, etc. I tried to explain to them that we paid our own water bill but they said I was being unfriendly. What does that mean?

Example: What's the meaning of my dream?

Watering the garden in the rain! Doesn't make sense as they are being watered naturally by the rain. But I'm convinced I need to water with a hose too!

Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean about a snake?

last night i had a dream that there was a green/brown snake or cobra in my verandah. it kept wrapping around poles and the garden hose and everytime i went near the door it could fit its head through it to try and get me. so my mum told me to ring some one to get rid of it but everytime i went to the phone the snake was there following me and i kept trying to hide. so instead i decided to go to the actuall place where they could come to my house and get rid of the snake but something kept stopping me so i never made it to the shop. but no matter where i went in my house it was always there and i kept hiding every where but it always found me. i cnt really remember if it was trying to attack me i think it did but all i know was that it was hugeee and didnt move on the floor like a snake but its head was always raised. i know that dreaming about snakes mean t=fear but could you be more specific?

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