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Dream About Garden Herbs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Are people with immaculately manicured lawns more likely to be religious?

I think they are. I should do a study. But...I probably won't.

I see no correlation between the two. Being spiritual or religious does NOT mean being "anal retentive." That is a value judgment...and an unfair one at that.

There are many people who wouldn't dream of having some version of 1950s suburbia for a yard or gardenspace...the one that requires the use of deadly pesticides and dangerous fertilizers to maintain it to so called "perfection."

Nope, they have a deep spiritual reverence for the Earth, and those gardeners prefer to work with what God gave us humans, and they try to honor their Supreme Being by cultivating organic gardens and having healthy, well kept but decidely NATURAL yards...and sometimes even replacing the "astroturfy" kind of grasses with other useful and Earth-friendly things such as herbs and even rock gardens to help conserve water in places that are prone to drought.

Their yards may look "untidy" to some of the conformists of the world who care more about property values than spiritual ones, but having those sort of gardens are some people's way of creating a sacred space that they feel best honors the One who created all people and things...and of being good stewards of the Earth.

Example: Have to give up on a dream... how do I get new ones?

My 2 big dreams are not possible, so I have to give up on them.
I think life is boring without dreams.

How do you think I should go about getting NEW dreams?

Example: Need help coming up with some activities for mentally disabled?

I work with mentally disabled adults and teens. I am in charge of coming up with some activities for them to do everyday. I have done pretty good, but now I am having a mind block. Here's the thing the officials that control the company says that all activities have to have something to do with the community, life lessons, independent living skills things like this. It can't just be crafts or watch movies. Every craft has to have something to do with personal therapy or what I mentioned before. Every movie has to have a meaning that deals with community and life skills, or they have to be involved with the community. I have done things like personal collages and dream job fairs, budgeting books, ect..., but now I am having a hard time coming up with fresh new ideas. We do have do people that absolutly do not like to be outside or move around outside. Given that it is their choice I need to come up with alot of indoor activities for them to do. Any ideas would be a great help. Thank you so much. I really want to make the time that these people have with me alot of fun, but teach them something.

Example: I had 2 dreams of angels giving me 2 different items what could this mean exactly?

the first dream its was all black i was sitting up in a white simple dress then something similar to sunlight brighten the area and an angels voice said that its giving me a rose and shes going to put it underneath my pillow. thats all i can remeber then i work up chacked and it wasnt there.

then the second dream was similar except i was in a garden and the angel said that she is going to give me some special herbs and power that will help heal people. these dream felt comforting.

Example: Indoor winter hobby help!?

My boyfriend and I are looking for something to do in the winter. It snows out here and we are looking for something indoors...but cant think of anything to do! I tried getting him to dance...that was a no.
Please help...

Example: My friends say that my 'dream' in life is old fashioned, am I strange?

Hi there,

Sometimes I find myself repressing some of my true desires in life from my friends or family. They all seem to think I'm strange or old fashioned. I guess it's because my friends and family are all metropolitan of sorts or raised in cities. I was too but I have a different view.

This is what I desire: I want to live on a piece of land with trees and a small holding farm. Nothing big, just maybe some chickens, a HUGE garden and all kinds of fruits and veggies. I fantasize about spending warm summer afternoons canning fruit with the kids, picking herbs from the garden, showing the children how carrots are grown. I dream of sitting on a porch looking at beautiful nature and letting the breeze run though the house. I want to get AWAY from generalized society. I don't want a fancy car, I don't want a huge house, I don't want the latest purse or sunglasses. I just want to get back to basics. I'm embarrassed when I go for lunch with my lady friends and they talk about what their husbands purchased for them, and all I can think about is "gosh I wouldn't want that.." I can appreciate that they have different views, and that's what makes life interesting, but I feel compelled to 'fit in' so to speak.

How do I let myself be me, and be okay with my goals and dreams even when they don't fit into the societal goal of more accumulation and material goods = wealth, scheme of things?

Example: How did The Dead Kennedys get their name?

I just want to know why they picked it as a name.

Example: Can I move my garden indoors during winter?

I want to save my plants and perhaps have a harvest or two during the cold months. Is that possible to do? I was planning on just potting them and getting a sun lamp or something. Should I try it?

Example: What activities/things can a 20 year old do in order to "live it up"?

Example: What is your favorite quote or saying?

"However mean your life is, meet it and live it: do not shun it and call it hard names. Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage. Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends. Things do not change, we change. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts." ~Henry David Thoreau

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