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Dream About Garbage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at the house of a single mother who had just given birth to a really young boy and she was hosting the house... and well there were all kinds of tasty foods that she was providing for people there. She also had a basement which had even more tasty foods and people from all over were travelling far to eat her tastey too... I followed them around the shopping malls but when I tried to go to the washrooms... I ended up at two locations that looked like washrooms but there was no place for me to take a dump... so I wander what this dream means? They were basically washroom cubicles with toilets inside them but no holes in the toilet so that you couldn't flush away or drain away the garbage.

I believe that the mother symbolizes the kingdom of God
And also that the tasty treats symbolize the rewards God gives you for seeking his basement...
I believe the basement symbolizes the depth of emotion and character I have
The single mother: Symbolizes that I will raise money for charity independently without working for an organization or something...

What I don't understand are the toilets that didn't have holes i them and wouldn't let me flush... what do you think they could mean?

It means your gay.

-that's what I tell everyone who asks what their dream means, as there is a dream section on Y!A.

Example: What did my dream mean?

Well before i went to bed last night, i prayed. I prayed for things in my life to improve and to be happy again, i prayed that i wouldn't be lonely no more. I asked God to give me a sign through my dreams. Then that night, i had a dream that a dove flew towards me, and stayed on my shoulder the whole time. And i know that doves are a symbol of peace. In the dream i had a big smile on my face and i was so happy. The dove had a beautiful happy face. But then later in the dream, the dove was gone. I remember crying my heart out. What did it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Your Open Question: What does this dream mean?!?

Okay so I had a nightmare last night from most probably watching kpops video on heavy rain even so what does it mean. I am in the living room playing on my wii then for some reason i look outside that room and go into my hall. The front door is open and i am like is somebody in the house. The next moment somebody opens the door for the dogs. Somebody has sown on switched faces so that they look like each other. They run around un panickked I look up to see a man with the mask of my fathers face holding a knife. He is leaving but I get in front of him and pinch his thumb. What the earth! Maybe it is something to do with the fact that i didnt call my mother when I got home and when I get home i am home alone. Weird though...?

Asked by Daimien 28 seconds ago 4 days left to answer.
I mean i am being such a baby but it was so scary

Example: Any ideas what this dream means?

For the last several years Ihave the dreams where i'm "garbage picking". I'll walk down an alley close to my house and I look at peoples garbage. It's not garbage in the conventinal way but things I find interesting. for example old books, china, good wood furniture, or paintings. what do you think this means

Example: Dream Meaning/ Interpretation?

Ok... so I have had this dream where I have garbage inside of me.. like plastic bags and other such things.. and I want to get rid of it.. but its somehow in me or a part of me or rapped up in my organs or something so its difficult to get rid of it.. does anyone know the meaning of this?

also, I live close to Lake Erie.. and bodies of water in general and notice that whenever I have dreams about the lake or near the lake I have this fear of falling into the lake and drowning.. like if there is a dock or board walk it always ends up submerging... or if im on a road i always end up going way too close to the lake.. I don't have a fear of swimming or water in general.. so I was wondering what could be the meaning of this dream?

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

1. I am keep on having dreams about a friend i used to hang out with but then he moved away last year what does this mean will this mean i could be seeing him soon.

2. I had a dream where i was on a bus going through a town taking me back to my house and this strange garbage druck driver saw me and he started chasing after the bus and the bus drove off and we got home and i ran trough the house and the garbage driver was still coming after me and i got on the bus again then got off and he started shooting at me and i dove behind a car and he almoost hiit me with a bullet. What does this dream mean

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you're wearing a dress made of a black garbage bag?

I had a dream where I realized that I was naked and I was hiding behind curtains so nobody would see. Suddenly, I uncovered myself and I saw that I was wearing the black garbage bag dress. What does this mean? =\

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I was a German guy living in Las Vegas. I was putting on a magic show with my partner. Then a white tiger attacked me. What could it mean?

Example: Dream meaning of throwing old black coat in garbage?

this is my mom's coat and I used to wear it, it is still in good condition.

Example: I had a dream that I was a garbage truck. What'ya think that's supposed to mean?

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