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Dream About Garbage Truck meanings

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Example: I had the weirdest dream last night and i was wondering if someone could tell me what it means?

first thing that happened was i started skateboarding down a road and i turned the corner and looked up to see a valtur/puffin/seagull-looking bird on the wires over my head. 2 or 3 guys were trying to kill it and then the bird pooped and i dodged it before it hit me. after that i got picked up by some guy with some sort of power(can't remeber wht it was)and he told me i had to start saving people with special powers like him.
after i got out of his truck i ended up in a hostpital-looking place and met a baby that could talk and was really smart, but he was about to die and i had too save him. his special power was to heal other people and the bird that tried to poop on me turned out to be his and he has the ability to see what the bird sees. also he had an older brother who looked about 4 and was also realy smart. it turned out i had to fix a pipe conected to the baby to save him and a dark haired girl(she seemed like a friend)and i managed to save the baby, but his bro wasnt happy.

You are right, this was a weird one. It took me quite a while to figure at least some of it out.
"Skateboarding down a road" means you made a choice and are following the path that choice leads to. Skateboarding the road means you followed this choice based on how fun it seemed, and at first your choice WAS fun. BUT then it turned out not to be so wise a choice.
The Vulture/Puffin/Seagull on the wires are a good indication of the inherent dangers of your decision made just for fun. Vultures, seagulls, and puffins all feed off of dead animals. Seagulls are like garbage disposals - they will eat the worst kind of garbage and feed forever on it. Vultures feed off of dead animals - the deader the better. Puffins will catch their own fish but will not hesitate to feed off carcasses of beached animals if necessary. The guys trying to kill the birds were your buddies trying to fend off the inherent dangers of the choice you made for fun, you dodging the bird was you trying to dodge either the responsibility of your decision or dodging the 'no-fun' club before they ruined your good time. That the bird pooped on you means you caught the s**t when it hit the fan, so to speak. You got caught in the act of your bad choice, but you were saved by someone trying to help you see you have the choice to keep making bad decisions or choosing to learn how to help others. His power was his ability to help you get out of your bad situation you got yourself into.
The hospital-looking place was easy, it is your time period of repentance from your bad choice where you tried to 'heal' yourself from your choice. The baby who could talk and was really smart is yourself as a child, a child who was a lot smarter than you needed to be. You ARE a smart person, but by making bad choices for the sake of fun, you are killing that smart person within yourself, and you do need to save yourself from your wrong choices! The ability to see the bird pooping on you and sesing what the baby sees and what the bird sees is your own conscience trying to show you that you knew all along the choice you made at the beginning was wrong. The pipe connecting the baby to the 4-year-old brother is your trying to bridge the wisdom and intelligence you had as a child with the stupid choices you are making now. In saving the baby you saved your child-like wisdom, but the grownup you is mad at losing the so-called fun you had been having, bad choices or no.
You need to find other ways of having fun that don't involve potentially illegal activities. Drugs and alcohol don't always equal fun. illicit sex doesn't always equal fun. Your own brain is trying to warn you of the consequences of such activites you think are fun but turn out to be not. You might want to look into finding friends who have fun without the trappings.
Just a though. Good Luck. Your brain and conscience are telling you that you still have a chance to change your life for the better.

Example: All 3 of us friends had very weird and spooky recurring car/road dreams. What do you think they could mean?

Okay My dream first, last monday morning:

There is this guy, who is crossing the road, and a street cat (its not black, rather striped dark brown, choclate) is watching intently. Suddenly there's a crash. I look at the cat's face, and its smiling face morphs slowly into that of a woman's , and in 4 seconds, it slowly turns into a woman squatting in the same position as cat was sitting, smiles ( That smile was deadly. Ugh!) at me from across the street and goes away.


Example: What does my dream mean?

they say every deam has a meaning. whats mine mean.?
every night i have the same dream over and over again.
the first night me and my mom were outside at night and we were crawling on our hands and knees.
a guy he looked tall he was white had a short beard, he was heavy set and he was driving my uncles truck. he got out of the truck and he had two garbage bags and he killed my mom and I. The second night it was me and my little nephew. he is 5 years old now and in the dream he was about 2. we were at the barn where we have an old truck. im not sure why we were down there but we were then the same guy as the dream the night before came he have two garbage bags i remember running and running and trying to get my nephew away from him but he caught us and then i woke up. these dreams dont seem as bad as they really are. they're terrifying. but what do they mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I navigated my way to a dream country on one of the ships like in the First Fleet. There was 80 people on board, I was in the position as captain and my crew included my real life friends - Cory, Yves, Rowan and Thomas. We were sailing to a foreign country to request for aid to help us fight the army of Lord Patrick (Patrick is my enemy in real life!) who had captured all our cities except one, Smoothy City, the heart of the dream-country. We got to the foreign county's capital city 5 weeks after setting off. We contacted the country's Senate by making an inquiry at a government outpost. We requested it immediately and the official said we'd have to wait. This ended up in a fight with everyone from my dream country pulling out fully automatic, ammo belt fed crossbows that shot arrows. The foreigners pulled out swords and we shot them easily. We ran of into the centre of the town to try and get lost in he crowd there. It turns out everyone has been evacuated into their homes so the military can fae us off. Archers appear on every rooftop and they begin to fire at us. Somehow, miraculously, me and my girlfriend Shaymin do slow motion arrow dodgig like the bullet dodging in "The Matrix". Somehow the rest of my crew aren't able to do the same, and they get a stomach full of arrow shafts and a pool of their own blood to bathe in. Everything after that happens in what I believe is called time lapse. We rushed out to the forest all the while firing back at the foreigners. We made our way back to the ship and we find it untouched. We had left some crew to guard the ship and we immediately told them to get this ship out of the natural harbor and that we were'nt going to get help. Then I suddenly woke up from the noise of a garbage truck outside. What do you think my subconscious is trying to tell me? Any ideas?

Example: Meaning of my Dream?

i asked this question in other sections but anyway

i had a dream last night that i was on a plane getting ready for take off and the plane was in reverse. (for some reason the back of the plane had windows that you could see out of [like a car]). anyways the plane was in reverse and and i was looking for a seat when i saw a garbage truck out of the rear windows. the plane hit the garbage truck to a tee and i was in the air from the impact could see the fumes and realised there was going to be an explosion and i thought to myself oh my god im going to die i tried to get to the ground but it was to late. i woke up the second i died.

i never had a dream this real or so scary and it really freaked me out. im 17 weeks pregnant(4 months and one weeks).

if you have any idea what my dream means i would appreciate some input!


Example: I had a dream that I was a garbage truck. What'ya think that's supposed to mean?

Example: I dreamt about about a never-ending garbage truck?

In my dream, I woke up to the loud garbage truck. I look out of my window while I'm still on my bed and notice this huge purple garbage truck. I saw it lift up the trash and dump it. Then when it was driving off, I noticed that it was longer than most garbage trucks. It was really, really long and it seemed like infinite. Then it finally ended and I woke up. What does it mean?

My window has a sheet covering it so I can't look out of it. Also, my window is facing another house, not the street.

Example: What does it mean when i killed two vampire kids in my dream that are 6-8?

I had a wierd dream on 10/9/10 the dream was about I saw my sister walking towards a bench with a child sitting on it. There was a blonde small childed i told my sister not to go up to her because i knew she was a vampire and if she got bitten she would turn into one. After i told her that she pursue to poke her in the face and got bitten. I somehow pulled a kitchen knife out of nowhere started stabbing the child in the stomach until she was droped all a sudden a small boy child vampire comes out of the corner starts attacking me and same thing with the other child stabbed him to death. Then all sudden i'm in a kitchen with a white bag with two of the kids in it I was trying to get rid of them before my parents knew, there was blood everywhere in the bag so i took them outside, Dumped them in a garbage thing where trucks come and load then when i started to walk inside this storm like sky and this force appear out of know where it made me walk slow as hell and i felt the energy pushing down on me i wanted to get out of there because i didn't know what the hell was happening then i woke up.

Example: I've been dreaming about garbage again?

I tried to take out someones garbage. I sat on the curb and waited for the garbage truck, but the man driving refused to take the trash. When he pulled away, he tried to run me over. What a jerkface.

Then I couldn't remember where I got the garbage from, so I wandered up and down the block hoping something would trigger my memory. I ended up leaving the trash in someones yard...even though it wasn't their trash.

What does it meeeean? I don't want to do the wrong thing today in my real life.

Example: What does this dream mean?

A couple of months ago I had a very scary dream. It's been bothering me since then, and I always seem to have very disturbing dreams now.
My dream was that I was at a hotel with my parents, but my parents had just gotten a divorce. My dad was swimming and I was with him. My mom had this angry look on her face like she was mad at me. After that, I ran all the way back home. But, my house was completely different. I had never seen it before. The outside was very small and looked old. The inside had lamps all over the floor and the wallpaper had been ripped. I went upstairs to my mom's room and turned on the tv. I kept seeing shadows so I turned to my side and was watching disney channel. Then, I got so scared I ran out of the house. Something kept calling my name and it was not dark outside. I kept running and running until I reached the road. But, as I reached the rode, a truck driver was speeding and hit an old woman's car. The woman died and he shoved her in a garbage bag. Then, another old woman who saw everything started shooting the man. But, he survived. He saw me and started spinning this sock filled with a rock. He was gonna throw it at me! I kept running along the road to reach my aunt's house and then he threw it. I ran into my bes tfriend (except it wasn't really her, it was Mona from pretty little liars) and we kept running. There was a random table in the road so we hid under it and it hit the table, but not us. Finally, it became daylight and me and Mona started walking along the sidewalk to get to my aunt's house. We met some funny guys and were walking with them. Then, we ran into these Dutch people that were standing around the sidewalk and told me that the Punce was upon us. (i have no clue what that it) Then, an evil figure showed up and i woke up
(Sorry, it was a long, detailed dream)

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