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Dream About Garbage Man meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I finished school and was sitting on a garbage tin waiting for a bus. After a while the bus had arrived, I wondered whether to get onto the bus with the garbage. But I left it behind and boarded the bus. When I was choosing a seat, this Chinese boy said something mean to me so I punched him in the face (i normally wouldn't do that). The bus stopped in a swampy area and I met these other girls and hung out with them. Somehow there was this creepy man that called us, I don't know why we went, and he was teaching us to hunt FROGS and RATS. When I looked back, there were natives telling me not to go, SO i grab those girls and run to safety. Next thing I know, I'm in my classroom at school presenting on something.

What does this dream mean ? Thank you so much. I am interested to find out what it means.

Dreams do not mean anything. They are just random bits from your sub-conscience. All of those bits in your dream may be a few memories just smashed into a dream making it really really weird.

Example: What does my dream mean?

they say every deam has a meaning. whats mine mean.?
every night i have the same dream over and over again.
the first night me and my mom were outside at night and we were crawling on our hands and knees.
a guy he looked tall he was white had a short beard, he was heavy set and he was driving my uncles truck. he got out of the truck and he had two garbage bags and he killed my mom and I. The second night it was me and my little nephew. he is 5 years old now and in the dream he was about 2. we were at the barn where we have an old truck. im not sure why we were down there but we were then the same guy as the dream the night before came he have two garbage bags i remember running and running and trying to get my nephew away from him but he caught us and then i woke up. these dreams dont seem as bad as they really are. they're terrifying. but what do they mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had this dream the other night and it scared me to death. Here is the dream or wat i remember of it...

My mom was making spaghetti for dinner it was about 6 and dark outside. I walked over to the neighbor's so hang with the little girl. The front patio is surrounded by over growing brush and weeds. The little girl sat on the steps. She smiled and was cradling her arm. I asked wat was wrong, "I'll show u inside." She said and walked up the steps in opened the screen door that was on its hinges. I followed her into the overly crowded house. Garbage was everywhere along with tons of junk. Everyone on the block new that her mother abused the poor child and everyone in her family did drugs except her.
She walked me into her kitchen were a plastic milk jug sat on the table she pointed to it, "That is what my brother's were fighting over last night." She turned to the stove were a pan filled with a weird soap sat. "That's what my mama burnt my arm on.' We continued following and so did my brother who went to the toy room. She walked me to the back bedroom, the bed was stained with blood. "This is where my brother's attacked me." She said. Nervously, I looked for Josh and called him name.
"Well the noodles should be done by now." I said and walked out the door. and down the steps which turned to my driveway. And sitting on the edge of the driveway was a circle of teen guys. All smoking pot and doing drugs. One came up and grabbed me trying to stick a needle in me. I screamed and kicked and punched the guy. He pricked me in the back of the neck and i fell still. Then i woke up...

This was a very scary dream. I am only 14 years old and i had a neighbor who is a year older than me who used to smoke and he was one of the guys in the group...

Example: What does my dream mean?

Your Open Question: What does this dream mean?!?

Okay so I had a nightmare last night from most probably watching kpops video on heavy rain even so what does it mean. I am in the living room playing on my wii then for some reason i look outside that room and go into my hall. The front door is open and i am like is somebody in the house. The next moment somebody opens the door for the dogs. Somebody has sown on switched faces so that they look like each other. They run around un panickked I look up to see a man with the mask of my fathers face holding a knife. He is leaving but I get in front of him and pinch his thumb. What the earth! Maybe it is something to do with the fact that i didnt call my mother when I got home and when I get home i am home alone. Weird though...?

Asked by Daimien 28 seconds ago 4 days left to answer.
I mean i am being such a baby but it was so scary

Example: Any ideas what this dream means?

For the last several years Ihave the dreams where i'm "garbage picking". I'll walk down an alley close to my house and I look at peoples garbage. It's not garbage in the conventinal way but things I find interesting. for example old books, china, good wood furniture, or paintings. what do you think this means

Example: What is the meaning of these dreams?

In the first one, I was with a whale traveling through the ocean. We were being led by something (angel, Jesus, God, I'm not sure, but it seemed along those lines). There was a certain destination we had to go to, and we thought we had reached it, but it turned out to be nothing but a barge full of garbage falling into the ocean. Even the divine-like figure leading us was surprised, so we turned around and headed back wherever we came from.

Second dream (shortened): There were two shacks in the woods. A man, a little girl, and I were sitting at a picnic table in front of one. Suddenly, there was a voice coming from the edifice, the man and I told the little girl to run away. Then, we ran to the other shack, where there was...Well, I don't know what it was, but it looked human and couldn't go out in the sunlight (I don't think it was a vampire..)

The male friend of mine was instantly turned to the man-creature's will. He was under a trance and both began chasing me as the sun went down. Back in the first shack, I saw them coming and knew I was going to die if I didn't do something, so I said aloud, "Help me be me. Help me be who I am." And a hose-like thing appeared in my hands and I sprayed the two of them with something that turned them back to normal.

Okay, what does this all mean, IF it means anything at all, that is. I think some dreams are purposeful and others may be random...What about these two? Any good interpreters out there?

Example: What does my dream about Genocide mean?

The dream began with a theme that the world was ending. First I was walking on some hills or dunes above where the genocidal killing of my people was taking place. I was walking up there with an old friend whom I'm not friends with anymore. She was frantic, worried, and terrified because we both knew the world was ending. Someone in power had sent out these dark clouds of Ricin gas to kill us and all the people of our small community. We could only see the gas clouds in the distance but we knew it was coming to kill us and there was nothing we could do to stop it. I wasn't stressed or worried like my friend was. I lovingly held her arm and kept telling her that everything was OK, and that "we were coming back” (into another lifetime soon after this one). I just wasn't afraid. I felt very safe, OK, and cared for; I was wise.

Soon after that things changed below where we were on the dunes into a thing where I was now part of some population that was chosen to be wiped out - basically, genocide. We were white; we were something similar to Bosnians. The American government had decided to get rid of us and replace us with some immigrant Germans from Germany. No one told me all this, and I didn't read it in the dream; I just knew it. The Germans eventually came in and were so happy, energetic and excited about their new home. They viewed us, whose homes and area they were taking, as nothings; as things; with no feelings, worth or value. Meanwhile we were all being crushed and prepared for being thrown away in huge square metal crushing machines like the garbage machine scene in Star Wars, or gigantic bulldozers.

I remember being so aware of all our many “things”, belongings, items, all chaotic all around us. Everything we knew and had collected was just everywhere; over, under, around us; there was total chaos; no order, no sense. We and our things were now all considered garbage; worth nothing; no dignity, no value at all. No one saw us as human anymore; or separate from the garbage of our stuff, our houses, our lives. It was very terrifying. I remember being in the crushing machine, with its metal walls closing in on us, and just resigning myself to death. I accepted I was going to die this way. I knew it was my time. I didn't fight it. I accepted the government's view of us as “over”, “done with”. I didn't like it and I was afraid, but I went along with it because I knew we all had no choice. Things had gone way too far to change now; like we'd known for awhile it was coming. So basically I was just waiting to die. I knew we'd eventually suffocate and die under all our stuff in the crushing machines.

Thanks in advance for any insight into this dream!

Example: What does my dream mean? The grim reaper was with me in the middle of a cornfield.?

2 nights ago I had a dream that a group of people all came to this house in the middle of a dead cornfield and a man came out and told everyone that they could stay there if we worked for him. I left and stayed in the town instead... I came back to the house and then a man on a horse started killing everyone with a sword. I got on a horse with the owner of the house and rode off. In the end I saw the man look at his sword after everyone was dead, except me and the owner, and smile.
The next night I dreamed I was in the middle of a dead cornfield with a group of people and we were all asleep. Then we all woke up to see the sword of the grim reaper above all the corn and then he started killing the animals the first day. The second day he continued to kill the animals but the third he started killing other people and then most of the people who were still alive got grim reaper swords and were trying to kill the rest of us who hadn't turned to the grim reaper. Then I started breaking a coconut. And then got in line and gave it to the grim reaper ( who had a horse). He then gave me a drink, but I didn't drink it like the rest of the people in line did. Then I started seeing everyone who decided to follow the grim reaper walking around with white eyes. And then I woke up. Do you know what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was a beautiful dusk. I was skipping down the road and singing merrily, when I was approached by a scary man. He had dark hair, bags under his eyes, and dark clothes He told me he had a problem with people who sing. I said, you can’t be mad at everyone. He followed me home. He had two midgets with him that carried mini-guns. One boy midget, and one girl midget. They had the ability to stack on top of each other to form one whole person. Me and my family were hiding in the garage. He wanted one of us to come out. I suggested it should be my mom, and not me. We all pushed her out of the garage and the took her away.
what does it mean

Example: Dream about eating garbage?

So I just woke up from an intense vivid dream.

So my friend and I (who's a girl) were walking around this filthy downtown at night when a short tan guy with a purple blazer (he kinda looks like mundugus fletcher from harry potter) came and stole both of us away. He brought us to an abandoned store where he began to "rape" my friend and forced me to watch.
The only thing is, it wasn't actually rape. She was being forced to eat garbage, but solid object like combs, phones, etc. In my dream, it felt like rape but it wasn't actually when I woke up.
Somehow my friend and I escaped and we ran as fast as we could. We ended up at a restaurant and we ate. We kept on jumping from restaurant to restaurant eating. But it was real food, not garbage. We must've gotten to like 5 restaurants that night, just eating. We tried elude the man in the purple blazer who was following us. When we finished eating at one restaurant, we stepped out and saw him at the end of the sidewalk behind us. And he started walking towards us.
We ran to another restaurant where two of our friends were there. Everything was fine and we thought we had hidden from him. But when I checked the window, several of his henchmen were outside. My friends and I hid in our seats but one of his men went to our table. Surprisingly, they didn't take me and my friend. They took the other two who were with us. They grabbed them and took them away. My friend and I sighed of relief. But that's when we noticed they were taking everyone BUT us. They were emptying the store so they could trap us there. My friend and I started to run but there were henchmen everywhere inside.
The man in the purple blazer came and tied my friend up. He brought a big cauldron in full of more garbage and forced her to eat it. I was left there unbinded BUT he told me to help him "rape" her or he'll kill her. He told me to fetch some more garbage for her to eat. And I did. I got a comb but since it was too big for her to chew, I broke it up into little pieces. He expressed satisfaction for me. I also felt happy helping him. When my friend finished eating the garbage, they brought her to the back of the room where it was dark. But they brought it another one of my friends and tied them up. And forced me to feed her. And this went on for another two of my friends. And then I woke up.

This was one of my longest dreams yet. Even though it was a terrifying dream, I wasn't actually shaking in bed. I woke up without a sweat or anything.
So tell me guys, what does this dream mean?

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