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Dream About Garbage Dump meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: When u dream bout ur ex not payn attetion 2 u n he ingores in a dream wt does it mean?

Like wen u dream ur ex iz @ ur house kuz he just popz up n then he ingores u wen u tlkn 2 mi n everythn n u try 2 tlk 2 him bt it lookz like he ingores u 4 everythn bt wen he tryz 2 tlk 2 if only 4 sumthn?

Two approaches to dreams. 1) Some believe dreams are a way to "dump" excess data, or blow off steam. Garbage in, garbage out. 2) Others believe that dreams mean something. I believe in both of these. I would guess your ex symbolizes something or someone familiar (not necessarily your ex) to you. His ignoring you could mean you feel like you're in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation and maybe only being used.
This is only my interpretation.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at the house of a single mother who had just given birth to a really young boy and she was hosting the house... and well there were all kinds of tasty foods that she was providing for people there. She also had a basement which had even more tasty foods and people from all over were travelling far to eat her tastey too... I followed them around the shopping malls but when I tried to go to the washrooms... I ended up at two locations that looked like washrooms but there was no place for me to take a dump... so I wander what this dream means? They were basically washroom cubicles with toilets inside them but no holes in the toilet so that you couldn't flush away or drain away the garbage.

I believe that the mother symbolizes the kingdom of God
And also that the tasty treats symbolize the rewards God gives you for seeking his basement...
I believe the basement symbolizes the depth of emotion and character I have
The single mother: Symbolizes that I will raise money for charity independently without working for an organization or something...

What I don't understand are the toilets that didn't have holes i them and wouldn't let me flush... what do you think they could mean?

Example: What on earth does this bazaar dream mean?

Okay, I was in my room. However, it was extremely cluttered and messy. Unlike my room...most of the time! Even when it's messy, it's not half so messy as this place. This room in my dream was a dump! Literally! There were clothes and garbage strewn everywhere. The mirror was smashed. My picture of The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 movie) was torn. All my windows were blown out. It looked like one of those typical action movies where the bad guy has just been rumaging through all your stuff, except ten times worse! I was in the room with my sisters who were milling about, wrinkling their noses in disgust. They were saying something that I couldn't hear. All of a sudden, I looked to the computer screen. (in real life I have an HCL Desktop Computer) and it was lying on it's back, broken. The bad thing was that all the wires were ripped out and the glass (or whatever material it is) screen was taken out. There was nothing inside it save the hollow black and silver covering. The second screen was identical to the first. Anyhow, I'm somewhat of a computer geek so I get real mad if my comp's messed up. One of my sisters had been playing with it and I just exploded into demands at her.

"Why did you do that?" Blah, blah, blah! Get my drift? Anyhow, in answer my sister just shrugged, smirked, and said. "Well, heck! You sure needed that."

Abruptly, I woke up. What in god's name does that mean? Thanks a ton in advance!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that whoever I talked to died as I talked to them. Like when I started talking these red dots would form on there body, like animation dots from a computer and they would die when there was like 5. So I had to talk using hand gestures and I had to make sounds and speak very strangely so that my words wouldn't kill them. And the only person who didn't die when I even used hand gestures (the only one I could communicate with at all without them dieing) is the only person I talk to in real life about my thoughts.

Example: Super crazy extremely weird dream what could it mean?

Okay so I start out as some video game character in a game I end up using a glitch in the game to get some kills. I spawn as a sniper inside this glitch where no when can shoot me or see me but I can shoot them and and see them. I end up getting a head shot on someone up high the game lags for a bit (stutters). Then this the teams leader this troll thing comes over and starts saying dang it hes in the glitch how do you get in there I forgot. Im just watching during this thing running around trying to get in the glitch. They run back to where they were and are all grouped together in a weird formation up a wall stuck to it. Im still watching not bothering to get any kills. I look at the board to see who's winning its a tie. All of a sudden its supposed to be the end of the game with some victory music playing though it was a tie. I was going down some weird waterslide only it wasnt water propelling me it was food! I tried to throw one last grenade as I was going down the slide at something but couldnt kill it. As we got farther down the food propelling me changed first it was cheese or next it was broccoli then hot dogs! But as they changed this weird thing appeared Like I was watching a cutscene. Strange little childrens voice came up as each food changed with a child over the funnel changeing the food but it was more like a doll moving with big letters over the funnels "Creative talents" they would say in creepy-cute childs voice for the cheese. Then broccoli "acrobatic talents" and for the hotdogs. I dont exactly remember but ill take a guess and say it said Artistic talents which would be about the same thing as creative maybe not. I feel like,Im forgetting a bit from my dream but this is all I can remember there might have been more food and talents with strange dolls. Id like to see someone decipher this thanks!

Example: I had a dream that I was a garbage truck. What'ya think that's supposed to mean?

Example: I dreamt about about a never-ending garbage truck?

In my dream, I woke up to the loud garbage truck. I look out of my window while I'm still on my bed and notice this huge purple garbage truck. I saw it lift up the trash and dump it. Then when it was driving off, I noticed that it was longer than most garbage trucks. It was really, really long and it seemed like infinite. Then it finally ended and I woke up. What does it mean?

My window has a sheet covering it so I can't look out of it. Also, my window is facing another house, not the street.

Example: What does it mean when i killed two vampire kids in my dream that are 6-8?

I had a wierd dream on 10/9/10 the dream was about I saw my sister walking towards a bench with a child sitting on it. There was a blonde small childed i told my sister not to go up to her because i knew she was a vampire and if she got bitten she would turn into one. After i told her that she pursue to poke her in the face and got bitten. I somehow pulled a kitchen knife out of nowhere started stabbing the child in the stomach until she was droped all a sudden a small boy child vampire comes out of the corner starts attacking me and same thing with the other child stabbed him to death. Then all sudden i'm in a kitchen with a white bag with two of the kids in it I was trying to get rid of them before my parents knew, there was blood everywhere in the bag so i took them outside, Dumped them in a garbage thing where trucks come and load then when i started to walk inside this storm like sky and this force appear out of know where it made me walk slow as hell and i felt the energy pushing down on me i wanted to get out of there because i didn't know what the hell was happening then i woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am falling off an airplane wing know I am going to die and land in a dumpster of pillows and survive?

Example: I've been dreaming about garbage again?

I tried to take out someones garbage. I sat on the curb and waited for the garbage truck, but the man driving refused to take the trash. When he pulled away, he tried to run me over. What a jerkface.

Then I couldn't remember where I got the garbage from, so I wandered up and down the block hoping something would trigger my memory. I ended up leaving the trash in someones yard...even though it wasn't their trash.

What does it meeeean? I don't want to do the wrong thing today in my real life.

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