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Dream About Garbage Can meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about saving a baby?

Well today i dreamt that i saved a baby girl cus her mother left her in a garbage can to freese to death. Is there a meaning to my dream? :o

Babies in dreams represent new ideas. There's probably a way yesterday or the day before that you decided that an idea you came across or heard was worth keeping, holding onto, or working with, even if people in your immediate environment thought the idea was "trash." Like babies, all ideas seek to grow, develop, and manifest, and for that to occur, ideas need the our mind's constant attention to escape "freezing to death."

Example: I had this really bizarre dream last night, can anyone tell me what it meant?

I dreamt that me and my mom, together with others living in the same area were all being asked to evacuate our houses immediately due to some unknown reason, then we saw tons of people moving out with their luggages, so we packed our most important stuff and went downstairs as well. However as we settled down at the evacuation area I forgot my laptop and camera, so I went back to retrieve them and placed them in my duffel bag. At the evacuation area we were told that the real reason for evacuation was that all the giraffes from the zoo have escaped and were coming our houses' way, and immediately i spotted three giraffes making their way towards us through the glass window

The first giraffe left us alone when we all lowered our heads, then the second giraffe, a female looked at us before slowly moving away...and now the weird thing. The third giraffe only moved towards me, and kept looking at me intently before settling down beside me and refusing to move. I was baffled, but soon enough I enjoyed his company as he turned out to be a nice and kind giraffe...I kept feeding him tidbits and he could understand everything I was saying.

Just as I left to throw some stuff, the giraffe followed me out and then I found him just after i finished throwing the stuff...but he had already transformed into a human from his giraffe form - a young handsome male wearing a light blue shirt blouse with a small black tie sitting beside the pictures of another area. I went to talk to him and he expressed his desire to become a human forever...then I woke up.

The dream was so incredibly real, and I can still remember the male's face until now, what does this dream exactly mean and/or represent?

Example: Burning rose, people in bed with a black bag over their heads - can you tell me the meaning of this dream?

These are two different dreams, here is what I remember:

1) me looking at a burning red rose, I just remember just looking at it and it was burning and I just looked at it and then blew it out and it left a little trail of smoke like a match or a cigarette.

2) Another portion of the dream is I was sitting in a chair at the end of a hallway in my house, just staring at the hallway kind of in a trance..all the doors were closed but I heard banging and screaming from them. I went and opened one at the end and the door just opened and inside there were two beds, a bedside table in between with a candle burning and inside each bed there was someone but a black bag (like a garbage bag) covered each head...the blanket went all the way up to the neck so you couldn't see it. just the bag covering the head.

Really creepy :(


Example: What do these two dreams mean?

1. I am keep on having dreams about a friend i used to hang out with but then he moved away last year what does this mean will this mean i could be seeing him soon.

2. I had a dream where i was on a bus going through a town taking me back to my house and this strange garbage druck driver saw me and he started chasing after the bus and the bus drove off and we got home and i ran trough the house and the garbage driver was still coming after me and i got on the bus again then got off and he started shooting at me and i dove behind a car and he almoost hiit me with a bullet. What does this dream mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I found a tiny tiger cub while I was staying at a college friend's house. While looking after him, he got away and I chased after him, because I was afraid he would wander into traffic. In order to save him, I had to climb down a huge sand berm onto a beach. As I was climbing, the berm turned into a tower of metallic garbage, and there were mean teenagers with catapults hurling rocks and trash at me, trying to knock me off. I finally defeated them by wrecking their catapult with a big rock. I got to the bottom and had to pretend to be a farm worker to "steal" the tiger cub back from a kind of factory where he was being kept in a tiny cage too small for him. What does all that mean? Serious answers only. No submoronic twaddle like "It means you're crazy."

Example: I had the most horrible dream... what can this mean? help!?

hi everybody. something was really bugging me and i need desperate help. please listen to what i have to say.

over the summer my best friend had left to a different state permenantlly and all my friends where away to camp. my father had sent me to this horrible camp where all these kids treated me like garbage and when i had home i had found out that my grandfather died and my baby brother (lives in florida, my parents where divorced and she was remarried and had two children) was diagnosed with autism. for the remaining of my summer i layed in bed all day watching tv waiting for someone to im me. i had turned into a deppresed person. i looked like garbage. then when school started it had only gotten worse. i am in my second month of 8th grade. when i found out my uncle passed away a month ago i started getting aggressive. i was screaming at my friends, i even lost my best friend through email. i dont know what is going on. i dont know why i am acting this way all i ever wanted to do was be a nice person. i was even screaming at my father and treating him like he was trash. i barely ate anything, but crackers. i grew bags under my eyes. last night i had the worst dream. i was driving with my father at night and we had gotten into a car accident and he was dying and his last words where: "thank you god for giving me a chance to live my life." and then he passed away. right after that happend i woke at 3 in the morning and ran to his bedroom to check if he was alive. and he was. sound asleep. today i had that same image in my head. all day. and i am afraid that that will happen. soon. i regret saying anything horrible to any of my friends or my dad. i dont know what to do. i am sitting here crying my eyes out. i look like crap. im not even 13 yet. my father is 64 and over weight. he has diabetes. my friends parents are 40 something and i think they are lucky. i dont live with anyone else. my father had already falen alseep while driving before and we almost gotten into a car crash. PLEASE HELP ME. tell me what i can do to forget this terrible dream. and tell me what this means! is this a sign? i dont know what to do! has this ever happened to you? tell me what you did. i need your help. dont leave me behind. please. thank you.

Example: I had a dream that I was a garbage truck. What'ya think that's supposed to mean?

Example: Can somebody tell me what this scary dream means?

I had a dream that there was this old library and i was there earlier during the day in my dream checking out a book and i was talking to the worker and i went back late night around midnight and all the doors locked i was running trying to find an exit but couldn't and then i heard a voice like Freddy's the Original nightmare on elm street and then i saw a grand father clock and the big circle was moving from side to side.

Example: What does a girl throwing away garbage in my dream mean?

I typically don't remember my dreams very often. This has been going on most of my life, so anyone can imagine how surprised I've become after recollecting the same dream two nights in a row. These dreams have lasted no more than about 5 to 8 seconds each and they have strikingly similar details. In both i'm walking with a woman who's face I can't really see( or can't tell who she is ), we are just several feet away from a garbage shoot. When we get there she opens the shoot and throws away the garbage...DREAM OVER. The only difference is that in one dream the shoot looks to be modern and in the other the shoot appears to be more rustic. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS VERY RARE OCCURRENCE IN MY LIFE...PLEASE?

Example: Dreaming of deceased animals among regular garbage?

My dream was that there was a lot of garbage surrounding the garbage dumpster (instead of inside of it) at my apt. complex along with 2 deceased Siberian Huskies within the mist of the garbage. I do not have any pets at all. What the heck does that mean?

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