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Dream About Garbage Bags meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you see your dead body in a dream?

So a couple nights ago I had a dream that has me paranoid.

I was at my aunts house and we were in the living room and me,my uncle, my mom, and my friend Ali were all sitting there and playing a board game. When 3 girls out of the blue come and put flowers on my aunts lawn and my mom went out there and ask them what they were doing and they said "oh Danielle's dead". And my mom said no she's not she's right here in the living room but they said no she's dead. So then I asked my friend Allie to go find my body because I couldn't feel anything. So we ended up at this old shabby black and dark house and we went through the back gates and there I was laying on a picnic table that you would see a park. I was wrapped up in a white Hefty garbage bag and the people who I don't know, untied the bag and I was wearing a pink and white striped longsleeved shirt with blue Bellbottom jeans and white cheerleading sneakers, which I have all of them in my closet. I was all gray and I had a stab wound on my side and it was all bloody and I woke up with my heart pounding.

What does this mean?

Ewe! This is a horrible dream. For your body to be found in a garbage bag, this will mean that someone has already planned to kill the family. Before you panic, I need for you to allow the Holy Spirit to expand your thoughts in this regard...now, just recently, there was a mud landslide in Afghanistan that kills hundreds of people. This could be a part of your dream. Nevertheless, you will really need to open to the possibility that there someone who has an enemy to the family. If so, you can ask for the Holy Spirit to give you another dream to provide you some clues on who that person can be. Otherwise, this could be just a nightmare resulted from eating late before bedtime, or watching something violent on TV. In the meanwhile, tell your family about this dream...be safe and pray that God will dispatch more angels from heaven to protect you and your family. Be safe!

Example: What do dreams about snakes that are made of gold mean?

For the last.few wks I have been dreaming about snakes. The first dream I was taling out garbage and the bag broke, maggots came out of the bag all over my bare feet. When I looked up to see what the bag had snagged on I saw a large python looking snake biting itself on a large bulg on its belly. Then last night I had a dream of small snakes made of gold comming out of the sand at the beach. One was.dead.and I picked it up and showed it to a child that was with me on the beach. I woke up having wet the bed both times. I am 30yrs old and have never wet the bed since I was potty trained. Plz help me I am afraid to sleep.

Example: Burning rose, people in bed with a black bag over their heads - can you tell me the meaning of this dream?

These are two different dreams, here is what I remember:

1) me looking at a burning red rose, I just remember just looking at it and it was burning and I just looked at it and then blew it out and it left a little trail of smoke like a match or a cigarette.

2) Another portion of the dream is I was sitting in a chair at the end of a hallway in my house, just staring at the hallway kind of in a trance..all the doors were closed but I heard banging and screaming from them. I went and opened one at the end and the door just opened and inside there were two beds, a bedside table in between with a candle burning and inside each bed there was someone but a black bag (like a garbage bag) covered each head...the blanket went all the way up to the neck so you couldn't see it. just the bag covering the head.

Really creepy :(


Example: What does my dream mean?

they say every deam has a meaning. whats mine mean.?
every night i have the same dream over and over again.
the first night me and my mom were outside at night and we were crawling on our hands and knees.
a guy he looked tall he was white had a short beard, he was heavy set and he was driving my uncles truck. he got out of the truck and he had two garbage bags and he killed my mom and I. The second night it was me and my little nephew. he is 5 years old now and in the dream he was about 2. we were at the barn where we have an old truck. im not sure why we were down there but we were then the same guy as the dream the night before came he have two garbage bags i remember running and running and trying to get my nephew away from him but he caught us and then i woke up. these dreams dont seem as bad as they really are. they're terrifying. but what do they mean?

Example: What does this disturbing dream mean?

I had this really distrubing dream that I killed a bunch of people and cut their bodies in half and kept them in the corner of my room. I put them in plastic trash bag and was debating on how to get rid of the bodies. I thought of burying them or tossing them in the river...but i knew I would get caught and I just kept thinking that my life was over and I couldn't get out of it. I knew it was a dream, but I couldn't convince myself that I hadn't really done it.

Can someone please help me to look past the gruesome parts of this dream and tell me what it means?

Example: Dream Meaning/ Interpretation?

Ok... so I have had this dream where I have garbage inside of me.. like plastic bags and other such things.. and I want to get rid of it.. but its somehow in me or a part of me or rapped up in my organs or something so its difficult to get rid of it.. does anyone know the meaning of this?

also, I live close to Lake Erie.. and bodies of water in general and notice that whenever I have dreams about the lake or near the lake I have this fear of falling into the lake and drowning.. like if there is a dock or board walk it always ends up submerging... or if im on a road i always end up going way too close to the lake.. I don't have a fear of swimming or water in general.. so I was wondering what could be the meaning of this dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you're wearing a dress made of a black garbage bag?

I had a dream where I realized that I was naked and I was hiding behind curtains so nobody would see. Suddenly, I uncovered myself and I saw that I was wearing the black garbage bag dress. What does this mean? =\

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I had a dream our dog ran out into the middle of the road. A woman slammed on her brakes and turned into our driveway. She got out and said she was going to sue my mom for letting the dog run out into the road. So, I beat her to death with a wash basin (you know, those old-timey things people used to wash their face in) and cut up the body and put it in a garbage bag. Does this have any special significance?

I always have stupid dreams like this.

Example: What does my dream mean?

so i kinda really like my friend and i already asked him out but he said no so we continued being friends.
last night i had a weird dream about him roding my bus and he let me have a drink of his pepsi

what does that mean

Example: What does it mean when you dream that your house is on fire?

I had a dream last night that my house was on fire. It was during the day and my four year old daughter and I were in my bed and my two year old was sleeping in her bed (our usual sleeping arrangements). I heard the fire alarm go off and I looked to see where the fire was coming from, it was on the outside of the house back where my closet and garage are but it hadn't made its way inside yet. I calmly took my four year old outside where she would be safe and handed her off to my cleaning lady that was outside waiting for us (so random), I went back in to get my two year old from the other side of the house and took her outside to be with the others. Once the girls were safe, I called 911 and reported the fire, then I went back in and grabbed a large garbage bag and filled it with all my photos, photo albums, and home videos (the only things that are irreplaceable to me) then I went back outside and my dream ended. The dream ended before the firemen came and/or the house burnt down. What does all this mean?

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