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Dream About Garage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was a weird dream about me and my friends were at my house and and were planning to have a movie marathon. One friend tells us that we should watch horror movies. So they decided to watch Texas chainsaw massacre 3D (2013 movie) and i told them not to watch it because its gore. But they didn't listened and i just covered my eyes. The place became a theatre the seats were facing at the front and the big screen is facing at our back so my friends are watching it from behind. Since i don't want to watch the movie from the beginning i just used my phone. Then the lights turned on and the place became a all white basement just like where batman hides all his weapons and stuffs. And were just sitting and someone tells us to leave because the place is infested with mutated bees. Just like the bees from the hunger games and were walking slowly to the exit and theres a lot of hives in there. And so we checked on where the bees come from. We saw an empty garage with white flies more like baby flies. And chased me. I went in to a house and it was dark and i saw an old lady with a baby. Then two bees came in and another old lady followed us. Then the lady hit the other lady with a baby with a plastic container and says "stupid b*tch" and I ran and she chased me then the place is in a department store and she caught me. And then I woke up.

Dreams don't mean anything...they are just involuntary visual
manifestations of a resting brain (mind) during our sleep periods.
If you apply meaning to your dreams you could end up going
down the wrong path in life by reading too much into them, thereby
subsequently and unfortunately being led astray by meaningless dreams.

There are those folks of course who wish to apply meanings to
dreams to fill some hollow void that exists in their being. For them,
they can always attach some kind of silly interpretation to just about
any sleep induced visualization one might have.

Example: Dream Meaning?

What does it mean to dream of your house except in the dream, there are an extra three or four rooms that are there?

Example: What does this dream mean?

my dream had differnt parts. first i was back in my country and i wanted to teach people how to dance and they came, but then they disapeared and they were in the garage watchin something on tv. then i went back to my room with my friend pissed. my ex bf came with a girl who was wearing an outfit i used to have, and they were both wearing the same thing and he was hugging her from the back. i was like w.e and then all of a sudden i was downtown and it was raining, this car fell off a building, then i saw cars floating in water and i got scared. me and my parents walked to my aunts house and this person gave us a paper that said its the end of the world, and if were alive now we are going to die tomorrow. the e nd of the world came 4 years earlier . than my dad wanted to go see his mom, so i offered to walk with him. and i told him and my mom dat since were alredy dying, i want them to no i love them, my dad said thats all he wanted. and then i kissed my bf, and my dad saw,

Example: Dreams Meaning: Hug; Cats?

If anyone can suggest/help explanation for these two different dreams:

1-I was somehow trying to run away on an old train. I was very frustrated and worried, and when the train finally stopped I met my crush. While I was walking away from him and everything around, he grasped my arm and hugged me. He hold me for a long time, then as he got away from me he got a look at my face to see how I reacted. I was smiling with all my teeth.
[Consider this guy is a very shy one: hardly speaks, he's very quiet and polite. I have no idea how he feels about me, but I like him. We talk sometimes.]

2-I remember a lot of cats in my dream, they were everywhere. They were not doing anything in particular, they were just... all over my house, garden, garage. I remember not being very happy about this. Meanwhile I was trying to bake a man-shaped cookie but the cookie would just melt again n' again, and I was sad cos it was like he was a real man dying. Then I figured if I could move the soul of the cookie-man into another human or living thing, he'd be safe.
[I really just think this is a pretty weird one... Tho I don't really like cats.]

Thanks anyway

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was spending time with a friend I haven't seen in a few months.

First we were hanging out in my garage, but she seemed mad at me. She was seated next to my, but sort of turned away. She ignored most of what or replied with short, mean answers.

Then we were at a movie theater watching an action movie. I tried again to talk to her, but she still seemed mad and like she didn't want to be with me.

What can this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I opened my garage door from outside and a bat flew out and went on my head. I wouldn't come off but after a while it did. What could my dream mean? Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream we were in my friends garage and my crush and his friend were there. He put on random hockey gloves and then we started boxing. I hit both of them in the face and then fell to the ground crying. I also gave my crushes friend a concusion, and vertical two lines of blood along the left side of my crushes cheek. Then me and my crush went over to my house. He used the bathrooom and the when he came out his face had no blood anymore. Then we looked at eachother face to face, and then he leaned in to kiss me and then i woke up.

What does this mean?
& if you need more details i'll provide them

Example: What could my dream mean? ?

i need to give you a little background about the people in my dream..
(i changed everyone's names)

i am a girl, anna is my best friend, who is becoming good friends with another one of my long-time friends carrie. i'm worried because i'm afraid they will become best friends and anna will leave me. they already spent almost every weekend together, while i have to sit back and watch. next, colin was my best boy - friend (not boyfriend) for over a year, and suddenly he told me he liked me and asked me out, but i told him i felt like we'd be better just staying best friends, so he decided he didn't want to speak to me anymore, and he said, quote "i don't want to be friends with you anymore." i haven't spoken to him in over a month, and i cry almost every day, but i try to act tough and happy because i don't want him to see how much he hurt me. also, during the past summer, colin and anna had a thing, and i got really jealous. anna always acted like she owned colin, and colin never stopped talking about anna. i can't help but love them both though, although sometimes they act like they like each other so much better than me, so i constantly feel left out. (anna and colin still talk every day, call each other, and hang out, even though anna knows exactly what colin did and said to me)

alright, so now my dream:

me, anna and carrie were walking back from the city pool one day at lunch time. it was a REALLY hot day, so anna decided she was going to stop at colin's house (which we were passing) to ask him for a drink. i started yelling and was like NO YOU CAN'T GO, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? anna rolled her eyes at me and said in a really rude tone "whatever, you can wait outside or something." so her and carrie go into his house, and for some reason i followed them upstairs to his room, except before following them into his room, he slammed the door in my face. i stood outside his door and leaned against the wall to wait for them. i heard them laughing in the room, and for some reason i knew it was about me. about a minute later, he opened the door, but slammed it again. then in another 10 seconds he opened it, and slammed it once again. this went on for another 3 or so minutes, each time i would hear them break into a fit of laughter. this next time, he opened it, and looked at me, not saying anything. i stared at him and i was unable to look away, no matter hard i tried. then, he walked forward and put out his arms like he wanted to hug me. i had the biggest urge to run at him and hug him, the hugest temptation, like i have never wanted this so badly, but i turned away and started walking down the hall. i heard him call my name, and then he ran after me. he kept yelling COME ON, but i would just yell back things like LEAVE IT ALONE or STOP IT. he followed me down the stairs. when i got to the bottom, i turned around and he was standing on the stairs staring at me. out of no where, i started screaming at the top of my lungs, i was yelling things i have been wanting to yell at him since that day he told me he didn't want to be friends with me anymore. he began to cry, and i just yelled even louder. i started walking up the stairs towards him, and i backed him into a corner. i was yelling as loud as i could, things like "you're a selfish jerk, you don't care how i feel, you couldn't find any other way to deal with it so you decided to push me out of your life, and now you want to go back to the way things were" etc.. tears were streaming down my face but i couldn't stop yelling. then, he pushed past me, and i fell down the stairs. he ran past me and out his bottom garage door. i stood up and ran after him, but then i stopped in the door way, because i told myself not to follow him. i looked up, and we had somehow ended up in a huge flat desert, where you could see for miles and miles and there was not one thing surrounding us, just a huge flat surface of sand. i watched him run for at least 10 minutes, but he didn't seem to be going anywhere. i didn't run after him or call for him, i just watched him desperately trying to run away, but failing.

does anyone know what this might mean?
i'm sorry it's so long!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was driving out alone at night through a familiar shopping district, but all the signs were gone and the buildings had no windows or anything. My car stops on the side of the road and I get out to look for help. I find a house and enter through the garage. No one was there, but there was one window. I ask for help and a boy/man gives me a hammer and an electric scooter. I get out and continue on my journey. I think I was going to the mountains and there were no stars, I was all alone.

Just bored, thought I'd ask. Could be ten easy points, I'm easily amused.

Example: Reoccurring dreams about parking garages?

What does it mean to dream about parking garages?

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