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Dream About Gaol meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a Jail escaping dream mean?

Okay I had a dream last night that I was somehow in jail. Then all these cars drove into th ejail, and managed to cause a big scene. they started throwing white flour everywhere. Me and a friend jumped into one of the cars, and sat in the back seat. There was so much flour that it felt like it was going through the roof. I decided to jump in the driver's seat and I took off. I was driving like in the Fast and Furious movies, doing all these drifts and power turns and everything, and there were no cops anywhere. At the end I park the car on a street, and its sunny, and a cop drives over without having his light on, and start talking about his friend. What does all this mean?! Thank You.

Great dream. Your dream reflects the fact that you feel trapped, locked down in a current situation. You feel like you have no place to turn. This could be a relationship, friend, family, girlfriend, spouse, job or school. Some part of your life has got you feeling trapped. You just want to run away fast from this situation. You feel overwhelmed. Driving fast, getting away, is a sense of frustration. Wanting, needing to escape.

The final end of the dream is in your dream, you feel as though you accomplished the escape, you had safely gotten away from your situation.

Hope this helps!

Example: What does my jail dream mean?

I dreamed that my boyfriend was going to jail on drug charges. He wasn't actually in jail yet, just preparing for his sentence. He was sentenced to 10 years, but only had to serve on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays. He told me there would be no problem with our relationship since we would still see each other, like he had no idea that I was mad he was actually going to jail. What does this mean? I've read that him being in jail means I find him untrustworthy and deceitful, but he wasn't actually IN jail, just sentenced.

Example: What does it mean to dream of going to jail?

i had a dream just now that had 3 main oarts but the most emotionally weird one was the part when i was going to jail. it never actually showed myself in jail just about to go into it. i was walking down this huge bridge with huge metal fences around it and all of the people in line going to jail, which i was in, where walking into this hugggeeee concrete building with huge doors. all the people on the other side of the fence where people that where saying goodbye. there was a line of people that where all my old friends from new jersey (i recently moved) saying goodbye and then once i got inside there where table of people saying goodbye before we went down a series of cement stairs and where gone, and at one table was my 2 best friends, except one of them the one i havnt seen in 3 years because she moved to miami, there was 4 of her, 4 different versions, and they where all sitting at the table with my other friend whitch there was only 1 of standing behind them. and even though ive recently been very upset the pst few weeks about how much i miss ll my friends and how ill never be able to see them again in the dream seeing all of them i felt happier then i ever had in my entire life, in the dream too. it wasnt even real and i felt soo happy. and then i left down the stairs and then woke up. does this mean that im going to be gone for a really loone time and like subconcious nows it so it was letting me say goodbye to all my ffriends? do u think im going to die?

Example: What does it mean if you dream you are in jail ?

Example: What does this dream mean? Going to jail? Ten points?

So i had a dream, where me and my family moved somewhere, then it got vivid, then later my dad told me, that me and him have to go to jail for something, i dont know what, and told me to go say bye to my mom and brother. I was then walking and couldnt stop crying, because i wouldnt be seeing my mom for a while. Then i woke up
Does this dream mean anything

Example: What does this dream mean? In my dream I was in jail, and then...?

And then I was choosen to be executed with a few other people. So I went and put on some really comfy clothes, and put scrubs on over them, and the executioner guy shot me about 20 times. But then I came back as a ghost and tried to help all the other prisoners. (We were all innocent.)

Example: What it mean to dream your ex going to jail?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are helping someone break out of jail?

A couple of years ago my cousin went to jail. Not so long ago I had a dream I helped him escape. I talked to my cousins about my dream and said they have had the same kind of dream before. Does this mean something or are we all just hoping he can get out soon?

Example: What does it mean when a friend dreams you are in jail?

Example: Dream about being a person in jail - what does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was walking down a hallway, past many jail cells. I was wearing a typical blue convict shirt and blue slacks with prison shoes. I then found myself working in a work detail outside, on the jail grounds. I was working on removing brush and overgrowth on the corner of an intersection of two roads. I was talking to a man who told me, "Just stick it out - you've only got two or three more weeks. In the meantime I'll try to contact a few people and I'll see what I can do." I remember seeing where I had cut some of the very small shrub-like trees down to the ground and cleared away some of the debris. It was in the afternoon, and evening was beginning to approach, as a bit of red mixed with the yellow from the sunshine. I even felt the temperature in the dream - - it was about 75 degrees outside, and I had been working up a little sweat in my dream. Then I remember walking back toward the jail, thinking about my conversation with the man, who might have been a lawyer for me

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