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Dream About Gangsters meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my bad dreams mean?

I've been dreaming about the school bully who has been harassing and embarrassed me for a stupid reason. In the first day of 7th grade, I was making a lot of friends. Then after school, I was walking to my mom's car because she was going to pick me up,but then a guy who I had in class came out of nowhere and started making fun of me and saying sexual jokes involving me. He then walked away and my mom was mad. On the second day, my mom saw where he was hanging out (Outside of school) then my mom started saying to leave me alone or she'll call the cops. Then the bully was making fun of me ever since. He had made my middle school years a bit sour. But I met a lot of great people. I had him again in a class in freshmen year of high school (9th grade P.E). He didn't made fun of me or humiliated me in front of others, but he was talking bad about me behind my back with his wannabe gangster friends. He didn't did anything else besides that, only that he told one of his friends about what happen but he changed my name in the story and made it seem more unrealistic and retarded.One time he acted nice to me by telling me to help him with a homework (Which I did) Then he was expelled from school by the end of 9th grade, In 10th grade he came back, but only this year was great because he really didn't bother me or anything. One thing that make me unconformable is that he joined a gang (MS-13), which gave me more reasons to stay away from him and avoid contact with him. I think he got expelled from the school district forever for bringing drugs to school. Now I am in 11th grade, and I've seen NO sight of him in school or in the town I live in. I decided that I blocked him from facebook because I don't want him looking at my stats and the things I do(Do you guys think this is a good idea?). But ever since last week, I've been waking up in the middle of the night thinking that he may come back to school again because I started having bad dreams about him. Im worried that if he comes back he'll make my life difficult. Also note that I was 11 in the beginning of 7th grade, and I was a l really weak and fat with no muscles. But since 9th grade to 11th grade right now, I've grown, I gained muscles and lost a lot of weight. Should I stop worrying a lot?

Sorry to hear about the bully in school. No one deserves that, ever! In our dreams we try to work out solutions or resolve problems we're experiencing, or have experienced. Though it feels like the bully is invading your dreams, the dreams are bringing it up, to help you resolve old issues, of how you were made to feel. Look to see if there may be a situation in daily life that makes you feel that same way, that may be bringing it up again as well?

If at all possible, try you best to focus on other things (know that's easier said than done). Fear is the one thing that DRAWS THE SAME TYPE experiences to us that we prefer not to encounter again. Fear is somewhat like a magnet, what we focus on, we get more of. Glad you blocked him, that's a smart move. Worrying about him returning meanwhile is of no benefit, try your best to live your life and focus on something you're interested in. IF or when the time comes - you can always deal with it then. Is there a Guidance Counselor at school you could talk to about it to help set your mind at ease, or make a plan of action with them? Could you take a karate or self-defense type lessons as extra insurance? If in fact he returns, do your best to steer clear of him & show as little reaction as possible (a reaction is what they want, it fuels their fire), they enjoy hurting & making others feel uncomfortable.

We all have a guardian angel. They are allowed to step in if we ASK. Remember to ASK your guardian angel to assist/help. They will step up & in if asked & they're on call 24/7. They're more powerful than most of us realize. Unable to stress it enough ASK (silently of course), they will send help.

In my opinion most bullies are really " insecure cowards," they hide behind their insecurities with the front they are all-powerful. Really they're hurting inwardly & insecure & use that as a front. They ca be found in many places, even once you're out of school. I encountered one at my last place of work in a "hospital" of all places. You'd think in a place of healing, that wouldn't be tolerated. They are controllers & take kindness as a sign of weakness, & go for it. Many try to make us think "we" are the cause of it, when in fact it is them. Any way good luck to you. Hope the bully never returns.

Example: Dream Help..What Does This Mean?

ok so sunday night i had a dream that i was standing in the middle of a circle crowded by all my friends and i took a sword out and started killing them all, and then it got to my boyfriend tyler (he was the only one left) and i just took the sword and stuck it to my stomach. (also i had on black wings)

then the next day he told me that he wanted to take a break from our relationship.

then 2 nights later i dreamed that
me and tyler were standin by eachother and we were getting shot at by a buch of gangsters and we both had guns and we were firing back and one of the members of the gang got behind us and shot at tyler so i jumped in front of him and i got hit and fell to the ground so then there is sirens in the distance and all i see is tyler holding me and my final words were go live your life be free and dont let anything bring you down and he just said no i wont leave you not agian stay with me i love you and your not going to die and he started to cry and i put my left hand to his cheek and wiped away his tears and said itll be ok its just my time and i love you and then i died right there in his arms

I know it sounds weird, but i've had a dream like this twice this week and i was wondering what it means?

Example: What did this dream mean?

I just started thinking of a dream a had a longggg time ago lol Just wanted to know what it meant. Really just what it means to be shot in the neck in a dream? But if you want to hear the whole dream then here goes :)hahaa
Okay, I only remember it fuzzily so yeah,lol Well it started where this gangster :o came to our house, which is weird because we live in the middle of nowhere & no one ever comes out here. But yeah he came & then my entire family magically appeared in a cadillac. So we were driving really crazy with this guy chasing us in his car, shooting at us. Then we ran over the cow fence & our car got stuck on it? haa so i started running but then the guy shot me in the neck then he disappeared. I remember in my dream i couldnt really breath but i could still talk and i was asking mom for help but she made me clean up the pool of blood off the dirt/ grass? Ha it was weirddd, any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

It's a long dream a part if it is a group of gangster tried to kidnap me and I found out that the one who ordered the gangster was my idol and he has a crush on me. It's abut weird bcos I never expected him to appear in my dream.

Example: What does this dream mean ?

I am running around a garden late in the middle of the night and my boss a gangster is teaching a your man to shot and all about espionage.Now i seem to be running through a garden of a friends i loved as a kid.I can hide so well and they seem to walk right past me and not even notice me hiding in the bushes or under tree's.Now the gangstar says to the kid lets actually kill not realising i am so close to him. i am shocked so i run through the gardens on to the street where i see a garden i can hide in. i run into the garden and i run towards a fence that is made of metal.i see this fence and realise it would be easy for me to get over but i know that it would be sore and uncomfortable to climb over so i just stand in the shadow far from them waiting for day. Now as i look to my left i see a woman wearing a berry cap and black glasses so that suggest to me she is french and she cants see a thing.i know her or trust her and she walks around to the front of the house and we talk about>>>

Example: What do these dreams mean ?

I had a dream I was in a game way worse than grand theft auto. I've played it before and that was along time ago. Also I had a dream that i got expelled for subconsciously sing "slob on my knob" by 666 mafia I don t even them cuz they worship the devil . I only know the first 2 lines of the song cuz this boy on my bus always sings it.

Example: What does this Dream Mean?

I'll try to give the hole picture of it... I was like a gangster in this old slum kind of place, and my friend found me so we were going to some place when this guy started shooting at me so i shot him a couple times to death. I went to him and picked up his gun, then my friend called me so and i dropped mine. I took out the magazine to the gun and found only one bullet, so i handed it to him to go in and help some freind of ours fighting a enemy gangster. My freind fires the one bullet and is then dragged out by the enemy gangster. That enemy was screaming something in spanish to me but in the dream i didnt understand it so thats what i screamed until he stopped and i picked up some newspaper to read the translation of what he was saying.

I'm not asking a whole definition of the dream, just what some of it means... most accurate gets 10 points.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was a guy, and I was with this gangster-looking chick whom I have never met in my life, and I was touchy feely on her, but after she showed a look of dissatisfaction on her face, I got off of her in the dream. What does it mean? Am I that crazy? ._.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was with my ex bf and we were walking out of 711 and down the street. He saw a bunch of gangsters stealing a car and we turned the corner and started to run because they were chasing us. We hid in the corner in a back alley and one found me and starting to grab at me and my ex was fighting 3 others. I killed the one that attacked me. When we got back to his place his car was smashed, his house was broken into and his door had vandalism all over it. He said he was going to take a shower before he called the police. I just stood there watching him go down the hall and the door fell over on me. I tried to fix it but I couldn't so I just stood there holding it up. Then I woke up.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of people wearing white?

My boyfriend had a dream of gangsters wearing white .. What does it mean?

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