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Dream About Gang meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do the following dreams mean?

Come on humor me. I WILL report you if you say "dreams mean nothing"

Dreams 1 and 2 has my close friend in it in real life he's like a third brother to me(I have two brothers), a male version of me only older.

Dream 1 was about me being in LA, his homestate(GO SAINTS! =D) I went to a restaurant at night, minding my own business until a group of guys started yelling at me and started ganging up on me. My close friend comes in and rescues me, drags me out of there and outside in the pouring rain. He doesn't have a coat on but I hug him and then I nuzzle up to him, and kiss his jaw, then we start kissing. Then the dream moves to we run to a green wheat field(I dunno it looks like wheat only the tips are bent and they're green), and we roll around, and I get on top of him and kiss him and he rolls me over and kisses me.

Dream 2 is about I have feelings for this guy and we start dating. I hang out with him while he works. we are in an open cave(walls around, sky above, pond in the middle and sand all around). I kiss him and then he plunges me in the water, we swim to the shore and I kiss him again. Then he gets on top of me and starts french kissing me. My close friend(same guy that rescued me in dream 1) comes, I lift my head and look behind me, he comes running towards me, grabs my hand and literally pulls me out from under the guy who wouldn't get off of me. I run away with him, then he starts limping and he has a huge gash on his arm, so I help him up on the cliff. Then it switches to a room with bags and he's there.

That's it =)

Dream 1:
Maybe deep inside you, you know that you have more feelings for the guy who rescued you than being just a friend. Maybe it mean he likes you too and he would help you in you were in trouble for anything , anywhere, whatever the weather or circumstances.
The people ganging up on you may suggest that they are jelous of something that you own, or a physical attribute of yours.

Dream 2:
If your close friend fancies you, he wants you to get away from that other guy because he wants to be with you. If he just really likes you as a friend he may be feeling protective of you. Either way, the gash on his arm is because he was scared for you and it scared him, or if he fancies you it left a wound in him to see you with someone else.

I think you should try and find out if he thinks of you as maybe more than a friend and if you feel the same try to ask him on the subject.

=) Hope I helped!

Example: I keep having this dream where i get ambushed by a gang of owls in scunthorpe. what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was a girl of a horror movie as a teen she is mainly seen naked and i was her i was walking round my old secondary school and the next think ik is i was fighting a gang with a knif but i didnt kill them then they said to each other i was quite a fighter

In reality im facing a lot of changes and new problems and more worries but besides that im fine

Also in the dream i was loosing at the beginning but ended in a disappointment as i left them alive

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream my father promised to go outside the country to Africa, Nigeria and get me a gift. Then he met the governor of Nigeria in his house as the were speaking a gang of kidnappers came and attacked the governor, while my dad was hiding behind the trees. One of the caught and he was taken. After weeks he came back home and his leg was broken, he wasn't walking properly. Does this dream have to do with my dad planning to go to Nigeria? Pls tell me :)

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream that snow white is getting gang banged by the seven dwarfs?

And barney and bear are there video taping it all. Am deadly serious i actually had this dream and now am kinda worried that am messed up in the head like what normal persons has dreams like that

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming of being gang banged?

A friend confessed to me: "I dream about getting gang banged".

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about a gang rape?

Example: HELP! what does it mean if you have a dream about gangs and your trying to survive it with all you family ?

today i head a dream that i was going to shop with my whole family and then i see 5 black figures them everyone screams and them a smoke bomb gets thrown in the middle and them my dad tells us to run as we are running we see about 5 girls wearing pink on roller skates holding weapons then we start walking down this twirled motor way and all 6 of my family where there and i was saying "please walk straight and dont get hit by a car" then i woke up. BUT the thing that i am worried about is that i remember almost all the dream like where i was who i saw kinda but im worrying cause what if this happens and my mind is telling me not to go there or its like some state of Daja vu DUNNO BUT HELP

Example: Nightmare about a gang coming to my neighborhood and killing everyone... what does the dream mean?

i had it once... woke up and went to get a midnight snack. went back to bed and it happened again but 2x as bad. it could this dream mean

Example: What does a female dreaming about seeing a blonde woman being gang raped mean? And enjoying it?

KEY NOTE: the woman in the dream was not opposed to the gang rape.

Any interpretations? Thanks!

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