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Dream About Gandhi meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?i never had this kind of things till now.?

I will explain what all strange things i saw yesterday night.I am from India.I saw Ambika soni in my dream as a health minister.she was interacting with poor villagers.But she is actually a broadcast minister.later a very expirienced person in politics ,she was very old came to my home.I was shocked to see her knowking my door.she was a widow.i went to introduce her to my parents but i did not get her name.then her pa said she is ambika.but during her introduction i added soni to her name .then that old lady asked me dont i know her?then she went to toilet.there was no lights in my house then.while she was in the toilet ,i saw a paper cutting in front of my pc that she was also the prime minister after indira gandhis assasination.later the ambika soni said me checking at the pc that there are no scopes for biomedical engineer.at that time the face of the ambika soni was correct but not that old women.later i asked her to give me a job in government sector after i complete biomedical engineering.she and i both wept.while weeping i was like my mothers face,but not my mother.she had uneven eyebrow shaping at the time of weeping.while this was going on,politicians from BJP were yelling at me to sit with them in their car.he also asked me to take all my family members with me.but i only went and sat inside to see all telgu film industry comedians and some side actors .i woke up thats all.I need the answer as soon as possible.this dream is really true.

dude. you might be gay =/

Example: Golden lion medallion dream meaning?

I've been doing christian meditation for about two weeks and one night I had a dream. The dream showed a golden lion medallion appear in front of me.

Example: How can we realize John Lennon's dream?

I mean the dream of a world without any borders, religions, greed and war.

Example: I saw Mahatma-Gandhi in dream. What it means?

In my dream, Me & Mahatma-Gandhi were comfortably seated on chairs facing each-other & were having a light-casual-talk. Both of us were smiling. It was day or noon time. Mahatma was bare-chested, in his Dhoti, had stretched both his legs in front, 1 ankle over the other & was using hand-gestures. Also, there was some other 3rd-person present there in the room seated next to us & was listening to us, but never interfered in the talk. From what I gather now, I can say the 3rd person’s-presence was not important (& I do not remember who it was).

Example: What is it mean to have jesus in your dream?

When jesus was in my dream he came up to me and gave me a hug
and gave me the power to make a 60 foot wave in the water but the
strange thing was his face was ben kingsley so what does this mean?

Example: I had a dream that Gandhi was doing jello shots with Mother Teresa and Jesus was smoking a bong, what does...?

this mean?

Example: What does this quote mean to you?

When I say Gandhi was a better Christian, I mean that Gandhi has professed the teachings of Christ, of non-violence, of love and compassion to all (including your enemies) better than many modern Christians today. I'm not saying he was a Christian per se, because he never accepted Christ as his savior, but he was a better Christ than many of us will ever dream to be. And no matter how many times you say I'm throwing stones at Christianity, or that Gandhi's going to hell for not accepting Christ, that won't make you a better Christian or a better human being or less of a hypocrite.

Example: Rahul Gandhi Is Congress' New Leader: Pranab.Does he mean "New Wine into Old Wineskins"?

Rahul Gandhi is going to be "new leader" of Congress, senior party leader and Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said today, a statement that could be interpreted as projecting the young leader as the next prime ministerial candidate.

"So far as Congress is concerned, Congress is always having a new leadership. Rahul Gandhi is going to be a new leader," he told reporters here.

Mukherjee gave this reply when asked whether Congress would follow BJP to focus on new faces as future leaders.

Example: What does this mean ?

I had a dream that I was beating this girl up which is my friend now and she said i was fake so i fought her. Okay, thats not the point. There is this boy I like in real life and in my dream, he was the one trying to hold me back around my waist and he kissed me on my neck. Does this mean anything ? Sorry if this is not enough information.
Oh, he isnt really like this in real life. He does flirt with me though.

Example: MLK Jr. Vs Gandhi, Who's the better pacifist?

Gandhi used his nonviolent tactics to fight the caste system, MLK Jr. used his to fight for the rights of everyone.

Who had the bigger impact (and when i say impact, I mean world wide, and who inspired others in the world to help people regardless of getting anything out of it.)

Who had a bigger following, and who is remembered more globally? (this is more opinionated, since they both have become idolized.)

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