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Dream About Game meanings

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Example: Dream meaning.?

Okay so I'm going to give you a little background info of whats going on in my life,so things may make a little more sense to you.
I'm a freshman in high school.Last night I went out of town with some friends.My ex went,whom I broke up with about 5 months ago,went also.He's about a year and a half older than me,and we dont go to the same school,and we really only started talking to each other about a month ago.By the end of the night things were great.We were laughing and having fun like old times.I'm thinking of giving it another chance.I'm gonna call him guy 1
The other part you need to know is about a guy that I just recently met about a month or so ago. He's in my fourth period and we eat lunch together about everyday.He's started talking to me about some of the things going on in his life.And I was the first one he called when he broke up w/ his gf.He wants to hang out,and I do to,but I'm not sure if I should b/c he still as a chance of getting back with is ex.I'm gonna call him guy 2.

So my dream(I know this a lot,bare with me):
It was raining one day after school and I had a softball game. Guy 2 was there with me and wanted to give me a ride to my game so I wouldnt have to walk to the field(our school is set up weird). I was hesitating be/c I knew that guy 1 was going to be there. Guy 2 said "fine I'll just walk with you" He picked me up cradle style, and started to carry me in the pouring rain. I was laughing and then I asked him about his ex,and if they we're still talking or planning on getting back together. He looked at me for a second and then he kissed me and smiled. Then I woke up.
What does my dream mean?
What do you think I should do in my real life situation?

To dream that you are kissing someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend, indicates your wish to be a relationship and to experience the energy of love. You may be sexually acting out. You may also need to awaken your passion. Alternatively, it indicates a lack of integrity on your part. If you are kissing a close friend, then it represents your respect and adoration for your friend. It may or may not signify a romantic interest for him or her.
To dream that you are being carried, suggests that you are feeling like a burden to somebody. You need to be more independent and take on more responsibilities. Alternatively, it may elude to romance.

I think, hon, that you feel you need to act on these romantic impulses you are dreaming about. Try to talk to Guy 2, try to find out if he likes you. See if you both feel the same way.

Example: What does a dream about competing in the x games mean?

So I want to be a professional skier when I get older. And I had a dream about going the the winter xgames, competing in them and winning first place in slope style.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about a game...?

When you have a dream about a game you like(WoW),the game having a fun camp with huge rollercoasters and water slides,and a bunch of hot girls focusing on 2.

Ok,so i'm going to try to make this as short as possible.Today I had a dream where everyone who played WoW got sent to a camp with rollercoasters,waterslides,and everything else you find at an amusement park.

Lots of hot girls were walking around and it seems that everyone seemed to be giving off a transparent version of their character like right behind them.The two Factions Alliance and Horde were apparently getting along as if they were in Crown Citadel.Everyone was keeping themselves busy with the attractions pretty much being 'camp activities' or pretty much Professions.

Anyway,I play a Death Knight,and my transparent version was following me around.I was walking around until I stumbled upon one of the roller coasters.The Roller coaster was freaking huge first of all and for some reason completely black.Now,since I love riding roller coasters for the adrenaline,I went onto the rollercoaster and came out fine.

But when I did come out,these two hot girls I never met before came up to me.The two seemed to be sisters,one was 14(Like me) and the other was 13.So when they did come up to me,they pretty much made kissing faces and was suggestively teasing about *BJ's* before the dream ended.

What I want to know is what's up with me meeting two girls,why the rollercoaster was black,why I was at a fun camp,and why it had my WoW character transparent and following me around.

Small information I didn't include:
The girls were brunette and were wearing bikini's.
I never been to camp before in my life but have thought about it when it's suggested at school.
I never had a girlfriend due to strict parents 'protecting me' on their belief for this generation being 'messed up.'

Example: I had a dream about bring in the Hunger Games, what does this mean?

Hey guys, I'm a tween girl and I not long ago had a dream about being in the hunger games, with Almost all the characters. I remember Cato, Marvel, Glimmer, Fox Face, I don't know about Katniss and Peeta :(, and Clove <3 (I love Isabelle Fuhrman) Everyone ended up dying in pretty bad ways. D: Clove and I being from the same district, won and became the district two winners. What do you think this is all about? Thank you veey much for the help.

Example: Dream meaning:?

This is the third night in a row that I dream of an old love I used to have. We ended up in bad terms recently; I told him not to contact me whatsoever about 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure what his reaction was towards that.
In my dreams, he acts really cool & nice towards me. He makes me laugh & I feel love for him.
It can mean the complete opposite, in real life though.
So please help me because I'm sure these dreams have meaning, since I've had them constantly.

Example: Dream meaning?

So there's a boy who i really hate, but he keeps showing up in my dreams. Like in the first one, he's playing xbox with my dad, and in the next he's apologizing to me for being so mean to me. In my friends dream, we got married. Does this mean that i have repressed feeling of a lovish nature?

Example: Im having Dreams/Nightmares about The Hunger Games. What could it mean?

I keep having this dreams, which almost always turn into nightmates, about The Hunger Games. I always get a Bow like Katniss but end up dieing or getting injured. I keep redreaming the deaths of Rue, Prim, Finnick, and Cinna. It feels like im actually there and like someone close to me is dieng. There is different scenarios in which different people apear (Classmates, Friends, etc.). An example is getting attack by the mutts at the cornocopia or shooting someone with an arrow from a deep cave. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this means or something like that. Thanks.

Example: What does it mean to have hunger game like dreams?

Twice I have had dreams that are like the hunger games. It is always at my house though and it is against people I know. The last one was myself and two brothers on a team and two people came around a corner and were shooting at me and my brother just stood there. I killed the two people and I didn't understand why my brother didn't help so I killed him too. What could this all mean?
Everytime I have the dream all I can remember is everyone trying to kill me none of the other pre and post stuff.

Example: Very bizarre dream about The Hunger Games/The Sims 3. Does it mean anything?

I had a dream where I was going deeper and deeper below ground in District 13 from The Hunger Games. I was with someone who I couldn't see because it was so dark, and for some reason we were given the priviledge to choose where we lived, and we got to this part where it was really dark and I said "No- those are the coal miners" and we turned left and found an even darker place. Then we went to bed and woke up hours later and we both had a little moodlet panel thing like in The Sims 3, and on the panel there was a moodlet of a face with freaky wide eyes that said 'SUPER NIGHT VISION'.

I think it might just be because there's a new TS3 game coming out and also the THG movie, and I'm looking forward to them.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Example: Dream meaning?

ok i also had a third dream. i found a game board type thing at the same camp i killed everyone in. i opened it up and the devil started to talk to me and talking to me about how i killed everyone. why would the devil talk to me in a holy place?

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