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Dream About Game Show meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had the same dream 3 times!
here it is...
i'm walking up the stairs and walk in my parents room. i find this door i have never seen before. i walk in. then there's a railing that will keep u from falling into the gap. and about 4-5 feet out i see the railing to another room in my house i have never seen before... i jump the gap and climb over the railing.. no one EVER has seen this room before... there's a tv a mini fridge and video games and all the awesome stuff. like i said no one has ever been in there before. like how did that stuff get there?!? then i turn around and find this other door... walk in nothing is there... just a plain room. then i walk out and shut that door. and heard loud music and ppl dancing! walk back in there. find all these people my friends and ppl idk. and all these celebrities at this party. and then i wake up after that.

what does this mean?

I think its your future
stairs mean moving forward
the gap is to show you becareful but the rail(keep a friend or family close to you in time of need) is there to help you
tv friedge video games tells me the future looks good for you b/c of it being so many items you like it is a good will be a good job ahead of you or a good bit step in your life maybe a house you really really like
or it could be wishful thinking and just watch out for the dangers in your life such as a sloop in life

Example: Weird dream? Meaning?

So I had a really weird dream yesterday, meaning is? It starts off in a camp of some sort where I wind up having feelings for a girl, and we wind up getting real close, but she doesn't play much of a role after. This could have to with me waking up and falling back asleep. It continues to where I'm living like 3 lives. I start dreaming about where I start living in popular games such as Slender, and mainly horror games. I fail to escape multiple times. I then make up like another dream where I am this young kid who is trying to get better at basketball, but his older brother is always bullying him. So I live another life and I'm a bouncer and I wind up hospitalizing the brother so the kid achieves what he wants. I then very briefly meet my gf from earlier, and we are both walking to a town, and are gunned down by a swat team. I'm then put into a very grizzly old horror game resembling an early 2000's Resident Evil, but I just wander the town aimlessly until I keep getting jump scared or killed by a monster, and repeats until I wake up for good. Please Help?

Example: Whats this dream mean?

I was on a train and i had a gun(i played grand theft auto before bed) me and my friend from elemtry i havn't seen him in a long time got into an argument so i shot him three times in the chest then w both got off the train he went to the hospital then i felt guilty the whole dream thinking if he was alright so i decided to take the gun and head downtown and rob people for money and steal a car and leave town but half way i thought the cops were going to be looking for me so i decided to turn back and head home then i woke up from a dream that seemed so real at the time..

Example: What does this dream mean?

i see my 2 friends on a game show and they bid 1575 and it is correct then they get $400 and i see The bills clear then iu wake up and fall back asleep and my parents are driving my car across the street and they are gonna park but my step-father crashes into the parking bumper i look to my right and i see a bread van explode and it all on a street corner by where we use to live 20 years ago

Example: Dream meaning?

So there's a boy who i really hate, but he keeps showing up in my dreams. Like in the first one, he's playing xbox with my dad, and in the next he's apologizing to me for being so mean to me. In my friends dream, we got married. Does this mean that i have repressed feeling of a lovish nature?

Example: What does it mean to have hunger game like dreams?

Twice I have had dreams that are like the hunger games. It is always at my house though and it is against people I know. The last one was myself and two brothers on a team and two people came around a corner and were shooting at me and my brother just stood there. I killed the two people and I didn't understand why my brother didn't help so I killed him too. What could this all mean?
Everytime I have the dream all I can remember is everyone trying to kill me none of the other pre and post stuff.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having a dream that this guy i like emails me on myspace and says do u wanna play cards? I say okay and then me and my whole family are at his house. We start playing a card game about monsters similair to the game yugioh and then it turns to my house but noone is aware of the scenery change not even me-i jump over the fence and my kid brother asks this guy to ride dirt bikes with him-the guy i like asks me if i mind (I am currently sitting on the fence) and i say no go ahead so he does-then he comes out and plays in the snow with me and we just talk until some car drives by and says something to me and so he runs after it and then it goes black and i wake up! I dont know what this means at all!

Example: What do these dreams mean? haunted house and cancelled show?

theres three dreams see if you can help me with any doesnt neeed to be all and btw i had the first two dreams on the same night

dream 1: there was this live show going on and me and my friend each had an act in it and we were backstage and the host came up to my friend and told her that they cancelled her act for someone else who was better to take her spot and she like burst into tears and then went running to her mom who was randomly there all of a sudden and her mom tried to talk to the host to let her back in thats basically it and my part in the dream i guess i was just there somewhat trying to comfort my friend and being somewhat concerned

dream 2: i was at my grandparents house and they said there house was haunted (in what way i dunno) but i think there was like a ghost from some of the mario games (i dunno if you know but hes a cartoon kinda guy) and then i remember putting like these giant gel pens by their door for some reason (maybe to help protect?) and then i asked my granpa why they dont move and he was like because i have lived here for a long time or this is my house and its im,portant (along those lines cant remember)

dream 3: i was super tan and a lot darker than normal and all of my friends were really pale (thats pretty much it for this one)
and i have had other dreams about being tan or getting a tan and stuff just a little different


Example: What did my dream mean?

I dreamed that I met a professional football player and he was really crazy about me. The dream showed he was married with two young children. Him and I was at a game he had played in. He was trying to decide if he would leave his wife for me. The comment from him was my wife is Jewish and I was protestant, to one of the guys on the team. His friend said, I can help you solve this. He asked how?His teammate said I date her. He said no! She's a nice and deserving woman, keep away from her. They started to brawl and another teammate broke it up, saying to the guy in my dreams; You need to make up your mind on this because it will affect our season. The dream ended with him asking me what to do. I told him he had to make that decision himself. What does this mean?

Example: Do dreams really mean anything?

I have crazy dreams all the time, about kissing my friends or about random football games & game shows? what does that mean?

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