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Dream About Gambling meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Basically last monday This girl who I'm really good friends with and i like alot said she was going to homecoming and said shes going to be drinking before and after homecoming. I know her body doesn't go well with alcohol kindly so I was a bit worried about her and i asked her if she would be ok and if she had a reliable ride back home after. She told me that she does and she says thank you and smiled. I really like her and she thinks I'm nice to her and a hottie so maybe she likes me back but I was really nervous because we have become really close over the summer texting and seeing each other everyweek and that her drinking with some guy friends she knows might be an excuse to have sex with her because some of her other guyfriends admitting that they been wanting to get with her for a while. The day of homecoming came on Saturday and I saw her a few hours before homecoming dance just to talk and then she went with one of her girlfriends to get ready. I'v spent that whole night thinking that someone could be having sex with her while she was drunk just worrying for no reason. So the next morning I texted her to see if she was hungover or if she was ok and I didn't get a reply from her for that whole day. I wanted to check up on her but i'm thinking that she was probably at work so I didn't bother.Late that night I'v been still waiting for her text back and I felt so upset that I starting drinking alcohol to calm myself down. Late that night I'v been still waiting for her text back and I felt so upset that I starting drinking alcohol to calm myself down.

I went to bed really sick and vomited a couple of times then I started having a mix of a dream and a nightmare that the girl I like came over to my house to say hi In the middle of the night with her little sister who is a little toddler and her little sister pointed at my crush and said "she loves you" so I told her little sis to tell her that I love her too. My crush got the message and she smiled and said aww. Then her bf comes in my house and my crush came all excited to see him and he started to tickling her and he took her to my bathroom and he looked at me smiling about to have sex with her. I hear noises coming from her giggling and her moaning which got me a little mad ending with me punching a wall and blood coming from my fist and the place I punched then I woke up confused and upset. My family and her family was there too in my dream and they could hear her having sex and they looked at me in sadness for some reason.

it just really means that your subconscious is really worry about her. and youre also jealous that she might be doing it with some other person because you really like her. you're dreams will never be literal, its just a way of showing your feelings. if you like her that much then tell her. if it hurts you that much, then tell her. who knows? she might be waiting for you to tell her something. ik you probably dont wanna gamble your friendship with her, but if you dont at least try to to tell her, then you're just left with this fiery, loneliness inside you. good luck.

Example: What could this dream mean ?

It was about me and some dude and we were getting trained to rob Macy's and the trainer was Usher :) And we had to learn how to fly using these cloak thingies , though once we were done with that , on the day that i was supposed to rob it ,though the guy flew off to rob it ,but i chickened out and i just hid and ran outside . I then saw a little boat out by the ocean and i and i jumped on to the boat and i rode off . Though that boat went started to sink and it went underwater , while i was underwater i started to freak out and i turned into a dolphin , and i started to swim off i don't remember where . I'm just curious , Thank you :)

Example: What does it mean to dream about your addiction?

What does it mean to dream about engaging in your addiction of choice? Like if you're a compulsive gambler, what does it mean to dream about gambling (can't be as easy as, "I want to gamble," can it?)?

Is there a difference in dreaming that you DO gamble, and dreaming that you resist gambling?

Example: What do you suppose it means when you dream about R&S, cheesecake, and gambling problems?

Example: Suicide Dreams.. what do they mean?

I had a dream that my brother wanted to commit suicide but he was on drugs... what does this all mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I forgot most of this dream but i remember this part. I was walking down a school, it was the school that i go to but it seemed bigger and way different. I was walking down the hallway with some friends towards the library. I don't remember what we were talking about. Then when we got to the library, i saw some people that seemed like teachers or other people. one seemed like some government worker, talking to a crying girl. That is when one of my friends spotted a table only filled with two guys holding big cards with numbers on them. they invited us to play some game. i don't remember what were the rules of the game and how to play it, but we all got one card and started to pass it to each other. then one said the winner is going to be the person with a number, i think it was 103 or 203. That is when someone screamed i win. Then i only remember playing for several rounds. then a few days later i had the same dream, but this time it was only me and two other people playing. But very few people were at the library.

The library was huge.
Can someone tell me what this dream might mean. please.

Example: What does it mean to dream of gambling?

I dreames that I was losing, and I was in my last bet and I won the pot, it was a big pot too.what can it mean?

Example: What does a gambling dream mean?

I was having a dream that I was in what I think was Las Vegas and I was in the slot machines playing and winning ALOT of money, but i'm only 16 I never used them lol

Example: What does this dream about gambling and stairs mean?

please real answers only not stupid ones like i got before... i dreamed i was gambling and decided to go upstairs to gamble and started to walk upstairs.. to me it means something like wanting to gamble in my life and move ahead?

Example: What does it mean when you keep dreaming of family members gambling with cards?

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