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Dream About Gambling House meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Basically last monday This girl who I'm really good friends with and i like alot said she was going to homecoming and said shes going to be drinking before and after homecoming. I know her body doesn't go well with alcohol kindly so I was a bit worried about her and i asked her if she would be ok and if she had a reliable ride back home after. She told me that she does and she says thank you and smiled. I really like her and she thinks I'm nice to her and a hottie so maybe she likes me back but I was really nervous because we have become really close over the summer texting and seeing each other everyweek and that her drinking with some guy friends she knows might be an excuse to have sex with her because some of her other guyfriends admitting that they been wanting to get with her for a while. The day of homecoming came on Saturday and I saw her a few hours before homecoming dance just to talk and then she went with one of her girlfriends to get ready. I'v spent that whole night thinking that someone could be having sex with her while she was drunk just worrying for no reason. So the next morning I texted her to see if she was hungover or if she was ok and I didn't get a reply from her for that whole day. I wanted to check up on her but i'm thinking that she was probably at work so I didn't bother.Late that night I'v been still waiting for her text back and I felt so upset that I starting drinking alcohol to calm myself down. Late that night I'v been still waiting for her text back and I felt so upset that I starting drinking alcohol to calm myself down.

I went to bed really sick and vomited a couple of times then I started having a mix of a dream and a nightmare that the girl I like came over to my house to say hi In the middle of the night with her little sister who is a little toddler and her little sister pointed at my crush and said "she loves you" so I told her little sis to tell her that I love her too. My crush got the message and she smiled and said aww. Then her bf comes in my house and my crush came all excited to see him and he started to tickling her and he took her to my bathroom and he looked at me smiling about to have sex with her. I hear noises coming from her giggling and her moaning which got me a little mad ending with me punching a wall and blood coming from my fist and the place I punched then I woke up confused and upset. My family and her family was there too in my dream and they could hear her having sex and they looked at me in sadness for some reason.

it just really means that your subconscious is really worry about her. and youre also jealous that she might be doing it with some other person because you really like her. you're dreams will never be literal, its just a way of showing your feelings. if you like her that much then tell her. if it hurts you that much, then tell her. who knows? she might be waiting for you to tell her something. ik you probably dont wanna gamble your friendship with her, but if you dont at least try to to tell her, then you're just left with this fiery, loneliness inside you. good luck.

Example: Dreams about babies?

I had a dream one night that I had a son, and I was just comming home from work and he was in the backseat, I was driving my old car, which was a 93 lumina, which I drove when I worked at my last job before I got laid off. it was cold outside, and it was just about to get dark. As we were driving my car broke down, a block away from my mothers house, I went to the pay phone to call a tow truck and by the time I got back to my car he was gone, I got nervous I ran up the street to my mothers house to tell her what happend, and then I ran back up the street to my car, and there he was, i picked him up and walked back to my mom house, and then I woke up, and jumped out of bed for some reason, What does this mean?

Example: Interpret my dream, please?

Hi! So i had an awful dream last night, and its been bothering me all day. Here it goes:
I was with my sister (she means the world to me), my dad, and a lady who seemed to be from a tribe of some sort and was an expert in natural medicine. We were in a country far away from the world as if on vacation because there weren't too many others around. The "rooms"/housing were in caves all along a mountain. My dad and the tribal woman were discussing important business in the room while my sister and i played outside (we only seemed to be 13-15 or so). She began running down the side of the mountain (the hill part that was outside our room) and she ran past a man who was dressed in all black, a blur but was noticeably weary. Then i went to go check in on my dad and the woman (i don't know why, gut instinct i suppose?) anyway...a moment later i looked out the hole in the wooden door to check on my sister (only a year younger but still) when i saw a man at the bottom of the mountain. He was holding a big gun that laid on his shoulder, it was massive and without the weight of his shoulder, it would've been unbearable. He was trying to shoot at the blur of a man. So i quickly called for my sister to come inside where it's safe. She ran for her life barely dodging the first shot. the relief i felt was incredible. everything was okay for a moment. (from this point on we seemed to be how old we are now, 16-17) I told her to go near the back of the cave while i latched the door, and as soon as she got up i heard another shot. This time it came through the door and it had hit my sister. This wasn't supposed to happen, we weren't being fired at, she's innocent, young, the bullet was for the blur. All i could do was hold her as if i was hugging her and cradling her letting her know everything would be okay but she was already gone (confirmed by the tribal woman). At that point, i was weeping uncontrollably. Strange thing is, it all felt so real.

oh and another interesting thing was color. The grass on the hill was green and alive, all the other colors seemed to blend.

sorry this was long, but thanks for reading!

Example: What does it mean by Houses, Ascendants, Planets, etc?

Once bought a book on Astrology but I threw it away cos it's very confusing. So, in LAYMAN TERMS... What does...

1. Each Planet stands for?
2. Houses stands for?
3. Moon Sign?
4. Ascendant?

I'd like you to list the Planets and Houses down and describe it to me.


Neptune: Bla.
Uranus: Bla bla :O

House V: Omg omg
House II: Blaa blaa

I just need to know its Definition one by one.

Don't link me. Don't copy paste. Mail me if you must.

Example: Can anyone interpret this dream about prison and Fox Mulder?

I had this dream before I woke up this morning. It seems pretty cryptic and I'm trying to discern the meaning, Any help would be appreciated. I thought it was cool that Fox Mulder from the X-Files was in it.

I am a convict in a minimum security prison. I do not have feelings of guilt, nor do I seem to feel as if I am being punished for something I did wrong. I have the overwhelming feeling that there is some kind of over-arching conspiracy going on, and I am somehow a part of it. I can't seem to figure out what is going on or why I am there. The warden of the prison and three guards take me to a warehouse where they keep food and supplies for the prison. Once we get there, they give me poker chips. That's when I realize they are trying to force me to gamble or be a part of some prison gambling ring. I become enraged and punch the warden. I fight with the guards and manage to escape the where house. On my way out, I steal a pack of cough medicine (specifically Sudafed) and hide it in my pants. I make my way to the prison mess hall to find Fox Mulder from the X-Files playing a gameboy. I sit at the table and talk with him. He also seems to be aware that there is some kind of conspiracy going on and has an idea for getting to the bottom of it. He says that we should go see a convict who is a mystic that is housed in the maximum security part of the prison. We make our way to that part of the prison, and it seems that many of the inmates here are mentally ill. We find the mystic, and he looks exactly like the actor Peter Stormare. We ask him if he can help us figure out what is going on, and he specifically says: "I can't tell you the truth of it, I can tell you the truth in it." In return he request that we bring him a rare flower (which looks kind of like a daisy) which only grows on the very tip of the pyramids of Egypt.

Example: What do all the planets, houses and ascendant mean in astrology?

Example: So what do these mean (dreams)?

i've dreamt i think twice about:

1) i fly from tree to tree (the trees are very high) and sometimes i can feel my heart you know when your falling (from a roller coaster) that feeling you get like your souls coming out of you. so i fly from tree to tree around this realllyyy big house that does not have a roof on one side and it's not old, but some parts of the floors are broken (like the floors) and my grandma seems to be in one of the rooms, but when i try going near her she throws i think chips at me...

2) THIS IS A ROAD: the scenery is like dark blue-ish with smoke on the ground (just like in movies) and there's a slight hill going up and a hill going down that leads to the house (the one i mentioned above) and before i take a step onto the road there's this short man he might be around 5'4.. with a trench coat and a hat that covers his face and idk if he's looking at me, but he's facing towards me and i'm not too sure if he follows where i go, but he doesn't move at all. he just stands there.

Example: I had a dream and i would like to know what it means.. help?

a few nights ago i had a dream. it started i was in the car with my grandma and my uncle and we were on a fimilar road but when we made the turn it too us to a horse ranch. we drove up the dirt road and i saw they horeses and there where white and blue pom poms but we turned in a circle and i looked into a brown horses eyes and broke down crying. (i used to ride but i had to start and i miss it dearly) we drove up to this huge cabin thing and we were looking for the person who owned it. everyone we asked just said "go to the pit of fire, your answer will be there." and instead of my grandma and uncle it was my mom driving and we came up to the house then we got out and went inside. there was a lady with a thing that rolled to help her walk and we asked her where to go and shes like " the pit of fire" so we turned a conner in the house and it was a huge fire place that said "pit of fire" and the lady with the wheelchair thing came in and said she was the owner. but then i woke up

it was all about the horses and me wanting them, then this pit of fire thing..
is there any meaning to this?
please help me figure it out.

Example: What does it mean when I FREQUENTLY dream about an ex?

My ex and I broke up about a year ago, but I still have dreams about him. Even while we were together I had dreams. Once, he told me about a dream he had, and in it, he had children (twins; one boy & one girl). Two days later, I have a dream about twin boys (they looked like a 50/50 mix between my features and my ex's features! for real!)

Anyway, since we've broken up, I've had dreams where we are in this unfamiliar, yet beautiful room, and I ask him if it is all ours...I had a dream where we are in a very familiar house, but we have to sneak around so no one catches us...I also had a dream that his younger siblings were taken away from his parents (just to find out a few months later that they actually were)...My most disturbing dream about him was when I dreamt he had all this positive stuff happening in his life (his music career is very important to him), and he was becoming successful; but then he got heavy into alcohol and gambling, and it all got taken away. I even dreamt he got into a car accident because he was driving drunk.

My mom has also had a dream about him where they begin pulling toys out of dresser drawers and playing with them.

I really don't know what to make of all this. PLEASE HELP!

Example: In today''s time is it advisable to follow your dreams even when your financially disable

for me I have a passion for Painting ,Photogaphy and wanted to study Fine arts or Interior design coz I love to decorate also like houses and stuffs but I choose to study nursing coz If I happened to graduate ad pass the board exam theres a bit of assurance that you can get a job especially here n the states an I said to myself I'm just gonna reach my dreams later in the future

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