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Dream About Gambler meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about your addiction?

What does it mean to dream about engaging in your addiction of choice? Like if you're a compulsive gambler, what does it mean to dream about gambling (can't be as easy as, "I want to gamble," can it?)?

Is there a difference in dreaming that you DO gamble, and dreaming that you resist gambling?

You want to probe how they felt about it. Were they disgusted at themselves when they awoke? Did they want to gamble when they awoke?

Dreaming they resist may mean their progressing in identifying their place is to resist; dreaming they indulge may be greiving over the loss, like dreaming of a passed loved one. Even in abusive relationships people miss the pronounced relief they occasionally would get from the madness. When life becomes more orderly, there's no opportunity for that relief because that chaos isn't there from which to be relieved.

Example: What does this dream mean? (School shooting)?

I was learning in "anatomy" (we were in anatomy class, which I signed up for next year, but we weren't actually learning anatomy, just random information) when the intercom came on and the lady said "We have a code red! Everyone report to the office! There is someone threatening the whole country/district we live in itself." My friend, who I have known since elementary school, got up and started running, and he was leading people. I screamed for him to wait up, he hardly did. I ran into the office with my blue binder (literature and history binder. Those are my two favorite subjects, and I don't know why I brought my binder with me) and took cover under a table. Then the walls around us morphed into glass, and somehow I lost my cover under the table. There were two younger guys, in their twenties, and they said "ALRIGHT. WE ARE GONNA SHOOT, AND IF YOU MOVE, YOU'L GET SHOT TWICE." Then they started riding around the glass in this jeep and shot the giant windows surrounding the office. Weird thing is, during a lockdown, we never go to the office. We stay in our classrooms. It's like this situation was too serious for a classroom. Then I woke up. By the way, I'm a junior in high school. And before I went to bed last night, I was reading about home invasions & burglaries. I'm not sure how it turned into a school shooting.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was a professional gambler

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was a professional gambler and I made tons of money gambling.

Example: What did this dream mean?

I play an online game where I have recently became a professional gambler (I am $170M on this game and whenever I lose (I lost a game last night) I get very annoyed no matter how many million I have) and last night I dreamt that I had £20, I decided to play some sort of gambling game (it was on a machine, can't remember what it was). I was lucky and managed to double my money. My Uncle Billy then decided to convince me to play another £20 and I won again but he then started to mess around with the winnings, just throwing it around and then he lost it. I have never liked my uncle but have never said anything because he is so short-tempered and when he lost it I just acted disappointed around him but when he wasn't around I tried very hard not to scream. i was so pissed off that he lost that money but I didn't want him to know because he would have a go at me.

Did this mean anything? If it helps, I have put a $30M bet on Tottenham for tonight which is why i said i have $170M

Example: Have you had such a dream? What do you think? If optional, what do you think it means?

This was part of a dream I had once two years ago. It wasn't that much of a nightmare, but I was at this house which seemed a bit like the living room and dining room at my old grandparent's house. I dunno if it was a friend's house, a friend of my mother's house, or a friend of my sisters' house, like I dunno why I was there and I didn't know if I was with anyone.
It was late at night, the lights out in the house, I was alone, terrified. There was silence. Something made me sense something was wrong. I assumed someone or something strange was in the house, like an intruder or whatnot. The kitchen was dark, and at the other end of the kitchen was where the other rooms (the stairs and the hallway would be at your right when you can get to the other end of the kitchen) I was afraid and frightened that something bad would happen to me. I tried calling out who was there. Then, I had to scream out something, presumably still asking who was in the house.
Just then, the telephone started to ring. I was afraid to go near it. I turned on a light and went further into the living room where the phone was on it's wall after it stopped ringing. I pressed the button for a message.
A man's husky voice said "Hello!", and then my name. The man's voice message said that he had been watching the house all day (something like that.).

Then, a man (who I didn't know) appeared from the shadows walking out of the kitchen. I could tell he was the intruder in the house looking for something (an object, cash, or a victim to attack and kill). He was a big heavy-set white male (around 6' 1 or whatever, he was taller than me) with some powerful physical features. He was middle-aged (about 45 - 60 years of age, probably in his 50s), with a big square shaped head and had a head of dark curly hair. He did have some sun tan all over him.
He was wearing either a red or lumberjack w/ red (the shirt had a lot of red) cotton button-down shirt with jeans. His sleeves were rolled up, and he had thick strong arms and hands. He was carrying ropes or wires or something to strangle me or tie me up or so. He looked like he could have been a gambler, somebody in a bar, somebody with a criminal record, somebody who's an elusive rapist / serial killer, someone from the Midwestern US (where my grandparents and a huge number of relatives live in). He looked like he could have gone to high school with my mom and dad because of how old he looked, even with his incredible head of dark hair (but I didn't know him).
I couldn't tell if he was gonna kill me or look for something as a burglar. Although the intruder did seem like a stalker who wanted something from me or anyone else.

He walked up to me in the living room and demanded for something. From the dream, I vaguely recall if he pointed an object towards me, although I was doing my best to tell him the truth, I would think he would hit me if he knew I was lying. As I said, he demanded for something (I couldn't recall what it was). I said that I didn't have what he was looking for, and then I said "Where's the proof?". I don't remember what had happened afterwords. This was all I could remember from that dream.
The dream still ended positively and it wasn't a complete nightmare. I wasn't scared when I stopped dreaming.

Have you had such a dream like this? If so, what was it about? What did you think of my description? Any comments? If optional, you could interpret and tell me what this dream represents.

Example: Whats the cause of Compulsive gambling?

i mean why does it happen?

Example: Should I not go to medical school so that I can go after my dream?

I've almost completed my nursing degree, so I will have a steady paycheck if I opt out of medical school.

I'm 21 years old and for the past two years I have been trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life. Everyone keeps telling me to make a career out of something I love, but the only thing that I've ever loved is POKER. I've tried pretty much everything, but poker is the only thing that I've continued to do throughout my life. I've been playing since I was 7 years old. I would love to move to Vegas and try to make a career out of it.

Would I be making a mistake by not going to medical school? Or should I follow my heart? Honest answers please...

Example: What does this dream mean?

People say that when you dream about fish its a sign of pregnancy ... but I had the craziest dream about fishing and swimming with fish. And then I was baby sitting some ones daughter and taking her to swim with the fish, then there were people fishing and certain people had bright shoes on that made them walk on top of the water instead of being crowded on the boat that just sat there and didn't move. Then a little while later some guy I believe to be was my dad was in the water fishing and a fish came up to him and bit his neck... some one please help me understand what my dream could be about..

Example: Does anyone know the meaning of cats in a dream?


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