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Dream About Gallows meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream Wrestlemania* rate&decide?

The following is a Dream PPV
Like fantasy football meets Wrestlemania haha

rate the match and then tell who would win
((some of the names repeat, some of the wrestlers have retired or passed, but just go with it))
1. Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. Sting vs. The Rock

3. DX (Triple H, New Age Outlaws, & X-pac vs. Nash, Scott Hall, Hogan, & Sting)
Elimination Chamber Match

4. APA vs. Beer Money Inc
Bar Room Brawl

5. Abyss vs. Kane
Thumbtack/Inferno Match

6. Sable vs. Trish
Evening Gown Pool Match

7. Viscera & Rakishi vs. Rey Mysterio & Hornswoggle
Tables Ladders and Chairs Match

8. Socko vs. Head vs. Moppy
(just thought ide throw that in haha)

9. The Blue Blazer vs. Hurricane Helms
Triple Cage Match

10. 3 Count vs. 2Cool
Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias vs. Scotty2Hotty & Grand Master Sexay

11. Kevin Thorn vs. Gangrel
Bloodbath Match

12. LWO vs. LAX
Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, Machete vs. Konnan, Homicide, Hernandez,

13. Goldust vs. Rico
Hollywood Backlot Brawl

14. Gangrel, Viscera, Mideon, Edge vs. Havok, Kaz, Martyr, Raven
The Ministry of Darkness vs. Raven's Flock
Raven's House of Fun/Clockwork Orange House of Fun match

15. The Straightedge Society vs. Right To Censor
CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Serena vs. Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, and Ivory

16. Gilberg vs. Sharkboy

17. Jimmy Hart vs. Theodore Long

18. The Big Show vs. the Great Khali
3 Stages of Hell - 1)First Blood Match, 2)Punjabi Prison Match, 3)Burried Alive Match

19. Vampiro vs. Jeff Hardy
Ladder Match

20. Mean Street Posse vs. The Stooges
Pete Gas & Rodney vs. Gerald Brisco & Patt Patterson

21. Festus vs. Eugene
Bramma Bull Rope Match

22. Pappa Shango vs. The Boogeyman
Boiler Room Brawl Match

23. Sabu & Sandman vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Nasty Boyz vs. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk
Japanese Death Match

24. Jesse Neal vs. Batista
Last Man Standing

whaaaaaat? u got a dream wrestlemania without the undertaker and the streak? ur nuts!

Example: What does this dream mean?!?! help!?

ok so, had this really scary dream this morning, i didnt go to school because i am sick , and i was sleeping in (obviosly cuz im sick) and my dream was that there was a huge hole in my stomahc area, and i wasnt bleeding at all, and these parts of my stomach just started coming out, and i didnt even see it happening! it was so scary but i wasnt bleeding from the stomach and there was a gaping hole in my stomach!, and in the dream while that was happening i was getting like these spots on my legs, that were like chicken poxs except they were yellow, and had puss coming out of them, what does this mean
p.s. i was sleeping in cuz i was sick, thanks in advance, i would apreciate if u could help me, because im scared to death.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt last night that I was in a crowd, towards the front watching when a priest was hung for being a paedophile! Just before the priest was taken to the gallows a Bishop placed a weight around his neck! As the trap door opened the place I was in went dark, and a powerfull deep voice shouted something. I think it was "Remember Him!". Then I woke up.

Example: What could my dream last night mean?

I dreamed there was this cult of headcutters. They went around preying on people, chopping their heads off--men, women, children.
If they didn't like the person, they offered the head (on a platter) to the deity they worshipped. If they liked the person, they venerated them and worshipped the head.
So a friend of mine and I are walking home from class, down a dark, tree-lined avenue, when I hear the whinie of a horse and then hoofbeats. Then I see the light of the moon reflected on the blade of a scythe. I know it's a Headcutter. In an instant, my friend's knees buckle and he falls to the ground. Just before the guy picks up his head, my friend SMILES and WINKS at me!
What the heck is this?

Example: Could my dream mean anything?

Last night I dreamed that I and eleven friends of mine (including my little sister) were on this quest ala-Lord of the Rings. Our quest was going so well until servants/soldiers of the bad guy caught up with us. Not a pretty sight. Even though we were twelve in number, we were routed and defeated. I and two other friends escaped like cowards, leaving the rest in the hands of the enemy. And, like cowards, though we had an opportunity to gather a small force and invade the garrison to free our friends (especially my baby sister whom I love dearly), we didn't take it. By the time we decided to take action, it was too late. All we saw were nine lifeless bodies swinging on the gallows. The quest failed and I never got to protect/save my friends and my sister. The dream ended with the three of us kneeling before the gallows, tears streaming down our cheeks, vowing to avenge them.
Then I woke up. What could my dream mean?

Example: Help with understanding these dreams?

I've been having weird dreams for the past two weeks. These dreams really baffle me though. The first one was That I was in medieval times and I was being escorted down a hall by my old ELA teacher. I was wearing a beautiful flowing blue dress, and she made me stop in the middle of the hallway and let people stare at me. My ex boyfriend had a tear rolling down his cheek, but I looked so proud and confident. Finally she led me into a huge room and sitting on the stage? Gallows. She was going to hang me. I threw a book at her and ran away.
2) I was in a cafeteria, I was just eating and all of a sudden a riot starts. We we're protesting te release of two prisoners. And they were pepper spraying us. I ran away and the police tazered me. I immediently fell to the ground and they pepper sprayed me some more. Finally they got me to the ground and arrested me, but they didn't read me my rights.
Thanx for any help!

Example: Dream like seeing someone hanged in the gallows and myself about to be hanged?

It was like.. I was in some prison in some unknown country .. then I see one prisoner being hanged and killed...then its my turn, they come to hang me and tie the rope around my neck and then I shout at them that "this was a mistake and they have the wrong person..then they show me a book with the name of all people to be hanged that day and my name is in it.. then some how I explain to them that its a mistake and then they release me and I am back at the street...then I meet a starnge boy who is so good to me... he takes me to his home and gives me food eat... then I woke up.. wat does it mean... plz help me with this interpretation..

Example: What does yourself about to be hung in a dream mean?

I was told they might hung me, and they decided they would. I watched them bring up some wooden thing on which i would hang. They had me tied and i couldnt run away. and i kept watching the thing get closer.

Example: Dead man hanging in my dream?

Ok, so I had a Teeth falling out dream...

I was hanging out at the end of my road where I was trying to salvage the good parts of my teeth, but then some of them rotted and fell out anyways. I was going to go on a mission to save them, but realized I can't save them once they've rotted.

So now I'm on my way back home, walking up the road towards my house, and now it's dark, and I'm scared. I'm saying that I don't believe in ghosts and they can only get you if you believe in them. And then as I'm walking passed a powerline, I come up to a dead man hanging above me.

And I can see another dead man hanging on the next powerline. To my knowledge they were both hung by the ghosts.

And I recognize the first dead man. I remember that I saw him earlier.

And at this point I have walked past my house, and they are on the road down where I used to go play and stuff, and on the way to the clear-cut trail where I've gone a million times.

Also I was trying to lock the door to my cabin, but I couldn't. And I was in danger of someone coming in to harm me.

(And in real life I can't lock my door, and I've been scared a lot at night, and I keep meaning to put a lock on it)

Any interpretation? Dream meanings? I'm most interested in the dream symbology of the hanging man.


Example: Dream interpretation please answer?

ok heres my dream: i was working in some building painting and using a cart. so was my friend. i dont recognize the place. i dont work with this friend. we were on the second floor and we wentm in the elevator to go to the first floor but instead it quickly went up to the 13th floor and hit the top and we both died. we turned into ghosts. not like the haunting scaring kind but the invisible soul type thing. anyways. i saw my mom sitting in a room and then a priest guy i know came in saying "we have to burn the bodies" and my mom wouldn't let him. and then i streched the sheets on the bed really tight and it reflected my face and she could see me. and we talked but i forget what we said. i showed my friend owen (the guy that died too) how to get people to see you but it didnt work for him. and for some reason we weren't able to leave the building and then we looked out the window and there was a gallows and they were hanging someone. and then johnny cash (my favorite singer) was doing a concert and i was part of it.

what does this dream mean? thanks for the answer.

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