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Dream About Gall Bladder meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep dreaming that a tall glowing person is telling me that my time is nearly over in this world. In some of the dreams there are volcano's erupting or mountains collapsing all around me. It is usually a tall blond glowing woman speaking to me and embracing me like she has known me for a very very long time.

I have been very sick for over 20 years. Starting with kidney failure which led to my bones dying and then I got diabetes. Major parts of my bones have collapsed. After that I gained a lot of weight and my gall bladder was removed and then I found out my liver was failing. My kidney is only working at about half capacity.

The dream is extremely unsettling at first with the violent activity around me and then calm and peaceful when the tall blonde glowing woman arrives to talk to me.

My life has been full of pain and hardship so I have to admit the thought of leaving this life is nothing but relief. I just don't know if the dreams are a premonition or wishful thinking. What do you think?

Maybe it's a premonition. I didn't believe in that sort of thing till my own recurring dream. Mine is a dream about gallactic war, while I don't think that is going to happen, I do think it means something I see in my future. The dream is the most real thing I've expierenced and it's so terrifying that I often wake up scared to death. It's not like star wars, it's so real to me it's sinister. Sorry about everything you have gone through in your life. I truly do hope you are able to find some comfort. I don't understand why life can be so full of suffering for some and not others. I will pray for you.

Example: Dream Interpretation?

This is my mom's dream:
My mom was in the hospital. She was getting ready to have gallbladder surgery. 3 other people were with her to support her: My Nana, my deceased aunt (Bridget), and me. I was just sitting there messing with my nails. My nana said, "All Bridget's been concerned about is your brother and your nephew." And my Aunt never said anything, So...what does this mean?

Example: Im supposed to have gallbladder surgery, but i dreamed the surgery left me with big scars?

the real surgery should not leave big scars. is this just nerves, or does it mean something to dream of a surgery with big scars? right before you have the surgery...

Example: Concerning mind/body connection...?

I am amazed with this connection and believe that all physical symptoms are simply a manifestation of our psychological conditions. I know you've heard of stress causing a headache, or anxiety causing knots in stomach,ect. Well I want to know the term for this science, which will enable me to search specific symptoms and thier "psychological meaning". In other words, I have suddenly been having gall bladder symptoms and i want to find out what i might be dealing with psychologically. (I know that the body parts have specific meanings, if you study dream interpretation also.) For example, dreams of the elimination system (using bathroom) may suggest something in the psychological realm we need to let go of.
So what I'm asking for is info from anyone who knows what I'm talking about. Any websites or terms that might aid someone searching for SPECIFIC relationships between body- (nervous system or organ function) and mind connection (mental state).

Example: I weigh 210 and i'm 24 yrs old and my dream is to be a ballet dancer?

i just need to know is it too late for me and if not how can i start losing weight for it the safe way

Example: Hi,i find my deceased father still alive and immediately i find friend in dream?

My father is deceased of gall bladder cancer almost 4 years back.I find him in my dream still alive and being sick like i find him in certain scenes like blood oozing from his stomach and his blood on shirt, find him quite in bathroom sitting quite and full of frightening.finally i find him and want to give voice to him to get to hospital in haste urging god to save his life & let him not die requesting god to heal him,but alas as i approach this moment i wake up and only then i realize my father is already dead 4 years back and there is no situation of rescuing him..
As i slowly drop into sleep i find a friend of mine who is a boy,whom i meet on some official discussions, standing beside me.
This is the dream i visualized twice.can any one please interpret and let me know what it means..i can't get what my father want to communicate...and even my friend.

Example: What are the symptoms of IBS?

Can IBS be treated?
I mean I’m having terrible pain in my abdomen almost all day with constipation most of the time too...
Went to the doc last week done ultrasound on liver kidneys spleen pancreas and bladder and gall bladder too… Every thing normal also done a lot of other urine, stool, blood, tests too also came out normal...
The weird thing is, this strange pain in my upper abdomen (the whole area which covers liver stomach etc...And some times the pain is below in the lower abs..
Can IBS cause this pain?

Example: 3 reasons why ALF (animal liberation front) is bad or evil?

everybody says they're just bad because they also hurt humans but i wont more reasons why they are considered evil and if you have a positive views on them and try to pursuade me, i dont care

Example: What do i need to join the army?

I really want to join the army, i wanted to know if there are any special requirements i should know(medical,education ect...)
Im really nervous and scared that i may not get in.
i have a juvanile record(i shoplifted once when i was 15, im 18 now) which i will have to tell them, and i had surgery 5 years ago to remove my gallbladder(which shouldnt be a problem because it doesnt effect me in everyday life).
All i can really do is show them how devoted and motivated i am to do anything and everything i can possible to get in.
Is there any requirements or anything ill need in getting in the army that i should know? any information is highly appriciated! thanks!

Example: No clue what I want to be in the medical field...?

I am 17 year old Female Senior in High School, living with a family of that are all in the medical field ranging from a pathologist to a Corporate director of Hospitals. My Dream job is to be in the medical field. I have always wanted to be a Trauma Surgeon, but I'm indecisive :/ I'm not sure what to be anymore, i'm currently taking a CNA program just to get my foot into the medical career. But I am not sure if I should be a Suregon, a Doctor, or a nurse.. i know for sure i want to specialize in the Trauma emergency services.

My mom pressures me into becoming a surgeon because no one in our family is a surgeon and she knows that this was one of my first decision and thinks i shouldn't back out from it. But the thing is, it'll take me nearly 10 years to become one. I'm not impatient and i know that the medical field is a long hard process, and Believe me i love learning about the anatomy and physiology.

Someone please tell me what would be best? Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon, Physician assistant?
by the way, I want to interact with patients, & i don't really like the fact of malpractice insurance (doctors, surgeon) lol.

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