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Dream About Gale meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Why do I keep dreaming of owls?

I feel stupid asking about this because I'm an atheist and not spiritual at all although I wouldn't rule out the possibility of aliens (however I highly doubt they visit earth or abduct people). I have seen the movie 'The Fourth Kind'.

Anyway I don't know if this has relevance but my mom (she's an atheist too by the way and doesn't know that owls are linked to any kind of folklore etc) told me that when I was younger (around 8) she put me to bed one night when there was a huge storm outside and came in later to check on me. When she came into my room she saw an owl outside my window sitting in a tree despite the gale force wind and rain, looking in at me. She said it made her feel uncomfortable so she shut the curtains. The next morning, she got a phone call that her sister had died.

Lately I keep dreaming of owls. Last night I dreamed I was in my bed when someone was tapping my window. I got up and someone was handing me a white owl (with a greyish tinge) through my window and telling me it was injured and I have to help it. I went into my mom's room and told her we have to help it but she started shouting at me and saying we can't help the owl and to get rid of it.

The other night I dreamed I was at a beach, but it was a really dull day and no one else was there. I was sitting on a grassy cliff and a white owl flew down near me and stared at me. Then I heard a noise similar to a helicopter above your house. I suddenly felt really scared and woke up.

I don't think it means anything, that owl in real life probably just really stood out in your mind and it went into your dreams.

Example: What does Christian Dior's quote: “My dream is to save women from nature” mean?

Designer Christian Dior once said : “My dream is to save women from nature” , what does he mean by that?

Example: What does this poem mean?

Does anyone know the meaning to the poem, or what they think it means?

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune withought the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

Example: Could someone please suggest what my Dream could possibly mean?

For the past week now almost every night I have had a dream, My dream is that im paralysed on my bed while gale force winds run over me, I am looking upon myself sideways so I see the opposite wall of my bedroom as well. I would be desperately trying to move thinking 'not again' I seem to be thinking consciously. After about 10 minuets I will awake, and I am awake. But I cannot move and I struggle to keep my eyes open. I fall unconscious again and the dream repeats, this happens several times.

During the dream I try to shout for help but all that comes out are mumbles, my family say they have not heard me call out in my sleep.

Any Ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Chiisai_Kitty: I had a scary dream. There is this customer who is about 35? Lets call him Gale. And he comes to panera at least once a week. And I had a dream about him. That I was shopping for my Christmas gifts, and I saw him. And had a bad feeling so I ran away. He ran after me. I ran into a hotel and ask this hotel clerk to let me hide behind the table. He let me. He put a blanket over me so that I was hidden. And I hid in between the thighs of a huge doll. So its legs were on either side of me. Then the clerk left. So I see Gale peak his head behind the counter. He grabs one of the dolls leg and shakes it. And slams it. He saw that it was fake. Then he did it to the dolls other leg. Then he slowly turned his face to look at me as I slowly highered the blanket over my head. Then he gave me this creepy smile. And started to rape me. It was sooo real I could feel that it hurt as his d entered me. And as I struggled to get away. Yelling help! And calling for Alex. Hr pinned me down by grabbing my wrists and having no mercy as he squeezed them to the floor. Omg I haven't had such a dream in a long time. its the Friday the 13th curse!

Example: What do your dreams mean? C/C?

Leaping into Clover Dreams

All aloof went my dream leaping
leaping withered smoke of splashing spring

into soothing straining garden
sullen, yet somewhat convincing.

Many soft clovers, faint clovers
darkened by night, the furrowed scene

soothing soft shade shows a new light
the lanterned gale that more will bring.

A screaming moon, went dream leaping
leaping sky down passing spring

soothing straining garden, sullen
clover fields and more, convincing.

Misty are the daunting soft boughs
where straining sullen flowers lean

soothing sunny glance at passing
the colored rain and more will sing.

Evening clouds went dream leaping
leaping over stars to orchid spring

under trees, lively clover hover
soothing sullen garden, convincing.

Stroll through clover’s, fragrant pearling flame
snow-white barren clover, smoke rings

soothing diamond brooks, aloof stream
flutt’ring vines depart, clover clings.

All aloof went my dream leaping
a withered smoke of diamond spring.
Screaming moon and evening clouds, dream leaping
convincing clover gives come-true wishings

Example: I think this is Hindi or Urdu. Can anyone translate? shaam kali ek khwaab mein aaye..aur gale ka haar banee?

The online translations I've found aren't very helpful. Thanks!

Example: Unusual Dream - Correct Interpretation Please?

In my dream:

When I looked out of my 3rd floor house, I could see only darkness, though it was during the day. It was unusually dark. As I looked out the south facing window, I saw that it was raining very heavily, and there was a very strong gale. Behind the silhouettes of 2 coconut trees, I could see a large, bright, white moon-like orb going oscillating like a pendulum. I felt tremors, and thought it was an earthquake, and tried to hide myself. After sometime, I went near the window, and I saw that the entire town is flooded, and a strong water current is flowing right below my 3rd floor window, and rising steadily. I am frantically looking for a place to go, and think of moving to the terrace, taking my mother-in-law, who stays with me. At the back of my mind, I was worried about where my child (in school) and my husband (at work) were. Immediately after this, I woke up with a start, feeling very disturbed. It was 4:00 AM. I never get such wild dreams. What could this mean?

Example: What does me dreaming about making out with my crush mean?

This wouldn't be so confusing if I hadn't dreamed about the guy with a HUGE crush on me the night before. This dream (one about the guy who likes me) had him asking me out and me saying yes.
But, last night I had a dream about the guy I kind of like (a little more than kind of but its not some kind of all consuming passion :P). In the dream, for all you Mockingjay readers (see the bottom for an explanation if you don't get it), it was just like when Katniss and Gale are all over each other in the war. I was Katniss and he was Gale. Except, Gale and Katniss stop (Gale says it's like kissing a drunk person), but when we snap out of it in the dream and he says "now kiss me" I do. And then Finnick Odair (from the book, in my mind he's Alexander Ludwig even though he played Cato) walks in, looks at us, and walks out. At this point his shirt is off revealing rock hard abs and his hand is up my shirt, which if I hadn't been woken up, would probably have come off. It was pretty hot. Before you judge, we were fully clothed on bottom, and I like this guy in real life not just for looks.

What does this mean/symbolize? I've checked a lot of dream websites...none of them providing me with enlightenment.

The Mockingjay Scene:
The main character (Katniss) and her best friend (Gale) are in a tent during a war, and there is nothing romantic between them (he loves her but she's just friends with him. They've kissed once). However, when they're left in the tent alone while the others are keeping watch, romantic tension and stress get to them and they end up making out in the tent while Finnick Odair is keeping watch outside. Gale seems to sense that Katniss is only kissing him because of stress, and breaks away from her, consequently waking her up. He asks her to kiss him, since she is now fully mentally aware of what she's doing, to which she replies "I can't". Gale then says that "It's like kissing a drunk person" and the scene is over.

Example: Do you totally ignore your dreams (ones you have when asleep) or do you write them down, interprete them?

I have studied dream interpretation for since I was a teenager. There are some things on this subject that don't make any sense. Yet, I have found them to be a powerful way to understand what is going on that I may not be consciously aware. I am listening to a program right now about this subject & I was wondering if the seniors here have ever explored this subject.

BQ for those that use dreams as guidance...do you have a story to share about how a dream came true or showed you something that you needed to know, etc?

I had neck ache for years after a car accident. My son's were little so I was always busy & lifting them up but in pain. I asked my dreams to show me how I could heal this. I had a dream with traffic & what is called "bottle neck" in traffic. It's when cars end up all to crowded in one area. I realized that I lived my life with too much activity. I wanted to be super mom. I dropped everything that I didn't need to do. the pain went away & I have never went back to living that way.

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