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Dream About Galaxy meanings

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Example: I see the galaxies and planets in my dreams a lot what does it mean?

According to my "Understand Your Dreams" book, dreaming about outer space means "transcendence of personal reality" and that you are trying to seek a "larger being".

Dreaming about planets means "Cosmic harmony and influence. Celestial Order." You want to know if you are in harmony with heavenly power.

Hope this helps :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

There's this boy that I used to have something with, but now we barely talk. It's like we're on different galaxies. (I miss him A lot ). So anyway, last night I dreamt of him walking towards me and hugging me. (I hugged back). We hugged throughout the whole dream.
So yeah, what does this dream mean?

Example: Dream about the galaxy falling apart?

I dreamt a part of our galaxy fell apart, and earth survived but the conditions of the planets survival were slim and no one knew what was going to happen.

Any idea what this might mean?

Thank you

Example: Dream of galaxies over head?

that seemed to be colliding with each other, in plain view, they were bright purple and bright green and there were seven of them.

what would happen if they were to be joined as one?

i'm not sure if ours was taking part in this.

the last time i posted, it was removed?

so the QUESTION is

what would happen if they were to be joined as one?

Example: What does dying dreams mean?

Sometimes i drown into the sea but i don't fight it but i let myself drown on purpose.

Other times i fall from a cliff or i jump from building and die slowly. Or someone murders me.

And there are times where i'm already dead in my dream and i'm flying in the galaxy.

Example: What does stars mean in dreams?

So i had a dream that i was in school amd it was an extra project and was pretty late. So after a while i started to act lazy n not willing to do anything with this project and i went outside (don't remember why) cuz maybe someone asked me to i think.. and then i saw a blu / lightblue galaxy mix and i saw a shooting star first and i wished "i want to be with him forever" my bf ya.. so then i saw some more abd more and i was just standing there amazed by that. Then a teacher came and asked me what i was doing but then she stoped talking and looked up on the other side and there were thousands of those falling stars.. what does that mean?

Example: What does this VERY real dream mean?

I am lucid dreamer. So I've grown used to having very realistic dreams 3 to 4 times a week, however that doesn't mean I know what those dreams mean. Recently, I had a lucid dream that I was with my boyfriend heading to class and I stared at him. He turns to look at me and says, "What? What're you looking at?"
I ask him, "am I dreaming?"
He says, "No. Is this that dream crap again?"
So then I ignore his negative attitude and glance up at the afternoon sky and notice a big black shape beginning to eclipse the sun (the moon.) I tell my boyfriend to look and he nervously asks me to come inside with him. I tell him no, that it's just an eclipse and that we should watch it. I was mesmerized with it. It was beautiful.
We both sat down to watch it and pretty soon everything else darkened like if it were night and my boyfriend and I only sat and watched as the sun was eclipsed.
This is the part where it gets strange. The earth started to shake and everything is so dark that we can see all the stars, not just two or three like the usual around cities. Then all of a sudden I could see the sun as we went around it and starting slipping farther and farther away from it. Gravity started letting us go and heavy objects like cars starting falling into the oblivion that was now the sky. I held on to my boyfriend and he to me. We hugged each other and pretty soon buildings, trees and everything else was being ripped from the earth. It was getting so cold that soon I just saw myself and my boyfriend frozen into one solid piece and start floating into a sunless galaxy.

What could this dream mean? Keep in mind that I felt everything in that dream, from the trembles to the intense cold. Also, I always seem to ask a person in my dream if I'm dreaming and they ALWAYS answer no. Also, I pinch myself and also feel the pain. This dream felt very REAL. It frightens me to the point that I MUST find out to let it go.

Example: What is the meaning of this amazing dream?

So I was taking a nap after texting my boyfriend and I dreamt that him and I were in a gorgeous room. Very bright with beautiful floral wallpaper but no doors or Windows. I felt over come with complete joy and happiness. He held me and looked at me with very loving eyes and every time we kissed as we pulled away a little galaxy of stars a purple and blue swirls would form between our lips and would get bigger as we pulled apart but would vanish after a specific size. We started using mason jars to bottle them every time. I would look into his eyes every time we pulled apart though and the galaxy would reflect off his eyes and it looked so beautiful and he looked so happy and extremely handsome. It was the best dream I've ever had and I am stoked I remember it so vividly. I told him about it and we both want to know if it means anything. :) please and thank you if anybody can help.

Example: What does it mean to dream about be enslaved on an alien planet?

Last night I had a really crazy dream that me, and some family and a bunch of people were taken from earth to become enslaved on an alien planet, to work for them. We had to take trains to get to our work spot and then we had to dig and build things for them, and at the end of the day we would take our trains back home and wake up and do the same thing again and again..Nearing the end of the dream my family and I got sick and tired of it and had an escape plan to steal a ship, but we had to wait 7 days. So we packed up all of our stuff on the 1st of the 7 days and sat in the house, In my dream I can remember seeing "Day 1 changes into Day 2" "Day 2 to Day 3" etc, it was so weird. And on the last day we had no problem escaping, All i can remember is us being in the ship with everyone who was taken from earth and we traveled back home, and I can remember talking to my dad about stopping in another galaxy for mcdonalds lol. And the dream pretty much ended on that note. I know it sounds way to weird and retarded to be true, but I swear thats how it went and thats why I'm on here asking why in the holy hell did I have that dream?

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