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Dream About Gala meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this DREAM mean?

dreamed that the family and I were in Davenport visiting and a blizzard blew in. Jen was driving and I kept telling her to slow down but she wouldn't because everyone up there knows how to drive in the ice and snow. Sure enough, we end up in a ditch and instead of saying "I informed you thusly", I get down a bike from the rack and ride for help. I make it to a fancy old hotel where a valet takes my bike and sends me inside where some sort of gala is taking place. I'm seated at a table with Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, Scarlett Johannsen, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Aniston. The whole thing was weird and surreal-- everyone knows I think Tom Cruise is a moron.

There is some attitude or behaviour that you have, or some situation in your waking life, that can be represented by cold or snow. It might be a coldish emotion. Whatever it is, you are taking it too fast, and there is also some Jen-like quality in you that is responsible for going too fast. Something got ditched - a relationship? That's speculation on my part, its just the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the word ditch. Your unconcious probably put that word in your dream for some reason like that (i.e. a pun), or some other reference you have to "ditch". There is another part of you that knew all along that the speed is a problem, but for whatever reason (being Jen-like), you didn't listen to that reasoning.

Jen is a projection of you, of some characteristic you and her share, that is one thing I am trying to say.

As for the bike and the fancy old hotel, if these have some strong association for you, that association is what you have to follow to tease the meaning out. For example, did the old fancy hotel have a stuffy kind of upper society feel to it? If so, you are making fun of that kind of high-society, because the valet takes your bike (sounds ridiculous to me), and you meet someone rich and famous that you think is a moron. If the other celebrities don't fit the same mould, that probably just means there is additional meaning to the scene, that would be very difficutl to tease out without your take on each of the celebrities, and preferably some more detail on what happens there. In any event, if you are dining with them, you are in some sense connecting with what they represent, and I'm afraid that might mean that you are connecting in some sense with something moronic in your own self. Sorry, I don't mean offence, that's just what I read into that short part of the dream.

Hope my speculations might encourage you to get the meaning even if I'm off base here or there. Some dreams are difficult to figure out "cold" without having a dialogue about it.

Example: What the meaning behind " person at the window" by salvador?

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream 1:

I was at home having a sleepover with my friends, and another group of people who go to my school. My brother was also having a sleepover with his friends. My Dad was on at a work conference and my mum was at home. My friends decide they wanted to sleep down stairs and this other group said they wanted to sleep upstairs, which was fine. I went down stairs to discover my friends eating icing; this annoyed me as it was supposed to be going on a cake my mum had made. Then my friend Charlie said to me 'Don't worry Catherine, Niall will be here soon'. This cheered me up, I guessing Niall (yes the 1D member) was a friend or something. Then all I remember is Niall Horan and Harry Styles having a camp out in my library, in the house.

Then I was at my swimming club, ready to swimming and my whole family was watching because it was a Gala, but we were all waiting for Niall to come in disguise because although to my friends, family and I he was just Niall to everyone else he was still the cute, Irish guy from One Direction. I had to leave my family as the race I was in was about to start before he got there but once I finished and was leaving with him, there wasn't enough space in my mums car he said to me 'You did it babe' and hugged me.

Dream 2:

I was at a family gather in a dress. When we left my parents were walking and my brother and I were biking home, even though it was over a hundred miles. I then managed to change into shorts and a t-shirt and was suddenly in a mountain biking race. When we had finished for the evening I was eating on a table with the people I sat with in Year 5. They were taking the mickey out of me for entering the race, even though they were in it to. Then the next part, was mid- late afternoon and I was biking in a field of sheep but then my bike collapsed in to a pile of metal. his guy who is in a band with me (I don't know his name but in the dream I was calling him by his brothers name) came to help me. We took my bike to the bottom of the field where there was a farmhouse, the farmer told us we could use his shed but then he went to shoot a dog which was disturbing his sheep. We were in the shed and the guy gave me his jacket as I was cold. We were flirting and as we were about to kiss his other brother (who also is in the band I go to) walked in and was like 'Oh finally you're here, pokers about to start'. *I woke up*

-I like One Directions music and think they are cute, but I'm not a mega fan, just a small one.
-I swim but never do galas
-My dad is never at work conferences
-My brother and I never have a sleepover at the same time
-I play the flute, The guy who gave me his jacket plays the drums and his brother also play the flute and once asked me out.
-I am friends with the people who teased me.
-I don't play poker.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I dreamed that I was with a group of my gal friends and we were at this gala of sorts. A few of us went onto a balcony (which kept switching between a balcony and a pier). On the ground, there were some guys we each liked. We shouted out hello to each other. Then we saw shooting stars. I wished that one of the guys (who was my best friend in preschool, then I moved and we hadn't talked in 10 years, then magically came in contact again, fell out of contact again for a few months, then came back into contact with recently) would kiss me. Then there was another star and I wished something like he would hold me. Then there was another and I wished he would love me. Then there was a meteor shower that all of us were amazed at. The guy I wished all these for looked up at me ... and that's all I can remember.

Any thoughts? Humor me.

Example: What does this dream mean? nobody answered the first two times?

I dreamt I was holding an art gala of my artwork and people from all over were coming to look at my paintings. And that there were men dressed in black business suits and holding cameras in their hand that were coming to look at my artwork.

My paintings were living creatures in themselves and I shaped their movements with my brush and then trapped them in time and made them two dimensinal and they became my painting. I dreamt there was a rainbow colored girl in a swimming pool that had been frozen in time. I dreamt that there were men that had received sex changes from me and then had their uterus punctured to look like woman.

I tried to sleep with one of the men there and then woke up... after giving myself a wedge.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

The part that I remember started in a small, dimly-lit restaurant. I could tell from the windows that it was night outside. There were a few scattered patrons, but for the most part it was empty. My best friend, who I can't see often because we live in different towns, was working as a cook/waitress in the restaurant, although, given the late hour and the small number of customers, she didn't have much work to do. I decided to help. A group of young, high school age girls had ordered a chocolate lava cake and a pizza. I brought them over to their table, but for some reason they did not like them. I can't recall if they were cold or burnt... just that the girls demanded new pizza and cake. I could not find my friend in the kitchen, so I began preparing the food, myself. Almost everything the restaurant served came from a box, which was a relief for me, because I don't know how to MAKE lava cake! While in the process of mixing cake mix, my friend reappeared to see how I was doing. At this point I began to get quite nervous. I was worried that a customer would ask me a question I didn't know the answer to, or the food wouldn't be prepared properly, or someone would get mad at the slow service: all these worries all of a sudden!

I left the rest of the cooking to my friend and walked outside the restaurant. It was raining heavily and I could see my mom, my older brother (who lives on the other side of the country), another close friend of mine, and two young, thin teenage boys who in the dream were my second cousins, although I don't know them in real life. The boys had a lot of luggage. Apparently, we were all going on a fancy trip of some kind. We had to take my car, which is small, and can not fit six people in it, (especially when my mom, my friend and I are all plus size), so we stuck my cousins in the back, where there are no seats, (the car is a hatchback, so the trunk is open to the rest of the car). We wound down through some creepy, looking mountains in the rain, and came into a parking lot in the town where I grew up. By this time my dad was driving, although I don't remember him being in the car before that point.

Mom and I got one of the kids out of the trunk and switched him over to another car where my second-cousins once-removed (my mother's cousins) were waiting in a van. The other boy in the car said he'd wait to be picked up later. I felt really guilty locking him in the back of the car in the rain and leaving him alone in that parking lot.

Mom and I exited to some kind of shopping mall. There was evidence that a huge gala had taken place recently. A 'kid's corner' with coloring and face-painting stuff was still standing. The mall was all decked out for Christmas, and I remember in the dream being really ticked off by this. "I can't believe this!" I told my mom. "It's AUGUST! It's not even fall yet and their advertising for CHRISTMAS!" I went on to tell her that from then on I was going to celebrate holidays at all the wrong times to avoid being sucked into all the holiday materialism that was going on.

The reason we had gone into the mall was to get confirm our flight for the trip. We had to go down into this tiny, low office with ONE assistance window manned by a tiny, heavy-set Asian woman with pink hair. Mom was filling out most of the paperwork, and I said "Mom, I don't think I have my passport!" I was suddenly really scared. I have had to travel without my passport before and it's TERRIFYING. They treat you like a CRIMINAL! Mom just looks at me with this horrified expression, because apparently she's lost hers, too, and says: "Do you have any idea how many letters of reference we'll need?" In the dream, letters of reference were somehow a substitute for a passport.

The people in back of us were getting angry because we were taking too much time at the window. I began shuffling around in my purse. I would NEVER throw out a thing like my passport. After pulling out a number of notebooks and papers and other things I didn't need, I finally found it. The word "MINOR" was printed very clearly on the front, because I got the passport when I was sixteen. I handed it to the lady and said "I hope this works!" And she responded: "It should be fine." Then all the people behind us in line began cheering and this man, who was my great-uncle's boyfriend from California, came over and said "I'm so happy, I could just hug you now!"

What the heck? I know it's a lot. Can anyone pick out any underlying themes?

Example: What does this dream mean? read below for context?

I had a dream that I was holding an art gala of my art work, and that there were men from all over (all men) most of them dresed in professional business suits or dressed in black coming to look at my artwork.. and all of them had cameras. A lot of them had old fashioned cameras that they used back in the 1800's

My friend mohammaed was talking to me on the phone, there is something wrong with his phone and I can never hear his voice clearly when we talk over the phone... He was very quiet and I couldn't hear anything that he was saying. And then I think he came by with the others to see my artwork.

The room was dark and everything was shadows... none of the faces of the photographs could be identified, but they seemed to blend into the sillhouette.

My art work consisted of moving creatures, that could change, and I painted them by making the creatures move as I pleased... And then solidifying them and trapping them in time, in much the same way you would if you were a painter.

One of the paintings was done in neon colors. You had fiery reds, passionate oranges, and illuminating yellows making the scope of the artwork. And then you had neon blue, green, and purple forming the shadow of the artwork, and the intensity of the colors was bright and beautiful... The artwork seemed to have a life of it's own and move as it chose to move, as I tapered and tamed the artwork with my brush... making the creature in the swimming pool painting, conform to the limitations I set for it and freeze into a drawing.

There were also pictures of men who had had their prviate organs transfixed and punctured into woman. That is I had given them a gender change. There were also photos of men being raped. I tried to engage in sexual relations with a man and then woke up.


So I decided I would write a book interpreting all the prophetic revelations of the bible... (which I believe are much easier to interpret than the torah or other deuteroconical books)

I sent my ex-boyfriend e-mails with my interpretation of scripture on a regular basis... and he doesn't reply or say anything to me either good or bad.

So what do you think it means?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your enemy?

OKay so this was my dream. I strongly dislike this guy, we used to be friends a while back but he turned into a huge jerk. But anyways last night i had a dream that we were trying to break into this old ladys house in the middle of the night, it was really creepy out in the middle of nowhere. He was being protective but kinda aggressive:S We got caught and we started running away the lady was running after us with her car like some scary movie. He pushed me onto the ground into some ditch and fell on top of me. We stayed there for a couple of minutes till the lady went away,but for some reason it felt like there was some sexual frustration:S and then we ran away to this building were some gala was being held. We were not supposed to be there so we ran down the hall to get away from people and we ended up in this room locked the door and started having sex:S I really dont know what this means it would really help if someone could help me:S thanks!

Example: Dream interpretation: Dreaming of a living purple cloud with feelings.?

I had a dream last night where I was at a gala and I met a person who was a talking purple cloud who sang a pretty song. What do you think this dream was about? and why?

Example: Been dancing for a year, do my dreams of college dance courses sound crazy?

I'm 15 and I just started dancing last August. So far, I'd say I'm at least an intermediate in several genres of dance; pom, military, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and the slightest-hint of tap. I'm also on my varsity high school drill team.

Is it crazy to think I could ever go any father with dance outside of "recreational dancing"?

I know I haven't been dancing long, but that doesn't mean I can't get pretty good at it.

I understand having lots of ballet background is important as well.

But I know several people who have danced for quite a long time and they aren't very good.

I've been looking at colleges and I'd like to join a pom squad, but could I also possibly take college dance courses?

Any info or tips on the subject is GREATLY appreciated! :)

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