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Dream About Gadget meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did this dream mean?

Last night I dreamt there was some sort of disaster going on in my High School (I am in College now) and whenever I went to leave I kept remembering things that I couldn't leave like my external hdd, my phone, phone charger e.t.c. By the time I had everything the bus taking everyone out had left and I had to find my own way out

perhaps it is telling you that you are too materialistic, your user name would agree. are we just upright monkeys here to gather as many gadgets as possible or is there more to life. Perhaps you are being shown the consequences of a materialistic life.
But without knowing people can only guess, tell your dream to a friend or relative they will be a better judge than strangers.

Example: What does these dreams mean?

I've been having dreams about wolves chasing me in dreams but they are all outside my porch.Not only wolfs but a tiger to and tonight I had a dream about a man in a white vest first being outside my house then on my porch breaking into my house,sitting in a chair in my house looking through a camera thing or a gadget of something, each time when i saw the man I kept telling my mom that there was a strange man trying to get into our house and she wouldn't believe me and i would go back and the man would be even closer but each time my mom still didn't believe me until i screamed that the man was inside the house and he appeared by the door and my mom screamed and then I ended the dream.Now that i think of it each time the man got closer I got to see more of what he looked like but I never got to see his face to much and when he was sitting down the gadget covered his facial features.When I had this dream i began to think of other dreams like this and I remember the ones of how I was going to school but i lost my key and I was going out the sliding glass door onto my porch but there was a tiger outside the sliding glass door pacing and I was afraid to go outside. Then I had dreams about wolves outside my porch everywhere there was wolves outside my house more then 20 and yet again I couldn't leave. Another dream with a wolf is that i had a dream that a wolf was my friend and he had to leave but another wolf was keeping him from leaving and at the very end of the dream my friend wolf whined at me then backed away when he saw the other wolf coming out from the bush and me and the other wolf looked straight at each other. Now the final dream I had about wolve's was probably a continuation of the one dream with 20 wolves but I had jeep to get to school and there was another dream of a wolf tribe or clan of indians in another jeep keeping me from going to school and the 20 other wolves were chasing me and before i could get to school the dream ended. What the hell? All the scary dreams I've had involve my porch and it's really freaking me out. The outside of my porch IS a golf course and there is people who have golf carts that drive to the 18th hole and golf. and the golf course is right by my bus stop so what could this mean? I know this is a lot of dreams but I think they are all related somehow.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I owned two dogs and somebody was trying to kill them. I was by the docks where the water meets the land and I kept swimming underwater to hide from the guy who was trying to kill my two dogs and in my dream I could stay underwater as long as I wanted to so I was never able to get caught by the people who wanted to kill my two dogs. Then I dreamed that I was trying desperately to find my bible verse but I wasn't sure if I had put the internet look up device which was shaped like a nano game in my little bag and I had too many gadgets in there that I wasn't able to sift through it all to find my bible verse. I stepped into a grocery store so that I could relax my foot and mind while I was looking for this bible verse online or trying to find the gadget that could locate the bible verse online but the grocery store that I had stepped into (I got in through the backdoor) had two filipinos from my old church one in the centre and one on the right side who were trying to collect donations to keep their church alive and because I dissed their church I wasn't willing to go there so I left.

Example: What does being robbed in a dream mean?

I always have this particular dream whenever my bestfriend is in there. She'd always hand her wallet/gadget over to me and go ahead, but then some thief will always take it from me and even though I struggled with the thief I'd always lose.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Ok 1st i had this dream where i suddenly had very bad acne on my back? But thats all i remember. Then the other one was that my mom told me i wasnt going to see my little brothes again because they were going to die it a big flood.

I live with my mom and my lil brothers live with my dad in another state. I have been trying to visit my dad but my mom wont let me. 1 because she doesnt like my dad and 2 because she said she doesnt want me around his town while hes going through criminal trials which could last for a long time but she said she doesnt care.

Example: What is the interpretation of this dream?

I dreamed just the other night that I was with my, let's just say, closest friend but not my best friend that I was with her sitting on a bench like in a park and I was holding a gadget, most likely to be a PSP or a phone then suddenly, she said I love you in a sweet way and I was shocked cause we're both female. Does this mean anything?

We are close. We're together always and I can't understand why I was shocked when she said I love you. Does it have a literal meaning or the other way around?

Example: What does this dream mean I had about my friend?

I dreamed I was at this place,(a brick building) with some kind of community helping place such as orphans being helped there. Out the window way down below in a water way I see my friend get in this long white boat that belonged to the helping center and was like a bus. She did not ask and was not supposed to be driving it. It was empty and she was driving it and she just went really fast with it and the boat was too tall to go under so it wrecked into this walkway that was connected to the brick building like a bridge she could not fit under. Then I looked at the wreckage in this one room and saw people lying around OK but this one girl who was black was laying face down like she had drowned or something and then she lifted her head up and was only trying to trick me like it was for fun. then in another room I saw a young man almost like a boy who was in the kitchen area with a hallway coming off from that and I thought he was like a ghost but I decided to be brave and touched his finger with mine like E.T does in the movie. Then I noticed he was over weight and standing around in his underwear and t shirt and he looked like he was older. And I remember a wooden fruit bowl on the table that had junk in it instead of fruit. It was like a junk drawer instead of a fruit bowl.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I remembered more. At the end of the dream I went to the Doctor/Head Administrator to file a report about my belongings. His office was filled with super hi tech gadgets. At the door he asked me if I was me and I said "Yes, sir". He laughed and said, "Well I've been called some strange things!". I said "Like your highness?" and he laughed again and said yes. Then I woke up.

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means? (Because I sure don't.)?

In the dream I'm at my grandpa's house and I look out the backyard door and see all of these black rats swarming the place. I see some of them have explosives strapped to their bodies, and my grandpa is fiddling with a gadget that looks like the remote detonator to blow up these rats. (It looks like I arrived mid-invasion and he had already strapped the explosives to the rats, somehow.) Anyhow, he turns to me and says very seriously "A, do you know what glycerine is?" And I respond a little annoyed "Yes, it's an ingredient in TNT." (Not sure, if that's true, but I said it in the dream.) Then it looks like we're running out of ways to kill these nasty rats that are taking over my grandpa's place and I shout "Grandpa! Use the bullets in your gun!" But grandpa's tied up with the detonator, so to help my grandpa, I get his gun and start aiming and firing at the rats. Yeah, it seems ridiculous to waste bullets on rats, but they had to be stopped.

Does anyone have a clue as to what this means? Thanks if you can interpret it for me. I have a lot of dreams about my grandpa.

Example: What does my alien dream mean. Storty part 2?

Then a piece of the spaceship came down, it was very high tech cause of the button and all the gadgets it had inside. it was like a cell phone except, it had a little tv where u can flip it, like a flip phone. and there was a little cirlce thing for holograms. and thats what it popped out. once we opened it, an alien hologram told us
"we are not here to harm u, we just came to get our destoryed pieces that has landed in you planet. if u cant find it your planet will die, for keeping our stuff away from us. now u have -300 chance of the planet bieng destroyed. and it ended there. we didnt know what to do since all the stuff are gone, and we thought we will die soon, then the dreamed ended. plz help me know what this mean. im scared now, habing this freaky dreams

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