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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night, where I was in my room with this unknown older woman. She initiated me to sex. Naked I climbed over her and with my penis I was searching for the vagina. She was guiding me:`Higher, lower... And then she says RIGHT THERE, PUT IT IN. So I push and my penis goes into her vagina. All of a sudden I wake up and thats the end.

It means nothing, friend. A dream is a dream. It is by no means some prophesy or foretelling. A dream is simply your mind acting up while you're trying to sleep.

Mike G.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've been having dreams about this girl, Paije, the dream was that I asked her out and she said yes and then we started making out. That's it or atleast what I remember. but she changing schools (maybe) and I was thinking of asking her out after summer break(not sure yet), which it is now but what does the dream acually mean? Why am I dreaming of her when I didn't even think of her that day?

Example: What does death in a dream mean?

Ive been having really trippy dreams about death. either being killed by someone, or something(e.g. lightning)almost killing me. everyday for a month could this be related to being pregnant? im 37 weeks. also what could these dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

OK, I had a dream about the Death Note anime, and i had the notebook. I was watching the news, and Obama was giving a live speach. And I thought it would be cool to write his name into the notebook. It felt like I wanted tremendous attention. But I just decided not to.

What are your inputs.

Example: What does dreams mean?

i had a dream about a person and the next day they were here at my house

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having the same dream over and over again. I was recently laid off from my job in April. Since then I keep dreaming that my supervisor and manager approach me and tell me they made a huge mistake letting me go, and want me to work for them again! I also see employees I worked with tell me the same. So weird! Does anyone know why this dream keeps repeating? I know for a fact this would not happen in real life... why is my dream telling me otherwise? Anyone...please... help...its driving me crazy!

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I've been having odd dreams lately, Im 14 years old...
1st Dream: I came into my dad's house but he wasnt there. For some odd reason there were puppies running everywhere, labs, german shepards, weiner dogs. They were all playing with each other in the living room, and also in the living room were these 2 girls, one I knew and used to like and the other one I'd never seen before so Im assuming she was a figment of my imagination. I can't remember how this happened but we ended up getting an air matress and laying down on the living room floor staring at the ceiling talking about things, I dont remember what we were talking about though.
2nd Dream: I was on stage with my band, I had my bass and I was tuning it. But for some reason I don't know why I was flatting my strings (making the open notes flat, Eb, G#, etc.) I only do this when Im alone playing along with songs from Green Day because the bassist does that to his strings when he plays Longview. I put it down and walked off the stage and we were finished even though we didnt even perform. And I saw those 2 girls again and I hugged them both really tight and each time I hugged one she'd say "I missed you!"
What could they mean?
I like this other girl (not the made up one, a real one) more than the girl Im dreaming about way more, I have no idea what these mean. Please help?

Example: What do dreams about bridges mean?

I had a dream that I was running across the G W bridge in New York with a mass of people and suddenly the bridge gave way. I was holding on for dear life and the Hudson River started to rise. Part of my body was submerged into water and I was holding on to the remainder of the bridge trying to put myself up to safety. When I finally got my body out of the water, I started to direct people to do the same and we all ended up safe in the hills somewhere... I'm guessing Jersey. But the Hudson River had some massive waves and I really felt like I was going to drown. I really need to know what this dream is telling me. Thanks for the help.

Example: Whats the meaning of my dream?

the other night i had a dream that i was in going on holiday to lebanon with my mum and my aunt. as soon as everyone got on the plane, without checking if everyone is ready, the plane takes of in a rush. thats when the plane hits a very tall tree and drops. everyone has minor injuries e.g. cuts and scrapes, but i have a deep cut going from my upper arm to my wrist. i was screaming, my mum is confused and needs a way to get to the hospital and we are in the middle of no where. thats is when my mum woke me up for school.

Example: What does this crazy scary dream mean?

In the dream, my friend and I were driving away from a convenience store, where outside I had noticed a bum. We drove down a very narrow dirt road in the middle of the woods, so we were going rather slowly. I noticed the bum was walking rather quickly behind us, so I told my friend to drive a little faster to see if he was following us. He was, and he started jogging to catch up to the car. We tried shouting at him to go away, go home, but he just kept following us. My friend threw a lit cigarette at him to try and distract him, but he persisted. We were so scared we drove even faster, and shut the windows and locked the doors as we went. The bum climbed onto the car and was trying to get in, and we wanted to throw something at him, bu all we had was a sweater. My friend told me to light it on fire so I did and threw it, and he fell off the car.
Then when I got home, the house was a mess and no one was there and all the TVs were on. I woke up panicking and choking.
What does it mean?

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