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Dream About G meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream that you had an M.R.I Scan and an E.E.G on your brain?

I've had an mri scan and an eeg scan in 7th grade everything came out normal but i still to this day think there's something up in my brain. I had a hemiplegic migraine if your wondering...I've had headaches A LOT since i was in 2nd grade. But after the mini-stoke i had this weird snappy ping(like when you buzz someone on Y! Messenger its hard to describe) thing in my frontal lobe of my brain like at random times and i can't walk straight like i can't even SEE straight! Then goes back to normal.

It means that you had immagined yourself having an MRI and EEG, nothing more.

Example: What does it means when you keep having a dream your boyfreind is cheatin on u and he leaves u for the other g?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I walked out of my room and saw my teacher sitting on the couch and a few people i knew sitting on the floor. Every opening in the hiuse was boarded up. I asked what was goin on and the teacher said that there was something fangerous coming for us.i found all if my friends to make sure they were alright.
For a while, everyone was calm. We watched a movie (a rather scary ine at that) and listened to mmmbop by hanson?! Kunda creepy cuz the lyrics are "in an mmmbop ur gone" but it comforted me anyways. The younger kuds in the housestarted seeung things(scary things) that we older kids couldnt see. I went to the highest level of the hoyse and saw a "devil like" person sitting on the roof (he loojed like jafar as a genie from aladdin) he said that if i would sacrafice myself, he would spare the others. I did. He gave me two keys. I used one to open a box and i tried to kill him with the other but i couldnt. In the box there was a bathing suit and he said he was going to rape me. So,trying to find a way to stall, i pretender to vr pleased with the idea. I then told him that id like to do something before i died. He let me. I told a guy i liked that i loved him so he hugged me kissed me and said he loved me too. He held my hand and kissed me for a long time. When we were done i was called back to the devil like man and i was scared because i couldnt find kenton (thats the guys name that i like). I looked around for him and when i turned around he was right next to me adnd said hed never leAve me...then i woke up.

In my opinion he dream wasnt so much about death as it was about love and sacrifice. Whats your opinion?

Example: Sexual dreams?

i just had a sexual dream about me having sex with some random girl at home.i do everything that is involved in sex but when i kiss her lips she slaps me and i wake up.

Example: What does my depressing dream mean?

I dreamt my friend invited me around [it was not his house but my cousins] sometime in the dream i found him under the covers with a whole bunch of people,i was suprised/bit upset.I went to the bathroom to check my hair/makeup and left he did not say g/bye to me.I walked off with my puppy who then turned into a drunk guy in a tux leaning on me.

I was very sad when i woke up,I have a mini crush on my friend.

Example: The meaning of my dream?

In my birthday party, that my gal pals are doing the music and songs while 3 of my crushes were also there...they wore a nice tuxedo and black long pants...one of them brings a box of pencil for me,another one of them brings a box of G-tech pen for me..and the last one gives me an expensive watch to wear...sad to say it's only a dream...what do these all mean?

Example: Why do people think dreams mean things?

There just random thoughts inn your head put togather and played out infront of you while you sleeping they have no meaning but why is yahoo full of questions about what does this dreeam means and what does that dream mean

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt that my boyfriend (4 years younger) cheated on me with my mom. And I didn't want to tell him about it.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

so first off my auntie has a boyfriend so im just gonna call him "G". this is what happened...

This beautiful lady (somehow i knew her) had a baby and as she was leaving the hospital for the first time with her baby,a guy was on a motorcycle and just snatched the baby out her arms. we chased him back to his house. we found out it was "G". then he told us the baby was dead by the time he got to the house and that he had a baby and the only way he could survive is if he had a another newborns heart. so he cut it out of the lady'c dead baby and put it in his baby.i went home to tell my auntie what happened and he sent someone to our house to make sure we didnt tell nobody next thing i know someone woke me up guess who... "G" was tickling me woke...can someone explain this to me PLEEASE

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