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Dream About G meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Me and this guy might be getting together, and he was in my dream... My dream was- "he was round my house we started talking and he asked me out" - forgoten most of the dream though... does this dream mean anything? :/

It might not mean anything at all. Sometime I have very realistic dreams, sometimes I am running around in a completely unrealistic disjointed setting, with events that would 100% never happen in real life. A dream could be about a literal worry or just something that relates to a emotion we felt during the day e.g. if you felt worried you might have a dream about something that worries you, even if that is not why you were worried during the day. The brain can also just pick up aspects of old memories, things you have seen before and mix them together with imagined situations. It may mean you are fond of him, it may mean you saw him that day or a few days ago, it could mean that you were feeling lonely or in a romantic mood, it could just be hormones!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of your g\f rapeing you?

I had a dream that my girlfriend raped me with a baceball bat.

Example: I have NEVER had a dream (the literal sleeping kind) with my g/f of 7months, What do you think that means?

I have been dating a girl for about 7months and the relationship seems to be getting more serious, but I am concerned because it is a VERY different relationship than I've ever been used to (mostly in good ways), however in the past 7months I have yet to have a Dream (the sleeping kind) with her in it... and it concerns me. What do you think that means? if anything... Just looking for opinions... THanks :)

Example: G/f had a dream that I put myself in the way of something that would've killed her. I didn't die. Meaning?

So my girlfriend had a dream last night that we were on the beach, just out on a weekend date. We were back at the airport (her dad's a pilot) and something from a helicopter swung her way. I managed to get in the way of it, and got knocked to a state of deep unconsciousness (or so it seemed). I didn't die, but she would have from whatever it was that hit me. I was rushed to the hospital, etc., but she couldn't go because we weren't married, just together. In the end, she woke up from it and immediately turned to me and embraced me. What does the dream mean?

Example: My g/f had a dream about dumping me cause i took drugs what does this mean?

I never took drugs before

Example: The meaning of dreams?

ok so i need ur opinion. lately ive been having dreams of my ex, but just recently. it was my first love, first real g/f. our relationship ended in flames about a year ago to say nonetheless, i wont go into detail about it. but i do still think about her sometimes. probably cause she was my first everything. love, sex, g/f. so even though we ended badly i think highly of her. we are still friends to. we talk a little, we still are myspace friends, and she is happly with some guy and im happy she is happy but.. im missing her. well... y all of the sudden am i dreaming of her? its always dreams like we are dating or something. we are kissing or holding hands or something. and i dont get where its all coming from. the one last night seemed so real. no lie. i was surprised it was a dream. so any advice plz?

Example: What the heck does this dream about my ex g/f mean?

right so two years ago about roughly this time of year i split up with this chick
never thought about her since cos our relationship was chaotic and ended badly
yet i yesterday i dreamt she was crying and begging me to take her back

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

Ok so last night I had a dream that one of my teeth fell out and I'm not sure what that means. My grandma told me it could mean a death it the family but she wasn't sure. Could u plz tell me what it means

Example: What do you think this dream means?

My g/f recently dumped me again...the second time. My friends told me not to go back out with her...and they were right, the same problems arose. However, I had an awkward dream which may illustrate my subconscious feelings that they were right?

I'm in a boat with my ex and my friend is driving. I push her off the boat...but grab her at the last second and hold on tight. My friend is yelling to let her go and eventually I do.we go into shore and my friend and my father look at me with disgust and say "you're going back for her aren't you?". I disregard their comments and hop into the boat, which takes me awhile to get the motor running, I go back to where she was left and slow down so she can get into the boat.

However, when she gets into the boat, the boat sinks.and I swim to shore.and my dad tells me that all the fish I caught on the trip were rotten and useless.

Does this dream mean anything to you the reader?

- :S

Example: Can someone interpret this dream?

I had a dream my g/f committed suicide what does this mean?

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