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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams mean?

Some people believe that dreams are what your inner person wants, and on another r
Question he/she said that she thought that it was god or ancestors trying to guide us through this life.

Don't know whether I believe that but I do believe they have significance of our desires, worries or it acts as a guide.

E.g. I had a dream about my family dying so I thought I should treat them better. I also have dreams about hot girls I fancy and stuff so that falls under desires.

What do you believe?

"dreams are said to be the minds way of making sense of the various types of input with which it has had to cope."

"the function of dreams seems to be balance of the physiological and psychological activity within us."

"it has been suggested that dream interpretation is like learning anew language; this is very true, except that the language is already known to us and is simply a matter of relearning it."

I actually believe dreams interpret your feelings, thoughts and fears in your waking world. I have always had a fascinated wonder in the strangeness of dreams, so I began to look up the meanings of them, and realized how close to the truth my dreams are. The human mind is very imaginative, and remember, your brain never stops working. So in your sleep, what does it do? Think, in the process of dreams. Its like analyzing a picture, or written piece. Think about a simile or metaphor? You read between the lines, look for the things that aren't I'd directly, but are there.

Example: What does this dream mean?

ive been having a dream about pulling out my teeth and i dont know what it means last time i had this dream my stepmom told me that someone was gun die and thats when a good friend died is that what it really means

Example: What did this dream mean?

wow this was a strange dream...
i was making out with this girl... and then my cousin came it and the girl ran out and i was like whats wrong? later on when she wouldn't talk to me and she didn't say anythign and i asked my cousin if she knew what happened and she told me to go to a website it was like

url/(my name)

and thats when i woke up with a jolt

this whole dream was pretty strange, for one thing, why did i have my cousin in the dream why i was making out wiht another girl? lol just make it clear, it wasn't my cousin who i was making out with

and what kind of website is that?

i really felt weird while writing this
i couldn't help but think about this all morning and i forgot pieces of it

i'm 14yrs old and never had a girlfriend..or kissed a girl.

i just kind of have this feeling that it wasn't just a kiss with some random girl but someone i liked in the dream( i don't really find anyone that i know beautiful or anything like this at all. i don't even like anyone)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that as I looked in the mirror, my face began to crumble off little peice by peice as if it were cookie crumbs. I was trying to stopvit , but I couldnt do anything about it. Please tell me what this means

Example: What does a spider dream mean?

I had a dream that a spider came from my closet then a hoarde of more spiders just crawled out but they didnt really do anything else, they didnt attack me. The spiders were, i think, daddy long legs. The morning after there was a spider in the shower which has never happened before. Is this a coincidence, if not what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had this dream multiple times, I dream that im sitting in a car and nones driving, but the car just keeps going.. it doesnt crash or anything.. but it just keeps driving.. its such a scary feeling

Example: What does my dream mean?

for the past couple nights ive been having dreams of everyone in my family dieing, most of them in car crashes, i dont why im having these dreams and its kind of freakin me out.. and i know that all dreams have a certain meaning to them on what your feeling and stuff like that but i dont know what this means can anyone explain to me what it meanss? pleasee

Example: Dream/Nightmare Meaning?

My girlfriend started having this dream about 3 months ago about some woman trying to take over her body and kill people/kill her. It went on for a couple nights then stopped. It starred back up about 1 week or so ago and now Im in the dream, whenever this lady appears it is when Im with her.
Does anybody have any ideas as to what this means or to what could possibly cause a dream like this?

Serious answers only please.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I had a nightmare I'd say. It was about me moving schools. I ended up moving to a ghetto school. It was so poor, they couldnt afford ceiling tiles. I ended up getting beatup several times in the dream. It's interesting because in real life, I want to move schools(even though it's a wealthy school, I hate the kids there). I also had a dream that I almost crashed in my neighborhood. I got the cops called on me. I ended up trying to flee to my house.(I'm 16). These are probably the worst dreams I've had for a while even because they seemed so real!

Example: What does dreams mean?

What does nightmares mean? Or any other dream mean? Does it involve in your future?

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