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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

I had a dream that my landlord lived next door, and I went over there and stole vegetables. Then, I took her car and parked it in my driveway. She came home and saw the car in my driveway, and accused me of eating her grandma. I didn't remember eating the grandma, but everyone was mad at me and I got arrested for it. The grandma survived and I had to buy her a painting and a pool as my punishment. WHY WHY WHY would I dream something like this? I haven't even seen my landlord since we moved in 3 months ago!

Quite likely, nothing.

While pop-culture would have us believe differently,

"very, very little in dreams deals with the events of the day. Often there is some little leftover from the day, first noticed by Freud and named "day residue," but the rest of the dream is a story that does not deal with actual events." - G. William Domhoff; dreamresearch (see link below)

What seems to happen in dreams is that some component of the thoughts or experiences one has during the day are included to a small extend during the early part of each dream phase. However, during the dream, one's subconscious mind takes over and weaves a story that likely has nothing to do with real events or even one's real desires, and is simply a "story", often non-sensical. (see link below)

When I have a lucid, weird, or particularly disturbing dream, I remind myself that "I'm not responsible for what I dream".

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at home when I decided to head over to Bethel about 56 miles away. I just walked out of the door and literally flew. Not telekinetically like in the movies, more like a muscle you could control. I could speed up, slow down, do sharp turns, barrel roll, etc. I was flying full speed when I ran into another flyer who wanted a race. We flew up to Bethel after that. It seemed so real as in I could feel the wind and the g-forces. Is there a way I could have this dream again?

Example: What do pregnancy dreams mean?

I been feeling my body changing and j just have a strong feeling I'm pregnant. I missed my period and I still havent gotten it yet. So my future mother in law bought me a pregnancy test which came out negative. I have the other one that im saving to take again in 2 weeks. But, lately I been having dreams that im either a tellin my fiance that im pregnant or im telling the family whuch they seemed all happy for but. Im afraid that he might not want to keep it

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream i got ready and got a cup of hot coffee and my dad was in one of his moods and yelling at my mom and screaming at her i got sick and tired of him acting like that i then threw hot coffee in his face and then i went to check the mail and i saw a autograph in the mail from a actress i,m a fan of with a question i asked her and her answer on it what does this dream mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

I now and then have weird dreams most of them are about kissing a guy, (different ones tho) I've never met them and other things happen in my dream. E.g my family are in it and they are looking up and finding info out about these guys and one I had last nite was about a guy who I don't no he told me his name and he just started being nice to me and then kisses me it was a nice kiss, but then the dream changes and suddenly I'm eating this dead persons finger ? What does it mean cuz I find out that this boy is a murderer and I see who he murdererd and my dream ends up me walking out a hospital and then I wake up ? Weird what does it all mean.

Example: Does your dream really mean the opposite?

I heard that if you dream that someone that your love one boyfriend g-f husbad whoever is cheating on you, then that they really means that they are really in in love with you. <thats just an example> here is more

dying-birthand <etc.>

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I have a recurring theme that I am in a house (sometimes my own, sometimes other's) where the rooms are very hazardous, difficult and uncomfortable to get in and out of.

For example, sometimes you have to squeeze through a tiny tunnel (very claustrophobic) or there will be a 5' leap from one room to the next, or there are no stairs and you have to make a 15' jump or climb. Or the floor boards just end and there's a drop-off. the worst is having to crawl through small spaces, because I'm claustrophobic in real life.

There are usually others around who seem to enter and exit these spaces with no issue, so I don't mention it, I just keep trying to maneuver around the best I can.

Regardless of the dream, it seems that I am usually in structures that have this problem.

Example: Does this dream have any meaning?

I had a dream the other night about my mother who is deceased and the woman I love who I lost. The two of them were spending time together in a school. The dream was for two days...The first day I was hugging the woman I love so tightly with my mom looking on. They were both wearing white. The second day of the dream my mom wasn't there but i went back to the school looking for the woman I love and was told she wasn't there that day. I asked where she was and was told she was in court with her ex-boyfriend. The dream felt like it was so real that I could have touched and kissed my mom. I am asking this question because the woman that I love was always very interested in learning about my mother. I haven't seen her in a year but there have been some crazy things happening in my life that seem to be drawing me back to her. I have also been having a recurring dream where her and I are either in a school or hospital together and she usually yells at me in the hospital or just wants to sit together or hug when we are in the school. I have never tried to read into a dream before but I am curious about this one. Thanks

Example: What does my dream mean? Help asap!?

Ive been having this dream for 4 nights now, and im super scared! Im 14 and i recently got asked to tolo(yay me!) but ive been having this dream. So im in a ar, i jave no idea whos driving, but everyone is happy, but then we get in a car wreck, idk if i see the car or what but then the next thing i know, i wake up and im in a hospital. My doctor is there and my mom is crying. The doctor tells me that ill never walk again, and that ill be stuck in a wheel chair for the rest of my life. Then i have visions of me in a wheel chair and how i live. Tjen i wake up! And ive had it 4 nights now, andim super scared! Also ive had 2 deja vus in two days, and the visions i got for the deja vus were six moths ago, but i havent gotten any new visions for the future! Please gelp, and no crap like your high or something, i need actual advice.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream one night about a haunted house that was old, worn down and vacant. I was told by everyone not to go into the house no matter what. Or even get near it. But i was still curious about it and had decided to go to the haunted house and check it out. I got to where the porch was and then all of a sudden an old hag lady comes from behind me and said for me to leave. I looked at her as she pulled a white string on the ceiling in the porch and then all these skeletons fell to the floor.

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