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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have had this dream and I don't know what it means. I was at the beginning at a hiking trail with friends, a big group like six people. You know the area where theres dirt and all the cars are parked before the trail begins, except no one else was there but us. The trail was very long and ran to the top of the mountain which was not super high but very long. It looked like a jungle but no exotic plants just big trees like oaks, more like a forest. We started the journey and I could see us all walking from a movie point of view like i was watching a movie. Then we were all in this house that was in the forest. It was huge, like a mansion. It wasn't nice looking, it was very choppy and open and had many hallways that where very long and had lots of room. It was new looking but had a weird fake feeling to it. The walls were all sorts of colors like red and blue. We discovered someone was dangerous among us, like this one guy was a criminal or something and he had disappeared in the house. So half stayed down stairs and I was up stairs with that guy, i didn't hear everyone saying he was dangerous. He was telling me someone else is in the house that is dangerous and we need to look for them. We were upstairs going down long hallways, then I started to feel very uncomfortable with him and nervous and could feel something was wrong, I just knew then that something was off about him. I got downstairs with all the others but he followed along. Then a couple other people from the group joined the guy I was with and it was obvious they were all dangerous besides half of us including me. I think they were killers but there was no indication. We saw out a window of the house, cops at that beginning area of the trail where my dream first started. We could see them because the house was high up in the mountain. We started running back down to them. They were telling us to hurry but then my dream ended. Weird right? never watched anything or any TV. that I could of picked up scenes, all totally random.

It seems to me that there is someone in your circle of friends that you do not trust. In fact, it seems you feel as though this person might have malicious intent. Do you think they're trying to murder you? Probably not; however, your dream might be saying you believe this person is trying to destroy or kill something of great value to you (e.g. Something you live for).
As for the cops approaching the house before the end of your dream... Perhaps it means you're contemplating about telling the authorities? Or someone you trust and believe has the power to do something?

Example: What does my dream mean?

A couple nights ago I had a dream that I was going toward the light it wasn't a white light though it was like yellowish but it wasn't peaceful either I felt like I was being forced and every-time I would get near the light I would like awake it happened like twice then I ended up going into the light and I liked died in the dream and didnt come back alive till I woke up in the morning. What does this mean? I'm kinda freaked out.

Example: Do these dreams mean something?

Ok so i have these really weird dreams that im in a house. A really big house. Ive almost been in every room and the dreams are so detailed. The house is haunted npt like halloween scarey but real only some rooms seem like that. In one room i saw my dad get killed by someone. I also saw one of my class mates get killed. outside the house there is a lake. Ive been in the basement more then once. For some reason i keep going back to the top floor but im not ever all the way there i get like half way up the stairs then it ends and every time i get closer. Please tell me if it means something or if it means just nothing

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that me & my best friend were visiting each-other, & she was having a bad day, then we went back to my place & I wanted to show her something but there was some guy that caught my eye, so we started talking to him... then in the end she got mad that I wasn't trying to help her feel better, as much & I remember her words perfectly in my dream... 'Goodbye my angel..' she said before she left.

Is there a meaning behind this dream? Because it was an absolute nightmare for me, since me & her are VERY close.

Example: What does this dream mean...>>>?

I am locked in a room with a television and a VCR...there is a woman dressed like a nurse who keeps playing Barney the Purple Dinosaur episodes over and over and I'm dressed in a green g-string... any significance here ?

Example: When you dream, do your dreams have meaning?

What is dreaming and why do we do it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that this boy in my school who i barely know asked me out. And i wasn't even thinking about him before i went to sleep. I don't really get it and my friend said that maybe a boy was gonna ask me out.

Example: Does this dream mean something?

it's been 4 days after i dreamed this and it's still stuck in my head clear as day

i was in school, sat with a girl i know, had sexual intercourse with her, then all of the sudden i was holding a baby in my hands, i couldn't stop crying i was in such emotion in my dream, i was kissing her and i was kissing the baby that turned out to be a son, later i was holding the baby close to me on my way home, i was scared of hurting him or anyone else hurting him so i tried to protect him until i got home.

there is a little connection in this dream and that is: the girl in my dream is the only girl in my school that has given birth to a child, i am not attracted to her at all but in my dream i was hugging her, kissing her, having sex with her and holding our baby together!

when i look back on my dream of the baby i get slightly emotional over it still and i get a gut feeling about it, i keep thinking that i should have protected the baby but it's all a dream!? but im subconsciously thinking that i have let myself down for protecting the baby! i feel so guilty! i feel emotional about being a father!

im the type of guy that does not want to take actions or responsibilities e.g. a father until im at least in my early 20's and financially stable

Example: Whats this dream mean?

the boys mom called and said that the boy i liked was in love with me and i was like OK and she said welcome to the family i was at the fair with the boy i like and (our fair is in town for a week)he asked me to go i said yes and it was just me and him we rode on the Farris wheel a few times he kissed me and then we went to play games thats when i woke up i need help on what it means and it seemed so real

Example: Dream experts, what does it mean..?

lately, i've been having dreams of people in my family dying. first, it was my mother, who i am not close with, then it was my grandpa, who i am very close with, he's been the one to fill the father role in my life since i was born, and i think of him as such.

i've had similar dreams, but it's been a few years since.


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