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Dream About Fulfilling One'S Needs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

I've been having a couple of weird dreams this week. The first one was that I was in hiding because the a coup d'etat happened and they (the government) were looking for me because they wanted to execute me (pretty weird huh?) and yesterday I dreamt something that made me feel really good when I woke up. It was about me meeting this girl on a Depeche Mode gig and we totally connected and as time passed we would be together and she would say that she loved me. I kinda remember the face and she was really pretty. I've had this kind of dream a couple of times but in different circumstances.

Does it mean anything?

Serious dreaming...

The first dream was you looking through somebody else's eyes in a real life event occurring at the time of the dream. I have these all the time, and if they are about somebody nearby to me they always come true. There have been 2 Coup de Tats in Asian countries in the past 3 weeks in the world, what do you think was your connection to the person in the dream?

Maybe the first dream person is somehow connected to the person in the second dream?

The second dream could be like the first, you seeing through somebody else's eyes, or it could be your own future, or she could represent a country, or a creative source, like a muse. Try to figure out through the symbolism who or what. There could be a connection that is important to you. For instance, what comes to mind when you think of DePeche Mode? The word "Mode" is the most suggestive, but it could have something to do with music or a style of music. Maybe your "muse" is telling you that a type of politically based grass roots music will be expressed through you or your ideas. In the dream, SHE loved YOU, so she sought you out, not the other way around. If the spirit seeks you out, embrace her and try to fulfill her need. Countries, peoples, races, religions, belief systems, politics, geographical areas can all have "spirits", almost in a literal way. Like the "Spirit of St. Louis", the American Spirit, the spirit of the American people, etc. The people of New Orleans have a spirit that is depressed right now, but she has been exhuberant and beautiful. Maybe music can help to restore her.

It never seems to matter what sex I am in prophetic dreams, I can be looking through the eyes of anyone. (The weirdest was being a guy during the conception of his second son, [I'm female]. It turned out to be my next door neighbors, and yes the child was male and born exactly nine months later.)

Good Luck.

It is a good thing to explore your dreams and your creative subconscious, for therein are revealed the hopes of the world and the ideas of future promise.

Example: Very SYMBOLIC DREAM Meaning(s)?

I had a dream that I was in my kitchen, and there were two spotted chicken eggs. They were very small in size, and they were contained in a tall glass. I was holding a zippo lighter under the glass (probably to heat them up) and suddenly, the top egg cracked open, and a fully grown chicken popped out. I ran to my bedroom which was exaggerated in size and messiness, and the chicken ran into the mess. Mt mom was very angry and threatened to kick me out.

What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

While i was on holiday, I had a really worrying dream. It was also quite a funny one! I would just like to know if anyone has any idea what it might mean. I have my thoughts, but think i might just be worrying about nothing...

So, i was with a group of people. We were young, school aged, and we had various outdoor activities to do. We had to push a flying fox so it would reach the other end. We also had to think of something as we pushed it. I thought about my dad, who ive not see in over 25 years, since i was 5. When the flying fox made it to the other end, a care bear appeared. i was told "that is interesting, you better ask about that at the next stage. it might not be good".

The next stage was a visit to a tree house. As i made it into the tree house, i started feeling a sharp pain in the rear, right side of my back. the lady i needed to speak to noticed my pain and was worried. the closer i got to her the more i struggled. i passed out and felt like i was falling backwards out of the tree. at that point i woke up and was upset. i instantly thought that there is something wrong with my dad. i dont want to get in touch but its been playign on my mind... was wondering if anyone can help explain my random dream?

Example: What does this dream mean..?

Ok so i had this dream..this kid i like picked me up and was carrying me and said "you're in Gods arms", then we were randomly at my house in my basement i was flirting with him and my best friends got made at me cause she liked him. what does this dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning...?

I had a dream about someone I love (not a family member), but they were in love with someone else.
Does this mean anything?

Example: What does the "American Dream" mean to you (Foreigners first)?

I'm working in a research paper and need some information from people all over the world what they think is the "American Dream". So go if you might know somebody who is not American (You can leaven an answer as American too) or live there ask him/her if he/she would be so kind to write don't his/her thoughts about this topic :)

And if you would not mind write down the country you are from.

Example: Reaccuring Dream, What does it mean?

Ok the dream starts out with me in a bathing suit walking through a hall like at a public pool leading from the locker room to the pool area, I can hear people laughing and splashing in the water and sometimes i even get to where I can see them, but once i reach the pool they are gone and it is empty, no water even. then I circle the pool, and its full, and I am looking for a way to get in, unable to get in for some reason and i reach the shallow end and it's empty again, but filling up slowly.
Then I turn away and go back in to use the restroom... either its in the locker room and its huge like hundreds and hundreds of stalls, only it takes forever to find one I can use, either its broken or someone is in it, and when I finally find a toilet I can use I close the stall door and sit down, as soon as i sit, the stall door is either so short everyone can look in, or there is no stall door, and everything gets super quite and everyone looks at me, a lot of people... or once i go in to look for a bathroom there are halls and halls of a ton of individual bathrooms but i cannot find one that works! So I am never able to relieve myself... finally i am all of a sudden trying to wash a load of clothes, and I can never find a washing machine that works right, or it breaks after I get the load going... and it can take a ton of time, and a bunch of different washers before I even find one to start a load in...

in the ones where i am looking for an empty or working stall in the locker room there are always tons of people around. but when i am looking for the individual restrooms the place is always empty, just me

What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean...it's really weird?

Last night, I dreamed that I was tutoring a special needs kid. He wasn't retarded, but he had behavioral problems. He started acting out and used the bathroom everywhere, and then he shot other students. Later, he confessed it was me he meant to kill, maybe because of jealousy. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean!?

I had a dream that i woke up, and there was this homeless man sitting on my nightstand right beside my bed! He was sleeping on it! So i said hey what are you doing in my house.. then he walked down stairs and starting making a huge mess in my living room and kitchen. No one else was home except for me and this guy. I was so scared! So i went back up stairs into the bathroom and dialed 911. In the bathroom there was music blasting really loudly and i had no idea where it was coming from, i could barely hear the dispatcher on the phone! She said the police would be here in 5 minutes, she even said my address and everything ( it felt so real!) Then she asked me if i wanted him in jail or just a fine .. So i went back downstairs and he was washing all the bread in my house in the sink... and there was piles and piles of crackers on the counter..

After that i just woke up because i was so freaked out..

What did this mean!?!

Example: What does it mean to dream about climbing a high bridge?

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