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Dream About Frothing At The Mouth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this poem mean?!?

Portrait of a Boy

AFTER the whipping, he crawled into bed;
Accepting the harsh fact with no great weeping.
How funny uncle's hat had looked striped red!
He chuckled silently. The moon came, sweeping
A black frayed rag of tattered cloud before 5
In scorning; very pure and pale she seemed,
Flooding his bed with radiance. On the floor
Fat motes danced. He sobbed; closed his eyes and dreamed.

Warm sand flowed round him. Blurts of crimson light
Splashed the white grains like blood. Past the cave's mouth 10
Shone with a large fierce splendor, wildly bright,
The crooked constellations of the South;
Here the Cross swung; and there, affronting Mars,
The Centaur stormed aside a froth of stars.
Within, great casks like wattled aldermen 15
Sighed of enormous feasts, and cloth of gold
Glowed on the walls like hot desire. Again,
Beside webbed purples from some galleon's hold,
A black chest bore the skull and bones in white
Above a scrawled "Gunpowder!" By the flames, 20
Decked out in crimson, gemmed with syenite,
Hailing their fellows by outrageous names
The pirates sat and diced. Their eyes were moons.
"Doubloons!" they said. The words crashed gold. "Doubloons!"

What is being compared/contrasted in this poem, and what does it mean?

The reality is he was whipped by his uncle. That is contrasted with his dream of being with pirates

His view of the floor with dust motes is contrasted with his dream view of constellations and Mars

I believe the moon out his window is associated with poverty (frayed rag) while the moon in his dream is associated with gold and Doubloons.

The reality is he was whipped by his uncle. The reality is he draws his only satisfaction from the fact that the blood from his back stained the hat his uncle used to whip him with. The reality is it is night. The reality is he sees a moon but no stars. The reality is his room is dusty.

In his dream everything is more romantic. Sand, a cave, stars and constellations, food , golden cloth, purples(?), Skull and bones, Gunpowder, "Decked out in crimson, gemmed with syenite," outrageous names, gambling, and Doubloons.

The boy distracts himself from the pain and humiliation by creating a dream world that is enchanting.

I am sure there is more. I hope this helps.

Example: Dream about winning $8000 with a scratch off ticket, getting bullied, and then killing a dog. What's it mean?

Last night, I dreamt that I went to a convenience store and bought a scratch off ticket. The clerk scratched the ticket for me, while I kept my eyes glued to his face because I was scared to look at the ticket. Soon, a look of surprise came over him, so I looked at the ticket and saw I had won $8,500. I gave the clerk a 500 dollar tip and he gave me the rest in 20 dollar bills. Then I told my mom I had won.

At this point I woke up in real life, and wrote down the details of the dream because I once heard a story about a lady who won the lottery after dreaming about winning the lottery. This dream was weird because in real life I believe the lottery is a scam.

Then, I went back to sleep cause it was the middle of the night, and I had another dream. In this one, I told my brother about the dream I had had earlier. I convinced him to come with me to the a convenience store to buy scratch off tickets with me. However, this time he won millions of dollars and didn't win anything. Since I had convinced him to buy the ticket, I managed to talk him into giving me 8000 dollars out of the millions he had won. So anyways, I ditch him and go outside where it's snowing. Outside there are tons of kids walking around and getting bullied by other, larger kids. I get the feeling that I am one of little kids, and am proven correct when larger kid shoots a firework gun at me. At this point of the dream I begin feeling scared and kind of pathetic. Anyways, so I go to this house where this Mexican gangster guy is talking to this girl. And the guy starts trying to intimidate me, so I run away and he begins making fun of me while I run away.

I run to this house where a family is having a formal dinner, and am shocked to discover that there are big rabid dogs in the house. At this point, I am an adult again (I'm in my 20s in real life). First one of the dogs bites the 'gangster' guy who had bullied me earlier, and he leaves. Then they bite my little sister, and she leaves. And then I go to the kitchen to eat dinner. At this time, the dogs begin growling at me and one tries to bite me. So I yell at it and pretend like I'm going to hit it, and it immediately dies. My mother who is at the table with me tells me to stop, and she gets really embarrassed that I killed these people's dog. However there are still three more dogs, all barking at me and frothing at the mouth like they're about to tear me apart, so I do it again, and end up killing all the old ladies dogs. Then the old lady who owns the dogs and everyone else starts starts getting mad at me, so I just go off and start yelling something like. "WHEN I WAS A LITTLE KID I WAS ALMOST KILLED BY A RABID DOG. THIS IS YOUR FAULT. WHO KEEPS RABID DOGS IN THEIR HOUSE" etc. At this point I felt really angry and was cussing and insulting everyone around me, which was a really cathartic experience. Then, the old lady kicks me out of the house and then when we're alone tells me that she used to be really angry like me once. She said, "all my life up until 16 minutes ago, I was angry just like you."

Then she left me alone. Outside, smaller kids were still getting bullied by larger kids with fireworks, but at this point I seemed immune. I was an adult now. So I looked up into the sky and realized there were planes flying everywhere above me. All different kinds too: large planes, fighter jets, private planes. And I felt really at calm and at peace. The end.

Example: Crazy animal dream? Any interpretations would be great.?

Please bear with me, it's not a perfectly remembered dream but some of the parts really stuck and it doesn't make great sense and any particular plot line it might've had is lost down the memory hole.
1. I was very scared and I was outside. There was the silhoutte of a horse galloping in the sky, very high up but easily visible. It was getting dark and the clouds were swirling but the horse was galloping across the sky from left to right. I pointed at it and told the people I was with but they couldn't see it. I went inside and I can't remember what else happened except this was absolutely dreadful and terrifying.
2. I was holding a huge bird like a parrot and it was almost featherless and dying in my arms. Heartbreaking.
3.I was holding a snake and trying to set it free. When I put it down, I felt something in my mouth. It was a long snake and I pulled it out and out until almost the end and it felt stuck on my uvula. I was afraid it was going to tear my uvula and I woke up gagging

Example: Does this dream have any meaning at all?

The other night I had a dream where I was clearing houses in suburban Vietnam (in the middle of the jungle btw) with a squad American of troops dressed in gear that was typically worn during the Vietnam war. So I'm assuming the dream was based in that time period. Anyways, every house I cleared was empty except for one house's basement when a large white furry dog ran up the stairs at me. I panicked and fired my shotgun at the dog hitting it square in the face. The dog was uninjured and unperturbed as it ran passed me, stopped at the top of the stairs and urinated on the wall. My attention was fixated on the urine as it ran down the wall in disappeared between the floorboards.

After I left the house I rejoined the rest of my squad beside a small creek in a sunny clearing on the jungle's edge. One of the men in the squad started to scream in pain and shake uncontrollably. He soon fell to the ground and tried tearing his fatigues off on the edge of the creek. The screaming got louder as his torso began to expand and the exposed skin started to turn slightly translucent, split and tear exposing a dark, hard mass beneath. Life soon left him as the mass tearing its way out took the shape of an expanding cockroach roughly the size of the man's torso. The cockroach appeared to be lying on its back and dead. The head, and torn shreds was all that was left of the soldier's body.

The rest of the squad, me included, stood beside the corpse in shocked silence. Until the cockroach's mouth began to froth and bubble. Slowly, a smaller version of the cockroach began to pull its way free of the mandibles and crawl on the belly of the deceased bug. One of the soldiers at my side freed himself from shock and reached down to pick up the "small" cockroach (which was actually no smaller than the soldier's hand). He held it in front of him and the cockroach started to slowly crawl down the man's arm and work it's way up his neck to his chin. The bug then began to pull itself into the man's mouth and down his throat. After the lump in the man's throat made it into his chest, he began to scream and shake in the same way as the first soldier. He fell to the ground and the exact sequence of events happened (like the first soldier).

That's when I woke up. I'm not a soldier, I'm not old enough to have been in the Vietnam War, nor have I ever been to Vietnam.

Example: Dream about a friend being drugged?

What does this dream mean>?
We are both 27. My girlfriends mum had a dream that we were all at a party and and my drink was spiked. She explained that I was frothing at the mouth and sweating A LOT and almost green in colour. They were trying to get me to come home because I was out of control.HELP.
I do not take drugs and never surrounded by them. My gf has 2 brothers and her parents are still together.

Example: Interpreters...please answer...same question?

Well, I was on the phone with my ex-husband's significant other trying to get her to give him the phone because I was lost and in despair. She did not. He did not care.

I was driving in my dream luxury car (Black Lexus) in a state of sadness and disappointment. I consciously turned into an area that looked like the dirt, but was water. My vehicle submerged into the water. I was in danger! I had to think! I slowly raised my window down and swam out the water. The top of the water was a cream-colored, froth-like substance. I got out, and kept going looking for my husband.

Whats the cream-colored, froth-like substance mean?

(BACKGROUND: My husband was repeatedly abusive- I left, got involved with a bipolar manic, he left me, I recently communicated with my ex-husband one time. It has been almost eight months)

Example: How does drowning to death feel?

I've heard that your lungs go on fire and your lungs burst and you internally bleed to death? I think when I was younger I almost drowned in the ocean - I was very very panicky but at the same time I think I felt like I was ready to die like going into a dream state..any one know what I mean? Just curious as I do not see this question being answered would like to know thanks!

Example: Suggest me New forest adventure films with beautiful,romantic and adventure films...?

like anaconda and crocodile movies and is there any other movies please suggest me...if possible torrent links also...Thank you.

Example: I''m 14 and still sleep with a stuffed animal?

Well, not really stuffed. It's one sock monkey attached to another lol.

Anyway, I'm 14 years old, I am a guy, and i still sleep with them by my side at night. I would probably die if anything happened to them. My father died when I was 6 and I have never really been around a lot of men who gave me advice and did fatherly things and whatnot. I mean, I have a stepdad, but he doesn't know about my sock monkeys lol.

But is that OK? I mean I understand if you tease me about it, just please try and refrain.

Example: I don''t know what happened or what it means?

I was out with some friends, we were stood near an ice skating rink and i knew perfectly where i was. All of a sudden i felt dizzy and i couldnt recognise the place i was in. my vision was a bit blurry. And the next thing i knew i woke up in an ambulance with my friend next to me. I thought i was dreaming till the paramedic asked me if i knew where i was, I said no, he asked me if i knew what happened, I said no. he asked me if i knew my relative's number that he could call and i said yes so i gave it to him. he told me not to fall asleep and i dont know if i did or not. the next thing i remember i was in a hospital bed in ER. This is what i felt like: the right side of my tongue was all full of cuts and bloody. my back, top of my shoulders and top of my legs hurt alot. and my memory was blurry. My friends who were with me said that at the time i was stood still, then i turned around and fell to the ground. My whole body was shaking and my mouth was frothing then i lost consciousness. The doctors said i had an epileptic sizure but i'm not epileptic! Anyone know why this happened and what it means?

if it helps, the night before i only had 4 hours sleep, i woke up in the morning and only drank tea, later on about a couple of hours later i had a vitamin c drink but only half then all this happened. and during the days before i was quite stressed with exams and family issues. If you need more details i'll add it to additional details.

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