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Dream About Frog meanings

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Example: What does this dream about frogs mean?

Last night I dreaming about taking off my shoes and then I found one little black frog in my shoe I though it was a flu because it was so little but when I looked back at my shoe there were about 3 other frogs in it.
What could this dream mean?

I'd say it's a very personal dream - in that you need to look at what all the symbols mean to you. Were you grossed out? Scared? Curious? How obsessed are you with shoes? That kind of thing. Just from what you gave me I'd say that there's some small self-conscious issue you're not consciously aware of. Like (for sake of example) You're wearing a new color shirt and deep down it's bugging you and you don't know why, but if you really looked back you'd remember some rude lady at a store 15 years ago that wore that color. That kind of thing. lol

Example: What my dreams mean?

I saw the dream interpretation section and I thought it was cool.
A few dreams from me, short to fit as little in details as possible.
1. I wake up, walk down the hall and see my (ex, now)computer teacher watching M*A*S*H on my computer. I say hello and make some little chitchat and then I walk down to our kitchen. I see my family as I get breakfast, and I look out the window, and see some treefrogs. I turn away, eating/drinking standing up. Cuts outside of our house, to president saying to 'blow up the area' and then back to us. I turn back around, eyes wide, and look at the treefrogs who then proceed to telepathically talk to the president and, with their minds, blow us up. The dream ends with a zoom-in on the treefrogs.

2. Simple: There is a bowl with my hands in it. I am eating my hands. They taste like strawberries.

3.I'm at a mall with my class and parents, all of us have shoppingcarts. Suddenly one of my classmate's parents (who I never met) turned into a dinosaur!

Example: What does my dream mean?

lately I've been having allot of dreams like about parties and one was about me seeing 3 frogs in front of my house and I was in a white dress chasing them and last night I had a that me and a good friend were at some type of park or carnival anyways it was a place with allot of people and it was out side. And out of no where I randomly said I need a F**k buddy ( I don't know why I said that) so I was going around asking guys if they would be my F**k buddy. Then later on in the dream me and allot of friends bought allot of really pretty cakes at that park or carnival I was at and put them in a garage. What does that all mean.

Example: What does my WEIRD dream mean?

I was in a hospital with two of my friends. The guy who was sick was actually john cena (wtf?!?). The doctors were all like, "to make him better, we'll have to give him steroids?!?!?!?" Then all of a sudden one of my friends is all like I'm going to take steroids?!?!? Also I was trying to get a good look at john in the hospital bed but I couldn't because my other friend told me he was naked?!?!? ok...WTF?!?!

Example: What does it mean if u dream about frogs?

My mother had a dream that she was going in to school and she and a friend and they each had a fro g in a box. The frogs kept multiplying and getting bigger and bigger and frog one of the frog ran up my mother's dress and attacked her and pulled of her bra . What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of these animals? (Snake, Frogs, Alligators)?

I had a dream that me and 2 of my friends were in this pond/swamp thing and while we were inside i could see inside the water, the water was clear, and i saw a WHOLE bunch of snakes swimming around and also alligators. I saw one frog with HUGE eyes it looked weird... but i only saw that one frog though. One of the snakes were trying to bite me but i ran so it didnt get to. Also while we were in the pond/swamp my friends seemed really calm and i was the only one that was freaking out about the snakes. whats this dream mean?

Example: I had a dream about an alligator and frog, does anyone know what it could mean?

Okay, I had this weird dream last night. I was fishing in a small pond, and all the sudden something was on my line. I pull it in, and it is a frog, so I decide to take the frog off and keep fishing. I reach down to take the frog off, and it bites me. I look down, and the frog has huge pointy teeth. So, I decide to throw the line back in with the frog on it, and try to catch an alligator with the frog. Then, I woke up.

Example: I been having dreams about snakes, alligators and frogs chasing me. Please tell me what it mean?

Lately I have seen a lot of reptiles in my dreams and I don't know what it could mean. The scene: I'm at a gathering at someone's house it's dark I'm leaving by myself and I realize once I get outside I'm surrounded my different types of reptiles. Alligators are slowly walking towards me little frogs jumping everywhere. Turn around and see from the path I just walk there is a huge python like snake there. Try to hurry and jump in the car there is already another python snake in my car as well. So I just run and all the reptiles just takes chase. Someone please tell me why I keep having this dream? Lord knows I'm terrified of snakes but I feel it has to mean something more than just my fear for them.

Example: What do strange dreams mean?

I have been having the strangest dreams lately and I've been remembering them very very vividly. Usually I am remembering the ones I have right before I wake up.

This morning, I dreamed my mom moved into a house that was part of an old brick bridge, and there was a large claw coming out of the ceiling of her fireplace, looked like a snow crab leg, so we ripped it off whatever it was and tried to get the thing out but it never came out. Later in the dream which ended up being a year or so later, the animal fell out of the ceiling and it was a deformed frog which was missing its claw. There was also some kind of deformed fish, and we realized the bridge had been abandoned because of some kind of chemicals in the water.

The other morning I had an incredibly realistic dream I had my co-worker and longtime friend's baby, secretly and very premature.

Something weird every morning... what does this mean?

I have been on a low-carb diet for about a week now if anyone thinks that has any relevancy... and I drink maybe one glass of wine a night.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a frog?

I had a dream that I was outside and there was a frog sitting right beside the air condition.My big toe touched the frog but the frog did not jump. all of a sudden the Frog begin to have a baby crabs. I also read that frog symbolize fertility so what could this mean?

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