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Dream About Fraternity meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about the devil?

One time I had a dream about the devil,He was looking like a normal human and he asked me to dance with him and I knew that if I say yes then I won't be accepted in heaven anymore but I said yes and we danced after that I woke up that was the end of my dream and I forget about it but after a few years I dreamed that I died and my soul was on her way to heaven and I almost made it but then suddenly a devil's hand grab my soul and didn't want to let her go to heaven his hand was black with sharp claws that's when I woke up,Does anyone know what could those too dreams mean and are they related?

It's not just a dream.
My grasp of what this means is if Satan asks you to dance, refuse. I had the same dream and in this dream I was invited to rush at a local elite fraternity but when I arrived way up in this mountains I was given a red robe and nude under this. I was driven in a limo to this secret location and the invitations were like parchment. I recall that several wore goat head rings upon their hands. They were tastefully done and small.
As we waited , a side door opened and I heard beautiful music which sounded hypnotic. I saw a satryr figure with goat hooves but he was handsome. I danced with him for a very long time and we were the only ones in this beautiful room.
I began to think something was worng because I felt I could not decide for myself about this fraternity.
I ran out the door at this point and down the mountain . I met a woman with calico coloured hair and she was beautiful and she offered me something to drink. I explained I did not know where I was but needed to find a way home. At this point I noticed she was also wearing the goat ring.She was not unpleasant and her hair matched her cat's hair.I am fond of cats.
I became alarmed and continued down this mountain when the limo approached me and said I had been sent the wrong invitation and they brought me home safely.
I was not a person who watched or read stories about such things and this was many, many years ago. I do not actually think Satan has goat legs but he did play some kind of musical fife and I wanted to dance with him forever.
I recall being in my room and thinking about the other people on the mountain and the dream ended. I was 13 and I am now old.
Dreams open us up to another realm or dimension. Quantum physics supports this as do those who have dreamed of events years before they occurred.
I believe the last dream for you was a hollow threat. I would pursue God and learn about God and avoid those who discourage you . It appears you may have something of weight to do here and you have an obvious path to follow. God speed.
I later dreamed I was interviewing for a position in Heaven but had no job skills . I recall blurting in the interview /enter view that I had loved one another.
God looked at me and raised his eyebrow as if to say.. doubtsies and I suddenly woke up.
This was also prior to movies that have since been made like Oh God . You must realize I am closer to death than birth.
I felt the weight of this dream and why I might be a good candidate for a position in spite of having no religion practiced within my home.

Example: What does it mean when you throw up blood in a dream?

So the dream goes:

I'm sitting in a large gymnasium. I'm not sure what the speaker is talking about, but my ex girlfriend is sitting a few rows in front of from me. The reality is, she broke up with me and I had to move away. In the dream I get this feeling of confidence and I start thinking that she's going to acknowledge how much better I'm doing. Next thing I know my nose starts bleeding. I run to the bathroom and I try to throw up blood, only it won't come out. Like a loogey I can't hock up, I'm trying to throw up this blood. Next thing I know, I reach into my throat and rip open a sack like pocket in the back of my throat, and blood comes out. An old fraternity brother comes in the bathroom stall behind me and is laughing, so I elbow him in the stomach and he leaves. Then I go outside to the water fountain and continue bleeding out of my nose and mouth. Finally I wake up.

So... What explanations can you give me? I woke up feeling very high anxiety, but eventually I calmed down.

Example: Anyone have an idea what these dreams could mean?

So I've been having really strange dreams for the past month. A lot of them are repetitive and are following the same themes. I have sort of a feeling that they're telling me I should do something, like intuition or something. I talked with some of my friends and on other forums about them and some of them started to make sense to me, but other ones I'm not really sure if I want to believe them.

1. I've had a number of dreams about being in church (I'm catholic). One dream actually came true (sort of) later on; in the dream I played some piano piece called Gymnopedie or something. Others involved some liturgy or mass going on at church, but I was afraid to go because I hadn't gone to confession.

2. A lot of other dreams have involved this professional coed fraternity i pledged last year (but got voted out of). I have dreams of pledging again and either making it in, or being at some event near the end. And for some reason, there's this girl from there who has been appearing in a lot of my dreams, even though we didn't exactly get along back then. These dreams I'm sort of unsure about, because they tell me things I don't think are really true, but I'm still having the dreams nonetheless.

3. One dream I had, I had a bunch of these fever thermometers; I was taking my temperature over and over again or something and arranging the thermometers from left to right according to temperature readouts from highest to lowest. They ranged from 109 to the low 50's, and the lower-temperature ones I associated with feelings of animosity and betrayal.

4. I had a dream in which my mother died by falling out the back of a pickup truck, which became apparent near the end of the dream. It was weird, because I knew she was dead for most of the dream and even though the death was sort of mundane in retrospect, all the feelings of grief and stuff were there in the dream.

5. Okay, last dream. whew, this is getting long. So I was at my old college campus (i transferred last year) and there was some sort of event happening that involved people from my new school. Some of them were football players (my old college didn't have a football team). anyway, we went to some auditorium for an assembly or something, and I was sitting on risers or something with a group of people on stage; in front of me my cousin sang this song and played it on the piano and I started crying.

Any thoughts or ideas? I'm still sort of confused and not really sure about most of these dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that people from a group i was going to join about 4 years ago where with people fromt he group i am in now. I am talking fraternities. I was going to join one about 4 or 5 years ago but it got really intense trying to get in, all of my friends dropped and i ended up dropping, i never really thought of the guys again, ever. I then went to a new school and joined a frat/group i've been in and love the guys in for 4 years or so. I had a dream where i vividly saw every person from the original group, i would have otherwise never thought of or remembered these people. they wehre at the house of the new group i am in. when i went downstairs they all turned there back to me and made remarks at me. i intern was trying to make peace, at the same time my current group of friends faded away and i was left trying to make peace with the others. I never liked these guys and thats why i quit, i have NEVER thought about it either or regretted it or anything. Why now?

Example: What does it mean to dream seeing someone i dont know get shot?

i dreamt like i witnessed a frat war near school. i find it weird cos im not even associated or friends with any of the fraternities in school.

i dreamt i was inside my parked car near school, then i saw someone got shot point blank near my car. i screamed then the gunman & his companion from frat B heard it then looked at the windows of my tinted car. me & my friend were so scared. they didnt see us so they went to their car which was parked right beside my car. my friend immediately went to the driver's seat and drove my car. which was weird cos i remember telling her not to leave the place right away cos then the killer might know that someone witnessed what happened. but then when our car left, the car of the gunman didnt follow us. gunman might be from frat B

fast forward a few hours, still terrified with what happened, i was in this condo right in front of my schol and i was in the company of frat A. i dont remember telling them that i saw the shooting incident but i had this feeling that they knew that i was there. then police came asking frat A if they had anything to do with the incident. the police showed a list of car plates and my car plate was on the list although some of the letters/digits were wrong but i knew it was my plate.

what does this dream mean? weirddd.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I went to visit my friend at college (I am a freshman at a community college and going away next year) and when I was "there" the following happened to me:

- I was hazed by men who forced me to get into my underwear and poured nail polish on me (at first I found it funny? but then didn't...)

- I was chased by men who shot my two friends then raped me and shaved my head

What gives?

Example: Can anybody tell me what my dream means?

Ok. Make the answer as simple as possible, please:

i was shopping with my mom and when we left, it was raining really hard. But the highlight was there was a fraternity and sorority and i started fighting them. Eventually, I bit an asian teen. he made a face at me and i started running as fast as i could and for the rest of the dream he chased me.

i have looked on other websites before about chase dreams but they didn't make sense.

Example: VERY strange, creepy suicide dream... does anyone know what it could mean?

I constantly have dreams about suicide but it's never me killing myself. I do have severe depression and have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder... so I don't know if this has anything to do with it.
But the suicide dream I had that stands out in my mind the most is one I had quite recently. There was about 20 young men sitting Indian style in a circle. They were in a Fraternity, very preppy and clean-cut. They had one gun, and one would shoot themselves in the head, kill themselves. The next boy in the circle would take the gun and shoot himself in the head killing himself. And so on. However, it got to one young man and he decided to 'experiment' and shoot himself in the cheekbone/jaw area to kill himself. Instead of dying instantly he started convulsing, with his eyes rolling in the back of his head. The frat boys all started CRACKING up and were pointing and laughing and saying stuff like 'AHH THAT'S SO COOL!'
Does anyone know what it means, it really disturbed me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago. I was in college, so I know it had to be the future. It was one of the colleges I have been accepted to, and I was in a fraternity party. It was a blacklight party, and I was hanging out with some guys who my dream self knew but I really didn't know. I was drunk as hell, and well, some girl came up to me and started flirting with me. We got into kissing and ended up having sex in the laundry room of the frat house.
Is this a premonition or what does this mean. I want to save my virginity for marriage, and so should I keep away from frat parties when I go to college? What does this mean?

Example: Define Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity Philosophically...?

define each one not according to the dictionary. what would each one mean in a utopian society?

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