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Dream About Frame Of A Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream mean?

ok, you should know this before you read my dream: I have been talking to a boy in a band [axxys] he was in light of doom, but now he's in axxys and that's fine with me, well it wasn't before, but i found out why. anyway, i love him sooo much and i'm the only one he talks to online, and we have never met in person. a few other people know him, and they have met him before and they are sure it is him on his profile, anyway, this is the dream: i was playing guitar with erik, [the guy that i like] and then i accidently bumped his hand with the guitar neck, and i said, "oh my gosh, are you ok?" and then he said, "yea, i'll be fine." and then i saw where he had been hit, and i put my hand over his, and i put my fingers in between the spaces of his. it was really romantic i have never held hands with a guy before, and that was the first time in a dream something like that has happened. i also got a picture in the dream of our hands, and i framed it, continued in additional details

I think it'd mean that either you like the guy and feel a connection to him (could just be friendship) or you want someone to be able to like.

You making the first move was about you liking him and perhaps you wishing you were more courageous with stufflike that. You thought in the dream that he'd brush you away - you're a little worried about rejection or not actually having anyone to like but as he didn't mind, you definitely hope that something could happen.

The picture that you got shows just how much something, a connection, or a romance, means to you, or how much it could mean.

Overall I think you're looking for some love -either friendship or a romantic relationship. I hope this helped!

Example: What does this odd odd dream mean?

I dreamt that a man (stranger) loaned me his dslr camera. It was quite fancy, then it turned into a camera made of an old wooden cigar box and somehow started to burn at a corner. There wasnt really a fire, just like red wood sort of embers. Then, my grandparents gave me a ride home from school and dropped me off 2 streets before my house. They took the camera to give back to the man. I was stuck at a small small hill, but i could not climb it. I was stuck at the bottom. Then once I was home i was lifted into the air like a foot above the ground, and i had to pull out the metal frame of a jeep wrangler from my backyard. The end. Haha, does anyone have any insight on my strange dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed of a man figure black silhouette, wearing a black hat, he kept sneaking up and I could see him coming my way, then the next thing i know it was like i turned and looked up, he was there touched my forehead and i immediately woke up. It has disturbed me all day.

Example: I had a dream of me, dying. What does it mean?

I found myself at a food court, I was also an adult, even though I'm supposed to be a teenager in reality. I was there talking to who I think is my close friend, he looked a little handsome, but also a bit dorky; he had dark brunette hair that curled a bit away from his face and bangs covering his large forehead. We were eating um... I think I was eating fries and he was eating a slice of pepperoni pizza. I took a sip of my large cup soda, and I felt a tug from my clothes and I look down on the chair next to me is a little boy, who looks about 6 years old, who looks nothing like me, but apparently I'm very close to him, like a mother I think. But I don't think I was married. I think the kid wanted me to go with him somewhere, because I stood up and told my friend, I would be back, and left holding the child's hand. We walked through crowds, and normally I hate crowds because it makes me nervous with a lot of people surrounding me, but I walked through the crowd anyway. When we went to the bathroom we decided to use the family bathroom, I guess thinking it would be quicker. I opened the door, seeing it was a small hall with three doors that lead to a private toilet and sink: two doors on the left and one single door at the end of the hallway. The first door was opening and a neat looking woman with oval rounded glasses, pushing an old wrinkled woman in her wheel chair. The senior looked at me with dead eyes, as if she was already dead inside. And we continued on to the next door, but it was looked and couldn't open it. The third one was a bit strange, it was already open a crack so I pushed it out slowly, and saw red. Then I open it all the way, and in the perfectly white room, blood was drizzled every where, on the side of the toilet seat, inside the sink with the red liquid dripping from it, and also on the white tilled floor, blood was smeared like something was dragged through the floor. I could feel myself shivering with fear, and my mind kept screaming to go turn around and leave, but I my eyes followed the blood trail on the ground, lead to a door frame but no door. I could see continue-us flashing, maybe a strobe light, I didn't take a step closer, but I did lean forward a bit more to see. And I was right, it was a strobe light, but then I saw a bit of what I think is a chair and some blood dripping from it, but it was still not clear. So, I finally take a step, being inside the bathroom now, and leaving the kid there maybe, but I don't know, I felt that he disappeared at that moment. I was surprised and confused when I saw a large blow-up doll sitting improperly on the bloody chair with itself covered in the red liquid as well, and an old television with no signal as the tv screen was in black and white. But I only saw this for literally for a second, when all off a sudden my mouth was covered and everything went black. I woke up in a cold sweat, not only that, I was shivering with fear. My body felt like it was on fire, my head was drumming with a painful headache. It was in the middle of the night, exactly 1:34 in the morning, I tried calming down, hoping the headache would leave soon, but it wouldn't. I also wanted to take some aspirin for the pain to go away, but I couldn't leave my own, bed because I was still too freaked out about what happened. And I felt that the house was darker and quieter than it should have been, but I stayed in my bed in pain and fear, and eventually went back to sleep after I think about two hours, and dramt of nothing else that night.
I have no clue, and I am curious, what did the dream mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

In the last few months ive been having dreams about being in this room. Its almost like an older style room. Leather chairs and old paintings, stuff like that. A few days ago I had a dream someone was watching me sleep. In the dream I knew the person but I had never met them or seen them. I could describe what they looked like and everything. I also had this dream last night as well. I feel like the two dreams tie back to eachother in a way. Please no sarcastic answers, this is real and its bothering me quite a lot.

Example: What Symbolism does this mean in dreams?

what does it mean when i have dreams of white fair tents in random places where you usually wouldnt see one? and sitting underneath them is someone that i need to meet. like one day i will meet her and she is always sitting under them. also i have dreams of carnivals with the same woman at them. what does this mean in dreams? thanks so much!

Example: What does this dream mean?


I was rock climbing with my dad and my sister and step mom when my dad got arrested for falling off a rock climbing mountain and I was the only one who seemed to care. I cried alot and he didn't call or anything and my sister and step mom and the rest of my family completely forgot and I went to the jail to try to break him out but they threw me in with a zebra and we cried together and then at the end of my dream I saw a picture frame with me and the zebra

Lol what it means? Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I had a baby with this unknown girl and the baby was born very premature. I had an overwhelming sense of happiness when I had the baby. Like the feeling as if I really were to have a child. What could this mean?

Example: Religiously speaking, what does it mean when you dream ur framed and autographed pic with Tim Tebow is stolen?

'Cause I had that nightmare last night. I was dreaming that I was sleeping and that when I woke up and looked over to my left (well, right of I'm lying on my chest) as I do every morning to see our smiling faces and his beautiful handwriting and pray that one day we may finally be together forever and that instead of looking at his picture in the morning what I get to look at is his angelical face right next to me, then I noticed that it was gone. I was so sad! Then I woke up sweating, grabbed the frame and kissed it.

Does it mean that it will get stolen? It's not that I'm a material person, but that's my favorite possession ever, it means so much to me, I promise. How can I protect it and make sure it never gets stolen? Moving it from my nightstand is not an option. I need to look at it before going to bed and after waking up.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I was walking down a path during summer, and I see a car. It looked like it was from about the 40's, and it was ruined. Damaged, messy, and partially burnt. I keep walk until I find a house. I walk up the stairs onto a white porch, and see a rocking chair, nobody in it, rocking back and fourth. I knock on the door, but no answer. The door is unlocked, so I opened it. The inside of the house had white walls, a brown carpet, and the house looked like it had been ransacked. I immediately panic and walk around, calling to see if anyones home. I couldn't find anyone, but I saw a shadow move close to the end of a long bare white hallway with one large picture of an unhappy looking family. I walk toward it, and hear a rustling down a pitch black staircase. I found a light, but it didn't work. I ended up finding a flashlight (a small one) and I walked down the stairs, calling to see if anyone was there. On the way down the stairs I trip over a stack of books, a frame, and a hatbox. At the bottom of the stairs, I keep calling. I hear another rustle and look over to my left with the flashlight, and see a terrifying face. White, messy black/brown hair, menacing look, and many wrinkles.
What could this dream mean? I've had dreams similar to this, but different houses.

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