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Dream About Ford Model T Car meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: WEIRDASS dream- what's it mean?

first I was in an empty theatre to celebrate someone's birthday for some reason and there was an ape on the stage but he wasn't doing anything so my friend came up to me and was like, 'dude, you've gotta replace him- he doesn't want to perform' so i'm like 'aww man do i have to?' and then i go on stage and put on fancy dress and get ready to do some improv or something and then suddenly i'm on the edge of a cliff learning karate and then it turns into a dance class and i get tired and walk over to where the other tired ppl are sitting down and one guy is pissed off because he has a crush on this guy but he's paying no attention to him. Then I walk through this cave and suddenly i'm in a shoppong centre and i really need to pee so i ask where the toilets are and all the ppl are like 'over there' but everytime i go they always have a disabled sign on them. then i go out in the car park and i see this old-timey car kinda like a model t-ford but it's got it's roof open and it's really close to the ground. By the way i don't know how to drive yet but in the dream i get in and start driving and i smash through a lot of stuff and run over a lot of ppl on the way and then i arrive at this school and i go in but there's no one in there but it turns out that this weird family live there and on each of the classroom doors there's like the name of whose 'bedroom' it is. finally i see a guy and i say can i use your toilet and he's like, yes follow me and he takes me to his bathroom but in there is just a shower that u have to bend over to get into and he goes ' i can't fit in there so i gut pee in the bowl' and i look over and there's a giant fish bowl full of pee and then i woke up.

Well, first your mind was sorting through the stress of education and performing up to the expectations of others.

Then you had to pee so bad you were ready to run people down to get to a toilet.

Example: How much will it cost me to get a Ford Mustang from usa to australia ?

pleas my dream car is a Ford Mustang a 2014 Ford Mustang in the USA is way cheaper then the Ford Mustang in Australia ill like to no how much tax and the changing of the steering wheel and all the costs and the total pleas help me thanks .

Example: Is it possible to put a V8 engine in a 1966 Mercedes (120sd)?

Example: In general, how old do you think is too old when it comes to buying a used car?

Example: DREAM about him, I just want to know what it means, nothing else?

We were at his house at a party, and everyone went outside to look at something, and all of a sudden he just grabs me and pulls me inside, where he turns to me and says ''Gracie (My name) I want to show you something" And all of a sudden we are in his car, driving to an empty parking lot... So when we get there, i ask "Why are we here?" and he says "Why do you think?"... And then magically we are in the trunk of his car and he is like, on top of me... And since i KNOW it isnt right, i try to get up, but he is super strong (in real life) so he pins me down... and... uh... 'has his way with me'...then, when he is 'done'... he starts to get up, but i try to keep him down, and magically i have super strength and i am able to pin HIM down... But he doesn't really fight it, and so then we just sorta lay there kissing each other and stuff... The we go back to the party, and his wife is totally cool about our sudden dissapearance, and my cousin tells her EXACTLY what we were doing while we were gone, then (since i was staying at their house) at night, they came to my room, and, uh, *yeah*
(in case you didnt pick it up, this was a DREAM)

Example: Dream Car?

I like a few, but what is your dream car?

Scion xB--Fell in love with this car 3 years ago,
Nissan Maxima I also like pickups
Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 and

Honda Prius (drove one all day today and loved it!)

i don't necessarily need a luxury car to be happy. I'd be happy with any of the above

Example: Which Ford Fiesta model shall I get?

My budget basically means I'm looking at a '99 Fiesta.

BUT, which model shall I go for?

I love the look of the Zetec, but isn't the Ghia the top-of-the-range model? Thing is, I think the Ghia looks quite dull in comparison to the "standard" bodykit of the Zetec, with the latter having a nice, subtle tailgate spoiler.

Which would be the better choice and why? Do you agree that the Zetec has a nicer bodykit?


Example: Ford Mustang 1968 v8 first car?

Hey guys

I just wondered if anyone could tell me if a ford mustang 1968 v8 would make a good first car. Or should i go for something more newer.


Example: I don't know what car!?

I'm 17 and I'm getting a car for myself, but there is 1 problem, I can't seem to know what car is good for me! Personaility: I like to go more then the speed limit and I like dream cars.

Example: "Business is not mere money chasing but it also should aim at serving the community" .Comment.?

comment on henry ford observation please

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