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Dream About Foot meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does it mean when u dream about a kid with goat feet?

I dreamed abou people buying kids and shippin them off and a lady bought a kid with goat feet and also a regualr human kid and the human kid wad making fun of the goat feet soo the kid with goat feet cut the kids arm bad with his hooves what does this mean

Sounds as if you have goats on your mind, and your subconscious is exploring the pun, as often happens in dreams, between "kid" (= young goat) and "kid" (="young human").

I wouldn't worry about it having any significance. Dreams are just a kind of garbage collection that happens when your day's memories are being consolidated for long term storage.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a dog bitting your foot?

For two nights in a row i had a dream about a dog bitting my foot but i never saw it's face. It was always surrounded by black. Then in the last dream i went to move it and it bite my hand. The bite didn't draw blood but it hurt and was more of a pressure pain.

Does this mean anything when you dream about it?

Example: What does it mean to dream of almost losing a foot?

I dreamed I was in a prison institution, and a woman doctor stuck a needle of something in my ankle, saying she wanted to see what would happen. My ankle turned swollen and purple, and she said she would have to cut if off. I told her it would get better, and it looked like it was healing, the swelling was going down and the purple had faded to red, but she kept insisting it had to come off. So I called one of my bosses to help me, and while he was waiting to talk to the doctor about it, I woke up.

Any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream of feet?

I dreamt that my guy friend was rubbing my feet and he asked what is wrong with your feet, their so rough and you have beautiful feet. What does this mean?

Example: What does massaging someones feet in a dream mean?

I know it sounds weird, the person i was giving a massage was a person i used to like. Anyone know what this could mean? Thank you. :)

Example: What does it mean when i dream of dirty feet?

I was dreaming i was fighting and for some reason i looked at my feet and they were really dirty, it has to mean something right? There was also cops and just drama?

Example: What does it mean to dream of bleeding feet?

In my dream, I looked down and realized my sock was covered in blood. When I removed the sock a folded poaroid picture fell out. When I unfolded the picture, it was covered in blood so I could not make out what the picture was of. The heel of my foot was bleeding very bad as well. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a broken foot?

In my dream I broke my foot. I don't remember how I did it but I did.

Also what does it mean to dream about playing Soccer. I get those dreams alot!

I used to play soccer in real life.

Example: What does it mean to dream your feet are on fire?

Very weird dream and I only remember part of it. I went to the beach with some girlfriends and they all got out of the car. But I wanted to stay in the car because we couldn't find our shoes in the seats. They were all laughing and happy and they coaxed me out, but as soon as I was on the sand my feet were on fire. I looked down and the sand was on fire and the flames were between my toes so I was jumping from foot to foot and going "Ow oo oo!" My best friend Gina (who was also my aunt in the dream) told me it was good for me and I should walk like a lady but I couldn't keep my poise and I wound up running and hopping until I got to the water. I soaked my feet and in my dream steam came out of the water lol. Then I wanted to catch up with my friends but they were way down the beach, and every time I tried to meet them, like in the canteena, I had to run barefoot over the fire and when I got there they had just gone.

Does anybody have any idea what this might mean?

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Example: What does it mean to dream about tickling feet?

Every so often, I will have dreams about myself tickling people on the soles of their feet. They would just be in a position where it seems inviting, so it would happen. The majority of the time, it would be people I never meet before. What does it mean? Is there a dream interpretation for the tickling of ones feet?

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